Twitterrific for iOS goes free, adds in-app purchases

Twitterrific goes free, adds in-app purchases

Twitterrific, the popular Twitter client for both iPhone and iPad, has just been updated to version 5.7 which brings with it a new freemium model. While new users can try before they buy, those who have already purchased the app will have all features unlocked automatically.

The Twitterrific app for iOS previously sold for $2.99 on the App Store. Any user who bought the app prior to version 5.7 won't notice any difference and should automatically see all the premium features unlocked.

The freemium model of Twitterrific lets users try out the service without having to pay up front. You can then choose to purchase push notifications, remove ads, and buy translation separately. Each feature costs $1.99. You can purchase only the features you want or remove all restrictions for $3.99, a small discount from purchasing them separately.

Those that purchased the app for $2.99 essentially are getting $1 off but it raises an important question — how do you feel about freemium pricing? There are surely some developers out there that abuse it but Icon Factory seems to have taken an approach that both rewards early adopters but opens themselves up to more potential customers through the 'try before you buy' approach. What do you think? If you didn't buy Twitterrific before, are you compelled to try it now? Let me know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Twitterrific for iOS goes free, adds in-app purchases


Thought I'd give this a try, I am forever flicking between the official Twitter app and TweetBot partly because TweetBot doesn't show all your activity (favourites, retweets etc) it only shows mentions and whilst I love the look and feel of TweetBot I just feel that in that area and others it is lacking a bit. And now I know the same can be said for Twitterific. It looks gorgeous, has a nice simply layout, lovely swipe gestures, yet doesn't display all notifications. Why do 3rd party apps have a problem with this? .. and doesn't link with Pocket which is a shame ... oh it's under Bookmark Services where as Instapaper and Readability are under Reading Service, odd.

Can't see any options for In-App Purchases though, in fact it let me turn on Push Notifications without any mention of IAP. And definitely no mention of ads anywhere.

Tweetbot does show retweets, favorites, etc. the last modules can be customized to whichever you need/want at the time.

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Sorry, yes you're right. Although favourites is just what you have fav'd, not what tweets of yours have been favourited. What I would like that would be to have all interactions with me under one option, i.e. @ ... like the official Twitter App does under Notifications

I don't care enough to actively check Twitter, but you are damn right. It's the ONE thing I couldn't believe was left missing from TB3.

I think it's a good model to see how it plays out for them. Tweetbot was worth every penny IMO and I bought it twice. No regrets. I don't feel slighted either by it going freemium. Tweetbot is one of my most used apps.

If anyone has wanted to try Tweetbot but couldn't bring themselves to part with a few dollars now is your chance.

We should be more precise when criticizing freemium. Nobody minds paying for real content, ad removal or additional features, or for turning a trial version into a full one, as the AppStore does still not offer good trial or upgrade options.

Freemium is only a nuisance when games are de facto priced without a limit. Do I demand Candy Crush (to name the big elephant in the room) to be free? No, it's a well done game and I would happily pay $10 to have it ad free and with unlimited lives. As it is, I play it for free, even if that means that I am stuck with some levels for a week. I am not paying for nothing.

Apple should, instead of just saying an app offers IAPs, use more specific tags: content requires subscription, ad removal optional, trial/limited version, unplayable without IAPs etc. The very few overreaching developers would lose out in no time and we could discuss something else :-)

Isn't this going to just eat up their limit on tokens? People will just download the app because it's free. Won't benefit the developer at all and will just waste tokens.

Because Twitterrific was the oldest (first) 3rd party Twitter client on the App Store, I dare say we have more Twitter tokens available to us than any other 3rd party developer. We don't plan on running out of tokens for years to come.

I see. I wasn't aware of this. I though the 100,000 limit is for everyone. What's the limit for an old app, and what constitutes an old app?

lmThe limit for older apps depends on what the installed base for the app was at the time Twitter announced the new token limits. If I remember right, they took that number and multiplied it by 2 or 4 to come up with the total number of tokens for each app. Since Twitterrific's user base was huge, we got scores of tokens. New apps that want to start now have a finite limit of 150,000 user tokens. This is why you rarely see new 3rd party twitter apps launched these days. There's just not enough users to make it viable.

IMHO, and slightly off-topic, but in-app purchases are destroying the iOS "game revolution." A few years ago, it looked like casual gaming on iOS devices would crush legacy "hardcore gamer" hardware plugged into the living room TV.

Now we get crippled "free" or 99 cent versions of games that require us to buy our way to victory. This isn't a new idea, by the way. Pinball arcades and subsequent video game arcades have done this for many decades. They still do drain your pocket of quarters, but they don't charge your credit card (or you parents' credit cards.)

I just hope add-on features and other in-app purchases don't drag general-purpose apps down to the same quick-cash-grab level as freemium games.

Well, arcades had actual cost (rent, power, maintenance), they provided actual hardware, and only one person could use a device at a time. None of that quite applies to virtual gold bars, eagles or dog coats. Both models do attempt to make unlimited amounts of money from addicts, but that is where the similarity ends.

Good points. It's amazing how much the gaming world has changed over the decades. And how much it hasn't changed.

I think the model is a good one. I've been wanting to try this for a while but refused to download the pay version on general principal. I do like to take apps for a test drive before buying. Now that I've had a chance to look at it I will probably purchase it. It's a nice looking app. It kinda reminds me of FalconPro. Loved that when I was on android.

*I like the dark "night" theme.

I think this is a smart move from twiterrific people, this will allow a lot more people to try out something different from the oficial twitter app that (although it's gotten a lot better in the last couple of updates) still doesn't meet everyone criteria specially for "heavy" twitter users I'd dear to say. I think that this will increase the twiterrific users unlike twetboot, not everyone want or can afford buying an app to find out they just don't like it that much.

You can afford an iPhone and the monthly fees but not a few dollars for an app?!?!

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Lol...Something told me I might get a reply like that.
It's as easy as sitting down and think of all the possible iDevices users. Not ALL of them can afford buying all the apps they want (you know, teenagers, "broke students" among others) people that possibly does not have credit card or for whom $2-$3 x 3 or 4 apps (+ taxes) is either an app they really need or one they just "can have". You'd be surprised!

No wonder why people think iPhone is a status phone ;)

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Going to give this a try. Going to use it as my main on my iPad because tweet bot 3 still doesn't have a iPad version yet >:(

Bought tweetbot and twitterific last time, tried using both. Still using tweetbot now since it came out. Twitterific is just, not good on the iPhone. Official twitter app is awesome but the promoted posts turns me off. :-/

I had used Twitterrific years ago and only recently purchased the latest version. It's still a great client.

I'm the type that doesn't really dig the freemium model, but I don't play many games, so I don't encounter it much. For me, I'd have just gone ahead and bought all features and been done with it if I were buying it now.

Does anyone has all the features without paying? I do... Haven't paid it... And I got everything, push notifications, no ads...