Twitter's latest social experiment overwhelms users with needless spam

In its latest experiment, Twitter is receiving a lot of complaints from irked users when it decided to tweak its network to retweet messages that users mark as favorites. Users are complaining that they are seeing tweets that are favorited by those whom they follow in their Twitter timeline like a retweet, with many also getting notification alerts when others follow a new users.

The experiment began on a smaller scale several weeks ago and it appears that Twitter is widening this experiment to more users according to a report from The Next Web. Most notably, former Wall Street Journal and All Things D editor, now with Re/Code, Peter Kafka is lamenting on the network itself, "Twitter filling my feed with stuff I didn't ask for - stuff other people follow and fav."

Whereas retweeting is an explicit act of sharing on Twitter for content that users find interesting, marking a Tweet as a "favorite" is a far more passive act to acknowledge the sender of the original tweet, thank the person, or agree with them. By automatically retweeting content marked as favorite can overwhelm users of Twitter as it adds content that may not be shared in the first place.

So far, Twitter has not responded to comments about its latest social experiment, though the company has a blog to explain some of its trials.

Are you seeing this latest experiment in your Twitter feed? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Next Web

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Reader comments

Twitter's latest social experiment overwhelms users with needless spam


I have no idea why a twitter user would use the official app. There are so many better options.

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Yes, this happening a lot in my newsfeed as well. More so when I log in on my Mac through a web browser. It is annoying.

I still use tweetbot, even though there are a lot of things I hate about it and I wish they would fix. That just goes to show how awful the official twitter app is. They haven't even gotten the muting function right, but they're forcing this crap on users.

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Tweetbot 3 for iPad is 1+ year in the making, no updates or info
No activity feed (Mentions + favs + rts + other)
Inability to search closely connected users easily
Sometimes seemingly random navigation
Tight lipped update cycles

There a tons of small things, but don't let that dissuade anyone from buying if they're on the fence, it is still one of the best Twitter apps out there. Let's get TB3 for iPad soon, though, please.

Tweetbot uses way more mobile data than the official app and its not possible to turn off image previews.

Notifications are not as good as the official app.

I am comparing this to seeing a movie on-demand under HBO and getting ads during the movie and I think there was a channel name but I can't remember. It was several years ago and yes it was Comcast.