Typo at #CESlive: The hardware iPhone keyboard maker talks typing and BlackBerry lawsuit

It's #CESlive and we're talking to Laurence Hallier, CEO of Typo. That's the Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone that American Idol's Ryan Seacrest is giving two big thumbs-up — and on! — to. It attaches to the bottom and makes it look like a classic portrait-style QWERTY keyboard device. What inspired it, and what's going to happen now that BlackBerry is threatening to sue? That's just exactly what we asked!

Rene Ritchie

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zdn1042 says:

No offense, Rene. But I kinda wish it was Kevin doing the interview with Typo. Just want to see how he would react (I know he's a pro but I just thought it would be very interesting to see). Maybe it's for the best.

Becjr says:

I kinda feel the same. I think Rene did a wonder job, but seeing as how Kevin just got a Typo... (And that incredible Porche BB! - sorry, off topic) ;D

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zdn1042 says:

For $ 2,000, was it? And based from Kevin's first impressions about Typo, it doesn't seem too bad at all.

asuperstarr says:

If people like that keyboard then good for them. Sometime you have to move on. Change is good!

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