U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28

U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28

The U.K's EE network is set to increase prices by 2.7% — yes, two-point-seven-percent — on May 28, 2014. EE's new terms and conditions allow them to raise prices by the RPI (retail price index — i.e. the rate of inflation) once a year with 30 days notice. Here's the relevant bit from EE:

You will see a 2.7% increase to your monthly plan charge on any bills you receive from the 28th May, if you joined or upgraded to a 12, 18 or 24 month Pay Monthly or Small Business contract before the 23rd January 2014. This increase is in line with the Retail Price Index (a measure of inflation) published by the Office for National Statistics on the 25th March 2014.

If you joined or upgraded after the 23rd January 2014 then you are not affected by the price increase. If you have upgraded to a new contract in the last 30 days you may still receive a letter, however the price increase is not applicable to your new plan.

For some customers, we are also making changes to a number of other charges such as standard UK calls and texts when you go over your mobile allowance, and other services like calls to 08 numbers, international calls and MMS. These changes will take effect from the 28th May.

So, if you're on EE, consider yourself on notice. Anyone have a problem with the increase?

Source: EE via Coolsmartphone

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U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28


I really think OFCOM should stop mobile companies putting up contract prices during the minimum term. If I'm comparing providers do now need to look at when they last put prices up for inflation? If all providers do it at differing times, it will be a nightmare to do a sensible comparison. I think O2 were the first to do this - hopefully Three will come out and say they won't do this - they like to be different :)

Perfectly justified I say, after all the cost of radio waves has gone up dramatically this year especially with the turmoil in the Ukraine. And need I say anything about the shortage of data bytes recently? All these folk with their Snap'o'chats and WhatsUpps, do they even think twice about how difficult it is to mine a byte of data? It's not an endless resource y'know.

This is only OK if they also decrease contract prices during your contract when the opposite happens with inflation but I doubt it with these companies.

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Whilst this may be in line with the RPI, it doesn't have the same impact when inflation comes down.
Let's face it, it's not like your paying for an enhanced customer experience as all customer service calls are diverted to India where, shall we say, explaining your issue, having it understood and coming away with a suitable resolution is more than a challenge in itself.
I for one, having expected the signing of a two year contract to be binding to both parties from both an obligation and cost perspective, will be moving from EE at the end of it and shall not darken their doorstep again !!

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