So what are the UK, France, German, and Japanese iPhone 4 carrier plans going to be?

iPhone 4 France

Even before Apple announced the iPhone 4 was coming to the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan on June 24, AT&T announced new, tiered and capped data plans and aggressive upgrade options for the new handset. Internationally...? Cricket chirps.

So here's where the power of the TiPb nation comes in. We've put as much as we could find below, but if you know more about carrier plans and upgrade options in the UK, France, Germany, or Japan, drop it in the comments and we'll update the post.

UK iPhone 4 pricing


O2 UK iPhone 4 pricing

Monthly plans begin at 100 minutes and 500 MB of data priced at £25 for a 24-month contract and £30 for an 18-month contract and ramp up to unlimited calling and 1 GB of data priced at £60/£65. A footnote to O2's pricing matrix indicates, however, that the carrier will continue running a "promotion" offering unlimited data for all smartphones until October, at which time the company will offer additional data in 500 MB (£5) and 1 GB (£10) buckets.

For £20 a month you can buy off your existing contract to become eligible for upgrade faster. [MacRumors]

Vodafone UK

Leaked Vodafone UK iPhone 4 pricing

Leaked [Engadget]

France iPhone 4 pricing


Germany iPhone 4 pricing


Japan iPhone 4 pricing


Black only (no info on white), pre-orders begin June 15, 5pm online and in store. Proof of identity required.

  • 57,600 yen ($624) for the 32GB model
  • 46,080 yen ($500) for the 16GB model
  • COD or 24 payments of 2,400 yen/1,920 yen.
  • Value plan Unlimited Data for 4,410 yen per month
  • Basic plan starts at 1,029 yen a month, tops out at 4,410 for unlimited
  • Value plan subsidizes 1,920 yen a month for 24 months.
  • Basic plan subsidizes 1,440 yen a month for 24 months.

A two year commitment for a 32GB iPhone 4 will cost you 57,600 yen but return 46,080 yen in discounts bringing a total difference of 11,530 yen or around $125 USD. A 16GB iPhone 4 will cost 46,080 yen with 46,080 yen discount or a whopping 0 yen!

[Mobile Japan via 9to5Mac]

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Reader comments

So what are the UK, France, German, and Japanese iPhone 4 carrier plans going to be?


Geez, are O2 really looking to bring in a data cap?!
I'm running my 3GS on a Simplicity tariff with 600mins, unlimited texts, unlimited data and unlimited public wifi access for £20 per month.
Looks like I'm buying my new handset sim-free then....

would be also interesting to see what is Three UK, Orange UK and T-Mobile prices going to be. Think of buying sim free tbh.

Data caps suck.
It's not that I need to download 25GB of torrents, it's just that I don't want to be penalised for exceeding 500MB in a month. Who the hell has time or can remember to keep an eye on their usage? Not me.

The O2 prices up top don't display the cost of the handset on those tariffs, but I'd assume they'll be the same as what Vodafone has leaked. Currently, there is no difference in the tariffs for an iPhone between Vodafone, Orange and O2. Minor differences in data amounts or texts, but the general cost is the same.
You'll see a little bit of churn from O2 to other networks because of this data cap, consumers will feel hard done by and will react accordingly, especially with the poor amount of data at £45 per month, 750MB, when you can get 1GB on any tariff with Vodafone.
I also like the "My Vodafone" app, it displays how much data you've used. The "My O2" app doesn't (not sure about the Orange app). The official word via twitter from O2 was to use the "Usage" via your iPhone's settings, but that requires manual resets every month to make sure you keep on top of it. The O2 app needs an update, pronto.

@Loz, fully agree. I liked being able to use my iPhone and not worry about the implications with the amount of data I used. I don't even know how much I use per month via the cellular network.

All the UK networks will be putting caps in place, just a matter of time now. Voda already have, O2 will be as seen, Orange I expect will be announcing the same shortly. (after snagging customers from o2 of course.)
I expect the only darkhorse to be 3. Keen to see what they do.

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