Ultimate iPhone Accessory Contest Week 2: The Twitter!

Last week the way to qualify for our new contest, the Ultimate iPhone Accessory Pack give-away was to join our new Facebook Page. Thanks to everyone who did so, and we're proud to announce last week's qualifier was Tara Bennett! Congratulations Tara! For qualifying, you'll receive a 15% off coupon for TiPb iPhone Store, and are entered for a chance to win the prize pack which now consists of:

Want another chance to qualify for entry? Just follow us -- @theiphoneblog -- on Twitter and send us an @reply!

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Rene Ritchie

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Ultimate iPhone Accessory Contest Week 2: The Twitter!


Join twitter and follow the iphoneblog form the web you can choose the little arrow on the left side of the page that will allow you to reply

Thanks but I'm still having trouble. Do I click the @reply button on my page? That only updates my status on my own page. There is no @reply button for me to click on at twitter.com/theiphoneblog