Ultrakam lets you record super-high-resolution 2K video with your iPhone

VFXWarrior has launched Ultrakam a new app system that designed to take your iPhone videos to a new level, allowing you to capture video at up to 2K resolution directly on your iPhone. The Ultrakam Camera app connects to both Ultrakam Remote Control and Ultrakam Monitor apps (if you happen to have multiple iOS devices) to work as a complete video capture suite. Ultrakam supports 2K video at up to 24 frames per second, as well as timelapse and slow motion.

VFXWarrior recommends either the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 for use with Ultrakam. On the iPhone 5s, Ultrakam supports both H.264 iFrame at 2240x1672 and M-JPEG at 1936X1446 for 2K film at 24 frames per second, while both H.264 and M-JPEG are supported at 2592x1936 for 2K timelapse. The iPhone 5 offers the support for the same formats, though at lower resolutions.

Both the Ultrakam 2K Camera and Remote Control apps are available in the App Store, while Ultrakam Monitor will launch later this year.

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Ultrakam lets you record super-high-resolution 2K video with your iPhone


Even 2K is overkill for me. When 4K TV's and monitors are much cheaper, then I'll be more excited by shooting 4K on my phone.

Have you seen the 4k video off of those phones? Just because they say they can record 4k doesn't mean it will look good.

Try using a third party app to lower to 720p. I use ProCam. It allows me to lower it to 720p, 480p, and 360p. There are others as well.

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