Unique Ive/Newsom-designed red Mac Pro goes to auction, benefits Product(RED)

Unique Ive/Newsom-designed red Mac Pro goes to auction, benefits Project(RED)

Apple design VP Jony Ive and industrial design maven Marc Newsom have collaborated for charity on the design of a number of products on auction next month through Sotheby's, including solid gold Earpods, a table, a piano and a Leica camera. Now there's a one-off red-clad Mac Pro as well. It's expected to fetch between $40,000 - $60,000.

It's unclear what the specs are for the machine, but those clearly aren't important to the well-heeled prospective buyer, who is going to pay a significant multiple of the retail price of the Mac Pro for the privilege of owning a one-of-a-kind piece. We lowly peasants will be able to buy the new Mac Pro goes in December for a paltry $2,999.

(RED) is dedicated to the eradication of AIDS. They collaborate with major corporations, which donate part of their proceeds on select products. Apple's involvement with (RED) began with a Product(RED) iPod model and has continued for years, raising millions for the endeavor.

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Becjr says:

Takin the red pill shows you the truth... Or was that the blue pill?

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AMosha says:

Jony: “Tell you what. Throw a little hotrod red in there.”
M.A.R.C: “Yes, that should help keep a low profile. The render is complete”
Jony: ” Hey, I like it. Fabricate it. Paint it.”
M.A.R.C “Commencing automated assembly. Estimated completion time is five hours.”
Jony: ” Don’t wait up for me, honey.”