United Airlines updated their app to give you in-flight video

United Airlines

After a bit of teasing earlier this year, United Airlines has gone live with their iOS app update which enables in-flight movie and TV watching on your iPhone or iPad. The service is only available on certain flights, so be sure to check yours a day before you head out before counting on being able to enjoy it.

This is great. Generally the displays in just about every plane are fuzzy and ancient in comparison to what you can get on an iPhone or iPad. It's great to see new mobile-friendly services beyond in-flight Wi-Fi and QR ticketing, too. Recently we've seen some movement on airport use of iBeacons, but what else would you like to see airlines taking advantage of when it comes to your iPhone and iPad? Which airlines do you usually fly with?

Simon Sage

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Mateus C says:

TAM Airlines. I would love to have wifi connection in all flights.

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sau124 says:

I am a United executive FF and I will try and post my reviews after I travel through a flight that actually has in flight entertainment using the app.