Unity game engine goes free for iOS and Android, BB10 and WP8 to follow

Unity game engine goes free for iOS and Android, BB10 and WP8 to followUnity, the multiplatform game engine, has gone free to use for iOS and Android. The company made the announcement at its Unite Nordic conference in Malmö, Sweden, according to Keith Andrew of PocketGamer.

Unity started life as a Mac-specific development platform, but nowadays developers can also create content using Windows PCs, and deploy on a total of ten different platforms including the Web. Up until now, delivering content onto iOS or Android platforms has required you to pay $800, regardless of which license you're using.

Unity said it plans to offer the same deal for developers interested in deploying to Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 platforms as well.

Unity helps game developers create 2D and 3D games alike. It's the engine that powers games like Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2, Rovio's Bad Piggies, Imangi's Temple Run 2, and many others.

The company has long offered "Unity Free" and "Unity Pro" licenses in order to accommodate indie developers. Unity Free is a "no strings attached" deal - you can use the tech to develop your game without paying any royalties or license fees. Once you start raking in money, you're required to upgrade to the Pro license, which costs money. The Pro license also includes access to a number of functions and features that aren't accessible for free - graphics and audio improvements, 3D modeling enhancements and more.

Developers who have recently forked out the cash to deploy to iOS and Android will be eligible for discounts to help recoup their costs.

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Unity game engine goes free for iOS and Android, BB10 and WP8 to follow


This is fantastic. I've heard some of the prices linked to big gaming engines like Unity and Unreal, and they made my head spin. If more great indie devs get more and better access to these engines, we'll get better games.