Buzzie Unofficial Google Buzz App Hits App Store


The first unofficial Google Buzz application, Buzzie, [$1.99 on sale - iTunes Link] has made it's way into the Apple App Store.

Up until this point all Google Buzz users have had to rely on Google's web interface, even on Google's own Android OS, so Buzzie is a welcomed addition within the App Store. Whether or not Google decides to step up and release their own native application remains to be seen. The way things have been going between Google and Apple lately, who knows if they'd even be interested in attempting to get a official Buzz application into the App Store... or if it would be approved?

So if you use Buzz and give Buzzie a try, let us know how it works for you!

[via Gizmodo]

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Buzzie Unofficial Google Buzz App Hits App Store


I do. It's just in its infant stages though. It will be a lot better with more users. Right now there is not fresh content day to day like FB or twitter so it is kind of hard to keep checking it, knowing that there is not much happening. Join in and try it out so the network gets bigger. I like it because it is a lot cleaner to use than facebook and you can comment on specific buzzes, unlike twitter where you are using the '@' reply system and its a little sloppy. It's like a gigantic message board thingy that you can embed photos/vid. Babbling now... sry :/