Unseen before now: Steve Jobs unveils the Mac to the public for the first time

Unseen before now: Steve Jobs unveils the Mac to the public for the first time

The Mac had already been shown off to Apple employees, analysts and the press in the fall of 1983, and the 1984 ad broadcast during the Super Bowl in January made a big public splash. But it wasn't until January 30, 1984 that Steve Jobs and other members of the Macintosh team would show the new computer to the public - specifically, a gathering of the Boston Computer Society (BCS). Harry McCracken has all the details over at Time, including a video that's worth watching.

Jobs is joined on stage by Bill Atkinson, Steve Capps and others, including Steve Wozniak, for a lengthy Q&A after his presentation. It's quite a long session - an hour and a half from start to finish.

Check out Harry's article for some context: He shares the story behind the unveiling, what it took to get Jobs and company out there, and how this rare bit of video was unearthed and pieced together. A really fascinating and unique bit of Apple history that we can all enjoy now.

Source: Time

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Unseen before now: Steve Jobs unveils the Mac to the public for the first time


In October of 1983, the Mac and the 1984 commercial were shown to the sales force at a conference in Honolulu. That's where I first used a Mac.

Right now I don't have time to watch the video in its entirety, but I did read the Time article. Fascinating piece of history. Thank you.

You know every keeps saying this footage is unseen, but I've seen it plenty of times on Youtube!

Thanks for the link to the Time article. Quite informative and gives you an idea of the industry back then. Amazing stuff.

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I've seen most of this (never in it's entirety) before. Great to see it all strung together. Interesting to watch it now. Last time I saw this was early 2000's

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