Unsubstantiated change to unannounced iPad mini leads to unexpected production halt of unreleased case by unnamed manufacturer

Unsubstantiated change to unannounced iPad mini leads to unexpected production halt of unreleased case by unnamed manufacturer

If everything we've heard to date holds true, Apple will be announcing the iPad mini sometime this month. But while Apple has yet to so much as schedule an event, manufacturers are already racing to get iPad mini accessories ready to launch alongside it. Now Macotakara reports some of them may have raced too hastily.

Large OEM mobile accessory maker has stopped their iPad mini case production, because the form of iPad mini seems to be changed.

Accessory makers require a high level precision, down to 0.2mm of tolerance to make form-fitting cases. So if there's even a minor change it could require new molds and new manufacturing runs. Which is part of the danger when you try to leap to market based on parts and leaks for otherwise not-yet-existing products.

Since Apple won't be changing the iPad mini case from a rounded rectangle to a triangle or pentagram anytime soon, however, there likely hasn't been any sort of change that will matter to consumers. Nor would a consumer ever be aware of one anyway.

As to larger manufacturing issues, those rumors are passed around literally every time Apple has a new product release on the horizon. That makes it difficult to sort the real from the really fake. Because Apple seldom pre-announces products or product features months in advance, however, if there ever is a problem or a showstopper, it can be factored internally and timelines can be adjusted accordingly. Then events can be announced, press releases dropped, and products launched.

Until then, it's interesting inside baseball chatter to be sure, and part of the grand pre-release rumor roller-coaster to be certain, but it's not anything to worry about beyond that. Unless they decide to make it horseshoe shaped...

Source: Macotakara

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iphone4idiots says:

I bet they didn't anticipate a rear camera.

KCMike says:

It is ... but it also hurts my brain.

icebox93 says:

This headline is craziest thing I've seen here. "unsubstantiated" "unannounced" "unnamed" "unexpected" "unreleased". Uh this is about is vaporish a substance as you can get. :)

Tkf530 says:

Would be better if there was an anonymous source to go along with this article.

admirer_of_you says:

This headline reminds me of the answer I got when I asked Siri what "Inception" was about.

drewfus0929 says:

Haha fantastic title. Rene, you remind me of Phil Nickinson quite a bit.