Upcoming Firmware Update Turns iPhone Into Flash Drive, Star Trek Communicator


C|Net's French website is reporting that an upcoming Firmware update, to be released by Apple as early as Saturday, will include two added features that enable the iPhone to act as a USB Flash Drive when docked with a PC or Mac, and includes Voice recorder capability. Which means you'll be able to throw out all those thumb drives littering you desk, as well as that ridiculously obsolete handheld voice recorder.

Aside: I'd like to know how C|Net France came by this seemingly "insider" information. The whole things seems very dubious, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.


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Upcoming Firmware Update Turns iPhone Into Flash Drive, Star Trek Communicator


I guess this is one more way for them to try to get iTunes on every computer in the world.
Dr Adam

HAHAHA :) guys... apple never allow this.. they dont wanna you to use it as a memory storage...

I hooked up to images and did the downlooadin thing,after that I got the read all this an agree an got this new down load. Does anybody read all that stuff? I finally got thur all of it and figured I'd be ok with it and agreed to it...
nextday I turned on the ol iphone, it like its hooked up to my cable high speed networks!!
fast baby, can't wait to take it on the road this week, good stuff, the more I use my iphone , the more it falls in the better category with my prius, dish an Sirius sat. Radio.
Thx apple..... Seedyh