Pixelmator previews impressive advanced image repair tool

An upcoming update to Mac photo editing app Pixelmator will include a rather impressive repair tool. With it, you’ll be able to remove entire objects simply by painting on them and letting the software do the rest. The same tool will be able to remove blemishes and dust with ease. A similar feature has existed in Adobe Photoshop for several years, but Pixelmator is generally much more user friendly and always significantly more affordable.

Though the 3.2 Sandstone update isn’t available just yet, the developers are giving Pixelmator a 50% price cut to get ready. Not a bad deal at all for a full-bodied photo editing app. Go ahead and download it at the link below.

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Pixelmator previews impressive advanced image repair tool


I love this app! The developers are really covering the 80% who don't need full blown photoshop quite impressively.

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Agreed. For the vast majority of my needs, this is a much nicer tool. I'm also impressed with the regular updates provided by this company.

I use Pixelmator every day and I will be absolutely shocked if this works half as well as it does in this video.

It would be amazing if it does though.