Update: Google Advanced Voice Search Delayed by Apple?

Now after watching the above video, it seems as if Google has made one heck of a voice recognition app. But where the heck has it gone?!

It's pretty clear Google loves the iPhone, that is something we all know. Now why would Apple go ahead and delay their latest App Store app, Advanced Voice Search? Or have the reports of a Friday release been greatly exaggerated? The app was "expected" to make it's appearance in the App Store this past Friday. TechCrunch is now telling us to look for it tomorrow!


blockquote>Google was under the impression that the application would be live on the App Store on Friday (obviously, since they pushed all significant press attention to it). Sometime Friday they found out Apple wouldn’t be pushing it, despite the fact that Google submitted it for review earlier in the week and got a thumbs up for Friday. One source says they’ve had little direct contact with Apple during the review, instead getting their updates via the standard iPhone developer tool, which has said “in review” for the last few days.

So what is your take on this? Why did Apple delay this app from Google? Or do you think it was never slated to be released this past week at all?

Sound off in the comments!

[Via Techcrunch]

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Reader comments

Update: Google Advanced Voice Search Delayed by Apple?


"So what is your take on this? Why did Apple delay this app from Google? Or do you think it was never slated to be released this past week at all?"
Google has been treated like any developer. Slated for release? Where have you been? Nothing is slated for release. When an app winds its way through the process it eventually appears. It's heartening that Apple offers no concessions, like it or not.

This all started when Markoff penned, "as early ad Friday" in his NY Times piece. Then every tech blog on the universe jumped inboard with the "Friday" release date. If Arrington has such good sources at Google, why didn't he initially break the story?
There is no reason for Apple to delay the app, so I think we'll see it anyday now. It would be nice though if more bloggers would check their facts before blindly posting.

The whole "it did not come on Friday" thing is just ridiculous. Means nothing and is a waste of web space.

Your thumbs will appretiate the extra three day workout.
Anyone heard if the barcode scanning app on the Android -G1 will be making it's way to the iPhone? Should come in handy this holiday shopping season.

jhunt4231: the G1 camera is capable of barcode UPC scanning because it has a special lens. The camera on our phones do not have that special lens so it won't recognize them.
I saw the G1 commercial with that feature and immediately searched for a similar iPhone app, only to be disappointed after learning more.
+1 to Google
As for the delay, I was looking forward to the release too. All the news sites were hyping it up, but as mentioned, it'll show when it shows. I'm not gonna cry about it, much.

Come on people. The recent release of Googles new phone is suppose to compete with the iPhone. Now we are wondering why Apple will not cooperate with Google?
I am surprised that Google is even submitting an app for the iPhone.

Take a look at the reviews for the Google Mobile app in the store... So many people pissed off that the updated hasn't be pushed yet. Placing the blame on just about everyone possible. It's so stupid.
Don't get me wrong, I am pretty damn excited to try this out. It would be a lie to say I didn't check updates every hour on Friday haha, but it's certainly not the end of the word that it hasn't been posted yet. And I surely wouldn't take it as far as posing one star reviews on that app just because the new update hasn't been pushed when it was "supposed" too.
People need to chill haha

The voice search is "finally" available and is pretty amazing. Check it out. Room for improvement but a cool start.

Yes it has arrived. And it is amazingly good! Great for searching directions without having to type. I love it. It can also be used to find webpages if you don't want to type the full URL.
After using it, I wish it was integrated with Safari so I could voice search URLs instead.
Great job on Google's part