Did you update to iOS 4.2? [poll]

Did you update to iOS 4.2 (4.2.1) yet? Will you? I know some of us were hitting update every minute on the minute, wanting to grab the new OS the moment it was available. I'm sure others will do it the very next time they're plugged into iTunes. If you haven't done it yet, are you waiting on the iOS 4.2 Jailbreak, or are you just not going to do it?

Give us your current status in the poll up top and let us know why -- or why not -- in the comments below.

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Did you update to iOS 4.2? [poll]


Waiting to see if there will be an untethered JB that does not require saving a blob, that's too damned much trouble to keep up with. If it looks like there will be no untethered, no blob JB I'll ditch the JB.

I did immediately, and I'm happy with my new notes font...
Disgruntled about AirPrint, and no text tones....

Updated to the GM versions over the weekend cos i got fed up waiting (glad the build ID was the same on the final release) but kinda regretting now not saving 4.1 shsh info cos i was planning on JB'ing post 4.2.1
Ahhh well ... just have to hope the dev-team can work their collective JB magic

Immediately updated my iPhone 4 and my boss's iPad. Will update his iPhone 4 when he's back in the office long enough to do it. Like the new fonts, but ho hum about the new text tones, I do like the Typewriter one though.

My iPhone 4 almost immediately. The wife's had to wait til she got home. Same with my kid's Touch. Both iPhone's had the weird missing song issue, that was fixed after a regular sync. The Touch did not have the issue.

Don't see the point. MORE cr8ppy txt tones. Don't have Apple TV or a printer that is Airprint ready. Yawn. ANOTHER wait for nothing. JB'ed my 3G. Guess I will have to break this 4 also. If this "lock down" (and isn't it funny when Jobs accuses other os's of being locked) does not end, #4 will be # LAST. If they don't want to change things (txt tones, email TONE, alert TONE) etc, then let the dev crowd make something to do it. It is beyond stoopid in this day and age with this phone to have to endure this cr8p. I know why they don't (can't get their pound of flesh for a 1.5 sec tone) but let someone open this thing up, that does not require someting with snow in the name.

Like my wife said..Was the person who came up with the new tones drunk? AirPrint only works with 5 HP printers...so in my opinion...it wasnt that great of an update!

I updated my 3GS with no problems til I got to work to find out that I had hit a little glitch. my iPhone has all my music on it but the phone does not recognize any of it. checked my "about page" and all my memory is taken up, other than that no problems! checked out the text tones for fun but nothing fancy as I mostly use vibrate anyways.

Only on my iPad, so far. I was looking forward to those "enhancements", but I'll wait on my iPhone.
There was a slight "hiccup" however. After the update finished, and iTunes said the update has completed successfully, the iPad screen still showed the horizontal progress bar on the black screen, with a few millimeters of progress yet to finish! So, I waited. Finally, I went back to iTunes and clicked on "sync". I took a while, but eventually, it completed and all sees well now.

You get the MobileMe feature of find my iPhone for free with the update. That is enough incentive to update in itself.

I updated both my iPad and my iPhone 3G as soon as I could. Nice performance boost on the iPhone. Feels about as snappy as it was on 3.x now. Loving the unified inbox and multitasking on the iPad. Over all, I'm pretty happy.

I feel no compelling reason to update my iPhone 3G, but I upgraded the iPad as soon as I was able.

I wish I hadn't... I am on 3G and I honestly don't know what benefit I have gotten. Seems to be about the same in all regards. Speed boost, meh... New features, meh (non-existent)...

To the people that see no point in updating. There are always bug fixes upon every release. To me the keyboard is better. I've been having trouble with hitting a letter and something 2-3 letters away pops up. That doesn't happen EVERYTIME but the keyboard is back to the way I like it.

I updated both my iPad and iPhone 4. I saved my blobs but the only reason I jb is for mi wi and my 3G. And I don't really use either much so I'll re jb when the guys have had time to iron any issues out

Can anyone report on the bluetooth audio issue we've been experiencing over the last 2 revisions of iOS? My headset has a clear connection about 50% of the time (even though the last update was supposed to fix it) and it looses connectivity in my car often. Any word?

You need another section. I updated my iPad but not my iPhone 4. Not enough of a change for the iPhone to lose the jailbreak. I really don't need to jailbreak my iPad now though. The only thing I miss on my iPad is SBSettings.

Not sure if I should risk it on my 3G 4.1 is bad enough and from what ive heard this could finish my phone off completely.

I updated both my iPad (WiFi) and my iPod Touch (3rd gen) and have experienced no issues so far. I have not tried AirPrint (don't have a compatible printer) or AirPlay (don't have an Apple TV) though.
My only issue is that the Mute Switch on the iPad (former orientation lock) doesn't seem to mute the iPod app. Huh?!?

@ zero credibility - Did you find out the cause of your error 3004? I had the same issue with the last iOS update on my iPhone and last night on my iPad.

I have a 3G, so I don't think I'll ever go beyond 3.13. I just can't trust Apple again after they crippled my phone with iOS4.
I'll keep buying their computers, but they've lost a customer for phones. I'm going Android.

Sten: good luck with that. You are upset because an update (4.0) didn't work well on your 2 year old phone. You didn't even give Apples fix (4.1) or the latest improvement (4.2) and you say you're gonna go to Android because of this?
Android phones are having trouble with updates on current phone models. Discussion forums on android have all kinds of chatter about problems with updates (that is if their providers even offer the updates for their model).
Seriously, the 3G is an old phone. Buy a 3GS or a 4 if you want the best support... Companies can't support models indefinitely....

Installed on iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 4. No problems so far. Upgraded mostly for within-page searching in Safari and free Find My Phone. Hope Air Print works with my shared printer soon. New text tones useless as none are appropriate to use while at work. Wish Apple had a few more subtle (and shorter) text tone choices.

Yes. But nobody talks about my favorite feature, maybe it's because most folks aren't as clumsy as I.
Before the upgrade example: Read the NY Times - Scroll down through it - Then my scrolling finger would inadvertently either open something that was unwanted or expand something that I had no interest in. Truly irritating.
After the upgrade example: I can scroll keeping my finger on the screen as long as I want and experience no opening or expanding of articles .. Or .. I can do a flick finger scroll and interrupt the scroll by stopping it with my finger and again experience no inadvertent opening or expanding. To my clumsy fingers this is BIG.

I couldn't wait for the unified inbox and to be able to see my gmail and work calendars together on the same screen. Also liking having folders to organise my apps. A bit like ratporchrico above it didn't go entirely smoothly and I had to do a "restore" but this was successful and all my settings remained. Glad I did the update.

Updated my iPad but there was nothing in it worth losing my jailbreak over on my iPhone. Went smoothly on my iPad for a change though.

I get so tired of the people saying they are leaving apple because of this or that. With EVERYTHING ELSE that u get with this IPhone, you come on these blogs and threaten to leave apple because of text tones or the number of printers u can use with AirPrint. You're seriously suffering from some psychiatric problem. It wasn't long ago that all ur cell phone did was dial a phone number. The text tones suck but if that's a reason to leave apple product, then go. nobody cares about your tearful pleas to fix it. And Steve jobs if he read this would probably cyber punch you for being a baby. If u want it bad enough go get ur programmer degree, apply for a job at apple, and be their saving grace. That goes for the people whining about jailbreaking. Some people yell and scream wanting a jailbreak and then get pissed if they can't figure it out. I'll be willing to bet that none of the crybabies there have donated a single penny to support them. It's just really gotten old folks. Get the hell over it and remember that the phones today, iPhones an otherwise are pretty damn amazing. Be thankful you have one.

I have a iPod Touch 2G, and I didn't find the option for find text in a web page that describe in many blogs and the iPod Touch user manual (for iOS 4.2).
Anyone know if this feature has been disabled for this model.

Updated my iPad to 4.2! But there's a disappointment on the iPad, can't dbl tap the up arrow when typing to hold to all caps like iPhone 4. Anyone know a fix or what I'm doing wrong?

I tried updating today but I couldn't get the jailbreak to work. So with my saved ShSh blobs inwas able to revert back to 4.1. I like the ability to change my phone's native font. I think I'll wait it out until an untethered JB comes along.

Still using the original 4.0 that came on the iPhone 4. Nothing against the updates but have yet to see anything worth losing my JB over.

Hi, I have looked over the internet and cant find appropriate solution for this problem. This is what happens after iOS 4.2 update.
i have a Gmail Exchange activesync set up. (Calendar, Mail works perfect, but contacts scrolling becomes laggy). Please read on.
Everything is OK until i turned off all internet data connection (Wi-Fi, cellular data, 3G). Then, when I start adding a new contact with data off, the contacts scrolling becomes laggy, AND THE SMS APP is unable to delete any sms. you are able to press edit and the – button, but then the “delete” button will appear and disappear itself before we can even tap on it.
Tried on an iPad 64 GB wifi, and iPhone 4 32GB. Contacts slow scrolling is exactly the same problem, except that iPad doesnt have an SMS (messages) app.