New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Wednesday, March 16 [give away!]

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Instagallery: View Instagram photos on your iPad! Includes the ability to like and comment on photos as well as follow new users. [$1.99 - iTunes link}

  • Remote: Control iTunes and Apple TV! Now allows you to toggle iTunes' visualizer and brings the addition of a "skip back" button when playing video. [Free - iTunes link]

  • Adobe Photoshop Express: New camera pack available as in-app purchase to reduce noise, set a self timer, and auto review. Also now has full Retina Display and multitasking support. [Free, with in-app purchase - iTunes link]

  • Smurfs' Village: Now with a Vanity Smurf Hut with Vanity Smurf's Photo Studio. Smurfs will also now site on benches, logs, and stools.

  • FX Photo Studio HD (Give away and sale!): With 181 total effects and filters, the possibilities are endless when it comes to editing your photos. [$0.99 - iTunes link]

The good folks at MacPhun LLC are generously provided promo codes for FX Photo Studio HD to give away to you, our awesome! Just leave comment tell us why you would like FX Photo Studio HD on your iPad for a chance to win!

Any other big apps or game releases or updates today? If you pick any of these up, let us know what you think!

Update: Congrats to MAGNUS, Rob, RisingPixels, and Bryan Clark for winning FX Photo Studio HD promo codes!

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Wednesday, March 16 [give away!]


I'd love a copy - I use my iPhone for pictures all the time - and I'll be using my iPad a lot too - thanks for the contest. I hope to win !!

Oooh.... I want. I would love to be able to edit on the go. I have a ton of pics I just added to the iPad and this could make for hours of fun whilst on the john. lol.

I just got the ipad2 and am already using it heavily at work. I am looking for a solid photo editing app, though. maybe this is the one! I'd definitely like to try it before recommending it to anyone in the office.

I want FX Photo! It'd be great to play around with the pics of my kid before I put them up on family is starting to get bored with plain ol' regular pics of him after the first hundred :)

I would love a copy to edit on my ipad before sharing them. It may help the poor camera on my ipad take better pics.

Actually the app (fx photo studio hd) is $0,99 today only. I would love to win it in the give away, but think i would just get it for this cheap

I would use it to show an anti-apple friend of mine yet another reason why he should quit being so stubborn and buy an iPad.

I've love a copy as I take all sort of photos on my iphone when out and about and would love any chance to improve/play with them on the phone :)

I generally use my phone (currently an iPhone 4) to take snapshots with. My digital camera is 5 years old and doesn't perform as well. The pictures are kept on my computer but since I use my iPad as my primary surfing/reading device, that's what I use to show other folks those pictures. If I could have a photo editing package, it would make me a better photographer but it should help me fix the pictures I do take.

I LOVE photo editing apps for the iphone, and haven't had a chance to upgrade everything to ipad versions. I would love to give it a FX Photo Studio HD a shot. Thanks guys!

I do a lot of image editing by request in the Wallpapers forums here and with FX Studio, I wouldn't need my MacBook to do it on the run. I could fill those TiPb member request faster and better! Hook me up!

My daughter and I could use FX Photo Studo on her new iPad. I could help teach her about the different effects filters have on a picture.

I am taking a trip in a few weeks to see my youngest sister, whom I haven't seen in four years, and my just-born nephew. I'll be taking my digital camera, my iPhone, and my iPad, and I would really love to be able to blog and publish photos during the visit instead of waiting until I'm back home at my computer. I think this app would be awesome to have for that!