UPDATED: Limera1n released! BEFORE Greenpois0n [Jailbreak]

Geohot has struck first by releasing his limera1n jailbreak for all 3rd gen and 4th gen devices, using Comex's userland tools to make it untethered. While there was talk of consolidating Chronic Dev Team's Greenpois0n jailbreak with Geohot's Limera1n, Geohot has decided to release his first. Chronic Dev Team has responded -- angrily -- on twitter

Will they go forward with Greenpois0n as planned? Stay tuned...

Note: Before using any jailbreak, make sure you have saved your SHSH and backed up your iOS device with iTunes. If you wish to unlock or keep your unlock, make sure to use TinyUmbrella method to remain at 1.59.00 or wait for pwnagetool's custom IPSW. TiPb.com is not responsible for any damage done to your iOS device or any lost information as a result of using these jailbreaks.

From limera1n.com

  • limera1n, 6 months in the making
  • iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
  • 4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
  • limera1n is unpatchable
  • untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex
  • released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing
  • brought to you by geohot
  • Mac and Linux coming soon
  • follow the instructions in the box, sadly limera1n isn't one click
  • that's the price of unpatchability

UDPATE: Chronic Dev Team is now reporting that Geohot's untether is incomplete and unstable.

UPDATE 2: Comex has updated again, via Twitter:

Fine, geohot's release now has my approval, because otherwise everyone would use the initial (pulled) broken version. Ugh. I don't guarantee limerain will actually work, though. It also doesn't work on Mac/Linux... or iPhone 3G or iPod Touch second gen...

UPDATE 2: Chronic Dev Team is now delaying Greenpois0n so as to incorporate Geohot's exploit and burn their own.

For ongoing updates and discussion, follow the limra1n thread in our Jailbreak Forum.


By Farbod


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There are 112 comments. Add yours.

Jake says:

There has to be more to this.

Geo Coldz says:

Whos in between the iPhones?

Rudy says:

Almost off !!!!! JB here I come!!!! Thanks for the 3GS love

Rudy says:

Ps "MuscleNerd: SHAtter will be held back now, so it's not the worst possible scenario. Who knows, maybe SHAtter can even be improved"

Farbod21 says:

HAHAHA, Thats Big John McCarthy... MMA ref.

Muero says:

iPhone 3G (up to and including iOS 4.1) can be jailbroken using redsn0w, which as of this week is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Totalimmortal363 says:

GeoHot jailbreaks we always wayyy easier, but redsn0w it is

sparklo says:

It's NOT working on 3GS(new bootrom)

iphone4idiots says:

Wow, I'm an idiot, but it seems to me Geohot wanted to be first to market so he rushed his jailbreak out. The initial link failed for MC models and was pulled. He put up a new link after talking to chronic dev. Now SHAtter is going to be held back. So that means no Greenpois0n I guess. That's good in a way that there is a hole waiting for 4.2, but really poor form by Geohot IMO.

Farbod21 says:

It will JB devices until apple comes out with a new bootrom... However, new JBs might not be untethered...

just_me#IM says:

Just did it without any issues - iPhone 4 on 4.1 software

Demeos says:

Tried jailbreaking iPhone 4....
On my 6th attempt and still no cydia....did the "reboots" in between looking for cydia.
App itself seems pretty explanatory, so i dont know what the culprit could be!
Version 4.1
Completely stumped....Jailbreak not needed as am happy with the phone itself, but always wanted to jailbreak it after having lived with a jailbroken 3GS for quite some time!

just_me#IM says:

Demeos, did you click on the limerain app that's installed to your springboard? Clicking that gives you the option to install cydia, it doesn't show up on its own.

Lightningr1 says:

Should I have any issues with this if I boot my Mac into windows so that I can use this app?

loko4loko says:

Untethered JB break meaning what?

Farbod21 says:

tethered means that you have to hook your iDevice up to your computer every time you reboot it... Its a pain... Thats why untethered is much preferred.

GinoDotCom says:

What a soap opera! Love it. Love all the updates too.

Chaoz says:

Just a quick question. After installing limera1n, would restoring via iTunes completely remove any evidence of it (for example if you needed to return for warranty reason).

Farbod21 says:

Yes Chaoz, but make sure your SHSH are saved so when you get it back from apple, you can re-JB.

Boo says:

So if you can do a restore to remove the jailbreak like previous jailbreaks, then why are people referring to this as a jailbreak for life?

Demeos says:

Ya, no limera1n icon to click on! Absolutely puzzling....
scratches head
Ive done so many other jailbreaks, restores, etc....this shouldve been really simple, however it is not!

Farbod21 says:

Boo, because as long as you own the device, the exploit can never be patched. It requires new hardware to patch...

Chaoz says:

Ah thanks :). Yeah, I just learned today what SHSH is. If I had known about saving SHSH a year ago on my 3GS, I would not have gone down a series of unfortunate events a month ago that ended up with my 3GS broken and buying iPhone 4 :S (long story...)
Going to try this this Limera1n soon, since it appears greenpois0n will be delayed :/

Farbod21 says:

Thats strange Demeos... I just did it without a hitch...

Demeos says:

Think my modem firmware is the culprit...
Mine is 02.10.04....
Everyone else i know of who has succesfully installed it is different than mine...

aidan says:

well i didnt work for my ipad but limera1n website didnt specify what version has to be except 4.1

Farbod21 says:

geohot: dump it on github instead. and miss the donations and the excitement and the line on my wikipedia page?

gronar says:

Hmm, modem firmware 05.14.02 and it will not work for me either, Demeos.

BrianTufo says:

Thanks to Geohot this only works on Windows and Greenpois0n might not be out tomorrow now! Wow this seems like a really selfish act.

Demeos says:

Im beginning to feel this may be modem firmware dependent. Sounded too good to be true out of the gate! Those of you who got it are lucky! For the rest of us, guess we will have wallow arround until something gets kicked our direction!

Farbod21 says:

Demeos, the JB has nothing to do with the modem firmware. That isnt the problem.

aidan says:

it says jailbreak successfull but no cydia on my ipad any sugestions

Demeos says:

I was thinking the same thing, however its the only thing i can see as being the culprit...Everything else is the same....that's all thats different between my device and my buddies iPhone 4 who succesfully JB his device....

Tyler Rockwell says:

Not working for me. No Lime Icon or Cydia Icon. My Modem firm is 05.14.02 as well...

aidan says:

have jailbroken my ipad 4 times now and each time it says successfull but no limera1n icon or cydia. want to try it on my ipad first to see if it works before i do my iphone 4. so i guess wait until either they perfect limera1n or wait until greenpoisen

Farbod21 says:

You guys with non iPhone 4s, you do realize that limera1n doesnt work for you yet right?

Demeos says:

Alright, on my 19th try i got it to show the limera1n logo on boot!
So to those who are still not seeing the limera1in icon, KEEP TRYING!
Apparently this isn't point-and-click like his others, which he does state, guess we all expected something similar!

Chaoz says:

Hehe, worked first try :D Cydia didn't immediately show up but showed up after rebooting (iPhone 4 4.1).
Just started the limera1n.exe and did what it told me.

skew says:

Worked great first time for me on iP4 4.1 w/1.59 baseband

Kei says:

Everyone do yourselves a massive favor and WAIT a few days for the initial bugs to shake out. You'll be GLAD you didn't jump the gun.

bluecice says:

Worked well with my ipod touch 3g. Thank you GeoHot and Comex. I hope though that by delaying the release of greenpois0n, Chronic Dev Team would be able to release it immediately once i0S 4.2 is released. I was wondering though, what does "limera1n is unpatchable" mean?

BrianTufo says:

Farbod: my iPhone 4 is on 4.1 and has never been JB...will I be able to JB still? I don't need an unlock either btw.

Farbod21 says:

Brian, yes, go ahead and use Limera1n. Make sure you backup your iphone on itunes first...

Stephen says:

I think I'll wait a few days myself. I really wanna restore or upgrade cause I'm having an issue with my phone getting stuck in apps and having to reboot.

iPhone Cop says:

Well, GEOHOT has developed excellent tools in the past and in this case I have to trust that he knows what he is doing if he released it before Greenposi0n. I hope that greepois0n is still released tomorrow at 10/10/10 10:10:10 because it's really cool to have that as a release date. I love the Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team, Comex, Pod2g and Geohot. Great job guys and I will be donating to this one.

Taranis says:

Worked first time for me too. Key is to follow the instruction to get the phone into DFU mode to run the exploit. Took me 3-4 reboots now to get the limera1n icon, then to install cydia, update it, etc. so far so good.

BrianTufo says:

Farbod thanks can't JB yet since he went with a windows version. So I get to continue waiting.

audit says:

I've tried this and rebooted over 2 dozen times and nolimera1n icon is showing up. This is on a 3GS.

Farbod21 says:

audit, ive posted numerous times that the 3GS does not work right now. Geohot even has this on his page: "3GS new bootrom is broken, fix pending"

audit says:

But yet multiple people have it working on their 3GS. That's the part that's bugging me is how they got it working. I can't believe the dev team would release a JB for newer devices only and leave us with the 3GS behind.

buci1er says:

it works on iPhone 4. First try also, if anyone needs help trying to do it let me know. I'm doing it to my wife's phone as well right now.

Joel Ramirez says:

When will it be available for the mac

Farbod21 says:

audit, its not the Dev Teams choice what it works on. The Exploit was discovered on an iphone4 and only works on that bootrom. Geohot's exploit works on the 3GS but it looks like he needs to fix something... Just be patient...

audit says:

I have no choice but to be patient now. I'll be taking my frustration out in the cage tonight. Love #MMA fighting and my jailbroken iPhone.

Andres Johansson says:

I can't get it to work in iPhone 4, 4.1. Tried at least 20 times so far. No Limera1n icon or Cydia.

mbook215 says:

@Buci1er can u help me? iPhone 4 16gb 4.0.2 if so u can email me or tweet me @Philly_Matt thanks in advance

tilk says:

I've tried it on Iphone 4 and it didn't work, no cydia icon. Then I restored it as new and it still didn't work.

TomOfTx says:

Updated both mine & wife’s previously jailbroken iPhone 4 4.0 to 4.1 and re-jailbroken with limera1n. Worked great. All my jailbroken apps work except BiteSMS, but probably because it is not comparable with 4.1 yet. Nice job Geohot!

Mike D says:

Despite what everyone says about Geohot, he is proving that he is still on top. I like the fact he is giving us this tool and allowing donations. You are a true patriot to the jailbreak community sir and thank you!

Cbeezy says:

I have the iphone4 4.1. I followed the instructions but cant figure out what to do when it is done. No limera1n in the app store, no cydia icon? anyone know what i did wrong?

MVO says:

I have tried it on my new IPHONE 4 4.1. The process seem to be be completed real quick. There is no Limera1n icon on my IPHONE so I am not able to install cydia. Am I missing something. Let me know.

elementbt says:

@buci1er i cant figure this out for the life of me, Ive tried many times, done many restarts and power offs as well, no icon

Cbeezy says:

OK, ANYONE that has not been able to get this to work (at least on iphone4 4.1), i figured out how to make it work. like i said before, i followed the instructions, but it didn't work for me. What you do is follow the instructions, do everything it tells you to do. Then, when it tells you to release the power button, remain holding the home button, AS SOON AS IT SAYS "EXPLOITING" you release the home button, then it works and you should see the limera1n droplet!!

P0150N37RY says:

Geohot is such an impatient little child. He couldn't wait one day, and decided to release a buggy, incomplete (and potentially dangerous) jailbreak method, that only works for the Windows jailbreak crowd. What is his problem with working together with the rest of DevTeam? Since I'm on a Mac, I have to wait for Greenp0ison anyway, but I feel like I trust it more.

elementbt says:

so you just have to time it exactly right?

Kerri says:

JB worked perfectly for me, first time (iPhone 4.1, win7). Limera1n icon was on a page by itself, and had to reboot to see Cydia after installing it, but after that, all's good. :-) Yay!

elementbt says:

have tried many times now releasing home as soon as it says exploiting... no luck

Wizzy says:

Works great on my iPhone 4, 4.1. If your BiteSMS isn't working, go to the webpage to get the Cydia source for the beta version. Works great now, no crashes.

Tilk says:

When I run limera1n the "exploiting" only shows up for a fraction of a second before it says that it's done and it doesn't JB. For the people that it did work for, how long did the "exploiting" stay on screen and did it have a progress bar?

hmorris94 says:

Don't give geohot credit. He stole the exploit and tools from comex

Mortuusestdeus says:

For it to be an exploit it has to work.

Dunpizzle says:

Worked in one shot. Only issue was limera1n and cydia showing up as a blank white icon but that was quickly resolved after letting cydia update and rebooting.

Jeff says:

I love all this JB trouble.....too much time taken up with this...hoping for bricks for Christmas JK :)

Kronik says:

Ok so I have been trying the limera1n jailbreak for about an hour on my iphone 4 4.1 on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and could not get the damn limerain icon to show. ATTENTION TO ANYONE WITH THIS PROBLEM... i read on another post to make sure you have itunes completely updated. Once i read that I knew I kept ignoring the update for a while so once I updated voila! AS far as the buggyness goes...I have been playin around with my new JB Iphone 4 and I have had no issues once I got it working. Thanks Geo and also I will thank the Dev teams too as no one needs to be putting out JB for us all to have for free so I say to everyone of you smart enough to find munipulations in these devices Bravo!

anto says:

only trust Pwnage tool

iDecoder says:

Works on my old bootrom 3gs perfectly

Nitro says:

@anto, anything by geohot is trustworthy... He made blackra1n, best jb tool before spirit.

Farbod21 says:

Geohot is very talented... Thats not even an issue. He does work with a bit trial and error method, but once he gets the issues ironed out, his work is great. He's just extremely selfish, temperamental, and has an enormous ego...

Bohica says:

I just successfully jailbroken my iPhone 4 with limera1n in one shot on Windows XP. Just follow the directions exactly and don't let go of the home button until you see 'exploiting'. Takes less than two minutes for the whole JB process. Restoring from backup and reinstalling all my JB apps is another story.
The good news is the proximity sensor fix improves the sensitivity of the sensor a lot, though I haven't done any real world testing. The sensor is more sensitive and turns off the screen at 1.5 inches from my face instead of only .5 inches. I had to hit 'reset all settings' in the settings app before the fix worked, however.

Frank says:

For all those having issue about limera1n not showing on their springboard. Just rerun the program and wait a little longer before releasing the home button just about seeing the exploiting message and it should work.

jillybean says:

after JB, installed Cydia and it cant boot up on my iphone4 (4.1).
both icon were white tho. any tips to fix it ? tq

aidan says:

jillybean i had the same problem but when i did a complete upgrade and rebooted itself it came up with limra1n and cydia

aidan says:

now guys my iphone 4 updated perfectly but my ipad doesnt want to play ball. any suggestions

CousinBenson says:

I updated my firmare to 4.1 using TinyUmbrella and kept my 01.59.00 baseband now how do I jailbreak with limera1n without updating the baseband? Forgive a probably novice question but I really want to unlock the phone with no problems.

Carl says:

I had no issues first time. I waited to release the home button when it said "exploiting" so just wait for that. Restart after everything to get Cydia to show on your phone and it should work. I was using an iPhone 4.

Jamie says:

I'm staying on 4.0.1 because of this but want gamecenter....is there a release of the proper gamecenter app now since 4.1 has been jailbroke ?

tilk says:

FINALLY IT WORKED. Make sure iTunes is open when you do this jailbreak.

Carl says:

I didn't have iTunes open it worked just fine. I always thought you should avoid having iTunes open when installed a jailbreak. What benefit does it bring?

biratzkala says:

for those who have trouble jb-ing you can try other computer
like mine xp 32bit dont work but when i try 64bit xp
it work like a charm.....

tilk says:

@Carl I've tried it 20 times with itunes closed and it didn't work and one time with itunes open and it worked.

sap says:

There have been updates to the jailbreak... is there any difference if I have used an early beta?

JPG says:

I had the same problem with audit but i used it on an ipad 3.2.2 .. No app icon to be found after jailbreak.. Follwed instructions & prompt successful message was shown.. help

mperkel says:

Ultrasn0w has been updated. Add it to your repo list, if you had it before reinstall. Should unlock up to 4.1 now. I still have to find a friend with T-Mobile to test it.
iPhone 4 is jailbroken and unlocked on 4.1
iPhone 3GS is jailbroken and unlocked on 4.0.1
Will try upgrading to 4.1 and trying Limera1n tomorrow again. First attempt early today failed.

Ali says:

try it with itune page opened..
it worked for me iphone 4 4.1

Carl says:

@tilk - That's strange, that's fair enough if it worked after 20 tries with it closed.

Emre SUMENGEN says:

Should be
"UPDATE 3: Chronic Dev Team is now delaying Greenpois0n so as to incorporate Geohot’s exploit and NOT burn their own."
It wouldn't make sense to incorporate GeoHot's exploit and BURN THEIRS at the same time, ha?

Emre SUMENGEN says:

UltraSn0w cannot update the latest baseband..
With iPhone 4 (and with iPhone 4 ONLY), you can use TinyUmbrella while upgrading, to preserve your OLD BASEBAND, keeping also your Unlockability.
This is only valid for ppl currently on OLD baseband, eg. who did not update to stock 4.1+ without TinyUmbrella.

Carl - HowtoJailbreak.info says:

I'll be updating my new Jailbreak assistance website soon.
I'll be keeping it upto date with methods of jailbreaking, new and old for every model of iPhone/iPod touch so bare with me if you're having trouble and we can try and make it work.

Ken says:

Worked perfect on my 3GS w/ new boot rom

audit says:

@Ken the new Beta 4 worked for me this morning as well. Sucks that I have to reload all the apps again since Rock is no more.

aidan says:

guys i still cant jailbreak my ipad what the hell is going on

Gary says:

I have a 3GS, currently unlocked and jailbroken, and running 3.1.3.
The 3GS is the new bootrom.
I've been waiting to update the IOS for a while but have been waiting on a jailbreak/unlock.
Can anyone confirm that this would be fine to do using limeraIn, so I can continue to use T-Mobile?
thanks in advance.

lax25 says:

I'm confused, I have an iPhone 4 running 4.0.2 (never jailbroken before). Will this work for me? The only thing I've seen is talk about 4.01. Thanks.

nickpthemft says:

@lax25 Just jailbroke my iPhone 4 flawlessly. The tool works pretty well, and overall is fairly easy to use. Make sure you back up your phone with iTunes prior to using limera1n and you'll be fine.
Connect your phone to iTunes, update to 4.1, leave iTunes open and run the limera1n.exe software as administrator and follow the prompts. After it's done, start your phone back up and click the limera1n icon and install Cydia. Reboot and you're good to go. Simple as that.

plot says:

why is geohot being a dick. first he says he's not jailbreaking anymore and then out of the blue he releases an unstable jailbreak software. geohot is messed up in the head.

emh924a says:

Hope rubyra1n comes out soon accidentally updated ipad an need to rejailbreak it

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