Updated Skype for iOS improves startup time, iOS 7 tweak

Updated Skype for iOS improves startup time

Skype on Monday announced the pending release of an update to its voice, video and chat software for iOS. The new 4.14 version was not available as iMore posted this article, but it's expected soon.

Skype's Eric Lin Levine said in a blog post that the new release makes it easier to sign in with a Skype ID or a Microsoft account. A new permissions popup for iOS 7 asks to use the microphone for calls and for audio or video messages. Additional fixes and performance improvements have also been made.

Skype for iPhone:

Skype for iPad:

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Updated Skype for iOS improves startup time, iOS 7 tweak


Ekhem, lets be real for a sec. First thing after implementing that feature you will disable push due to battery saving/peace and quiet reasons so there is no point in asking about it...

Do I have to uninstall the version I got on my iPhone to download this version? Because I don't see the update yet!!! Or should I just wait?

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