Why I'm not updating to iOS 5

Why I'm not updating to iOS 5

Tomorrow Apple releases iOS 5 to the public and while millions will rush to grab it and bring iTunes' servers to their knees, I for one will be taking a pass. At least for now. The reason is simple -- I'm not willing to give up my beloved Jailbreak.

I like being able to put more apps in the dock than Apple allows. I like being able to respond to texts without having to go back to the Messages app and change my settings with a swipe. I like being able to leave gaps on my home screen and I like seeing cool FX happen when I swipe from one screen to another.

And while Rene was showing me the admittedly cool looking new Notification Center in iOS 5, he couldn't preview email right from the pull down the way I could with my Jailbreak notifications.

There's already a tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5, but I need my phone to work for work, so tethered isn't an option for me. There are rumors an untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 might be coming soon.

That's what I'm waiting for. And that's why I'm not updating to iOS 5. Yet.

Anyone else on #TeamJailbreak waiting with me?

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Why I'm not updating to iOS 5


Not me you dumbass! I mean iOS 5 is so good that i have no reasons to wait for an untethered jailbreak....

I would like to jailbreak mines and leave it with the cool features u have but i have not clue...IPHONE 5 verzion

Chronic Dev Team announced at MyGreatFest they already have an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 done. If you want to wait for all devs to port their apps & tweaks to iOS 5 (which is already happening very quickly), then go ahead. But no need to hold out.

I restored last week because I was so sick of 4.2.1. I'll probably jailbreak iOS 5 for Mail Enhancer, but that's about it. The need is getting smaller and smaller for me.

I hear what youre saying Georgia. I mean I have my reservations for the same reasons. But iOS 5 is really sweet so im willing to give up my jailbreak for a while to familiarize myself with it before the untethered jb drops. It wont be long.

completely agree with you georgia, i am also going to sit out the update until a untethered jailbreak comes a long even if that means waiting till next year...jailbreak just offers much more than ios5 ever can.personally i cant use a iphone without bite sms,folderenhancer/infinifolders,sbsettings and a few other not necessary tweaks but those are the most important to me and must and also hopefully by the time untethered jailbreak comes the jailbreak community also bring siri into iphone 4 and i am sure it is more than possible...

I had my iPhone jailbroken for months, loved it. Then when the betas of iOS 5 was released, I sacrificed the jailbreak for most of the betas (I think the first 4 or 5), and as awesome as iOS 5 was, I really missed the convenience of BiteSMS, SBSettings, and the look of different themes. Not to mention MyWi. I've downgraded back to 4.3.3 in order to re-jailbreak my iPhone 4, and I won't be upgrading back to iOS 5 until there is an untethered jailbreak. I've used both - iOS 5 and jailbreak, and jailbreak definitely wins.

To ME, the only reason to JB is sbsettings. Sure there are some cool mods, but to ME they aren't worth the performance hit I've seen everytime I install them. The only thing iOS 5 is missing as far as I can see is the ability to quickly toggle radios on/off.
All that said, there really is no wrong answer to this question as the math changes for each individual.

I'm on 4.3.3 and for some reason I can't install activator w/out it crashing my phone into safemode. So no SBSettings but what surprises me is how much I haven't went crazy w/out it. I do miss it dearly though. ;-( But having the iP4 and the addition of multitasking has made it bearable. Now if I still had my 3G, I probably would've had to rejailbeak and find out what the issue was. Awwww, bless my 3G's heart, it took a beating. "sheds tear"

Have you ever used bitesms? I couldnt imagine going back to the stock messaging after using it for the past year or so.

I've been jailbroken for a long time and I'll upgrade to ios5 and suffer till an untethered jb comes out just to remind myself why I jailbreak in the first place

Siri can't be put on the iPhone 4 bro... look it up. The Jailbreaking community tried and they've shown that Apple was telling the truth. The iPhone 4 just can't handle the processing power that Siri demands... It'll just destroy your phone tbh.
So uh... buy an iPhone 4s.
OMG OMG OMG DID SOMEONE SAY IPHONE 5?!?!?! and the rumor mill begins churning once again . . .

When tomorrow will iOS 5 be available? Can't wait!
I tried jailbreak didn't like my iPhone working like a microsoft computer...!?! lol Maybe I was doing something wrong or not but jailbreak doesn't work for me...?!?!

I thought "I like being able to put more apps in the dock than Apple allows. I like being able to respond to texts without having to go back to the Messages app and change my settings with a swipe" this has been put into the new ios? smfh apple is a dumb so not innovating company

Your such dumb ignorant piece of trash. Go back under your bridge you can't even troll correctly, although you do look like one.

I think I'm going to go ahead and hold off for a jailbreak. While the new features of iOS 5 do look amazing I know they will be more amazing once the jailbreak community tweaks the hell out of them. Plus SBSettings and BiteSMS are literally the two main reasons I jailbroke my phone. I can't picture using my phone without quick reply/compose.

At least it's an original name. I think it's pretty.
You, yes you, are dumb.
Anyway, I have to wait until the JB is untethered because I'm giving my 3GS to a friend when I get the 4S, and he plans to use it on T Mobile.

well if locationfree, bitesms, sbsettings, and about 5 other features will be in ios5 then I would upgrade, alas they wont so I as well will be waiting.

Georgia is so annoying!!! Ok we get it you like to go against what everyone else is doing. Watching the podcast review of let's talk iPhone event made me sick. You are such a little baby. It was like I was watching a kid having a temper tantrum. Anyways great job Rene, your awesome.

Keep your unsecured jailbreak. I'd buy a quirky android phone if I wanted the features you desire.
I'll be installing ios5 as soon as I can.

Oh get over yourself. Unsecured? Please. A jail broken iPhone or iPad is a thousand times more secure than you seem to think.
As for the features, you don't like being able to respond to messages in app? Being able to turn off Bluetooth, wifi and others at the swipe on the screen?
Being able to respiring, rather than a full reboot, saves tons of time.
Having the ability to preview messages from the lock screen without having to unlock my phone and open the mail app is also a major time saver.
Having the ability to create a dock that stores extra icons is a major time saver, and to be able to page through the dock? It's incredibly convenient.
I also have the agility to schedule my phone to go into silent with select features, so that during the night I can leave my phone on in case of emergency, without having to go into the settings app and selectively turn off push notifications, mail and such.
NONE of these things are possible without a jailbreak.
You may not see them as benefits, but get over yourself thinking that there is no validity to jail breaking an iDevice

Like I said, if I wanted those features, I'd buy an Android. A jailbreak is a very unsecured device. Don't think so? Ask a friend of mine that had his information compromised because his iPhone was jailbroken.
And I never said anything about any of those features being a benefit. You did. You are the one that needs to get over yourself and stop trying to find justification for you feeling the need to jailbreak your device.
I am quite content with my purchase, have no desire to jailbreak for some (what you call) extra special features and am still anxiously awaiting iOS 5.

Then that's fine, you can run stock.
I'm not justifying anything. I'm explaining my reasons for why I jailbreak and continue to do so. Once I saw the other options and how they made the experience easier for me, I didn't want to go back.
As for your friend, he/she obviously did something screwed up. JUST jail breaking does not open your iPhone or iPad up for hackers. If it did, there would be endless reports EVERYWHERE about it. There aren't. No one I know has ever had an issue with security problems in their jailbreak. They may have installed some unsafe hack that compromised their system, but just jail breaking isn't enough to render your device compromised. That's a bunch of BS.
And enjoy iOS 5. But remember this, MANY of those features (specifically the notifications) are there BECAUSE of the Jailbreak community. So while you enjoy all of these cool new features, I'll wait until an untethered jailbreak to drop so I can enjoy all the cool new features AS WELL as the joys of my jailbreak conveniences.

Your friend had his information compromised because, I'll bet, they forgot to change the root password on the phone. That wasn't the jailbreak's fault, that was your friend's lack of knowledge of something very simple, straightforward, and well known in the community. Don't fault the device, fault the user (or, don't point the finger in the other direction when it's your fault to begin with).

Jailbreaking is too risky, and it voids the warranty on my phone. I know you can restore it if you have problems with the jailbreak, but that's a pain in the butt. Plus, tethered jailbreaks drains the battery and eats up my data. I cannot wait for iOS 5!

Euh.. i0ni1c already said that the ios5 untethered jb is already finished. So this article is quite useless.

I think you forgot all the bugs that are sure to happen on the 5.0 release! I'm upgrading for the features, but I'm prepared to face a lot of bugs. I'm especially concerned about older apps working properly, such as apps from the App Store's first year, some of which are no longer maintained!

Get Android if you need all this custom stuff. I for one will only need jailbreak now for wifi hotspot :)

No need for quite a few of the negative comments left. People don't realize that they can oppose something w/o being outright disrespectful?

Georgia does not deserve the bashing that she's getting for expressing her personal opinion.
You're all pathetic.

As far as I can tell shes handling it fine. Its the fact that know one ever has anything positive to say, big suprise on a forum I know.

i will not be waiting for a jailbreak this time around, been jailbreaking since the iphone3G and honestly dont care if one comes out anymore. Over time there has been less and less reasons to jailbreak, to the point where the only thing i care about is MyWi on the iphone and on the ipad unlimited apps in folders and the dock and unlimited tabs in safari. Thats It.
sbsettings is cool, but i can honestly live without it.
but the hassles i have to go through every time there is an ios update, cydia is a slow, cluttered piece of crap with no real backup solution that worked the way RockmyPhone did.
so while i likely will still jailbreak when one comes out for ios5, i wont be waiting for it.

how rare exactly is bb 01.59 on an iPhone 4? That's basically the only reason I wouldn't un-jailbreak for iOS 5, but I don't know if I wanna wait for a pwnage tool upgrade for the new FW...

Seriously what is with all the hating here? It is alright to have an opinion but when everyone starts pooping their pants then it is no fun for anyone. I personally won't updating yet. There is no harm in waiting a week and probably another update will have been pushed, 5.0.1 or something like that. For those of you that are gonna update right away, that is cool let us know how it goes. I like the new notification system and the twitter integration.

One look at her profile, which links to her FB page, tells you all you need to know about Tina.
I get not being PC, and being willing to say what other people are afraid to.... But she just seems cruel and unnecessarily mean.
The blogs here are no different. Seems like it's just another avenue for her to spew her hate.

I've stopped jail breaking now that I'm on 5. They have covered nearly all of my needs. Scrolling folders would be nice, but I will live.
PS: You can have email preview in Notification Center. Go to Settings.app and look in the Notifications page.

love my jailbrake but updating anyway to play around with ios5 then when untethered comes i will jailbrake again..not a big deal...

I agree but for different reasons. Using 2 iPhones (3GS & 4) as I am at sea 5 days a week and need fast downloading of podcasts via JB 3GS when in port 2 days a week to listen to while offshore and out of cell range. I need the 4 for work communication in port. So the 3 GS will stay JB and the 4 will go iOS5 ASAP.
Georgia- ignore the rude fools. You rock.

I have an iTouch and iPad, neither of which are jailbroken, so I will update those, see what the update is like then decide if it worth giving up my jailbrokeniPhone4.

I'm going to hold off on my iPhone till there is an untethered option available but my iPad is getting the update immediately since I only really use sbsettings on it and I can live without it on the iPad since I switch configuration much less often on that device.

Jailbreak is for loser if i want to do that respond to txt with going to the app then why you dont buy and android is simple then that
Now my ipad play games yes
My ipad play movies yes
My ipad play music yes
I dont give a f*********about the rest of the crap you people talking and yes i have iphone 4 and waiting for the new one and yes i have android too

I have been jailbroken since iOS 3 on my iphone 3G and then with iOS 4.x with my iphone 4. I need SBSettings, Infiniboard, Infinidock, Mywi, My3g, customized OS sounds (for new mail, new SMS, etc). I had the iphone 4 on launch day and it was a long 2 1/2 months before there was the first jailbreak. I am not going to iOS5 until ALL the cydia apps I have are compatible.

In the great words of EagleyeSmith, "You Know It Woman." (w/all respect) [Robot Chicken reference if you don't know]
But mos def not getting iOS 5 unless there is an untethered jailbreak. I'll probably wait for 5.0.1 or 0.2 jailbreak etc before I do. I can not live w/out my BiteSMS, TetherMe, 3GUnrestrictor, Black Keyboard, & Glasklart Lockscreen. ... Just to name a few. ;-)
TeamJailbreak For Life!

an untethered jailbreak is way too valuable to give up for "cloud computing" I have several apps whcih I cannot live without - one is a call blacklist which restricts certain numbers from calling or texting my phone and another is called tone FX which allows me to change text and notification tones. you know the old saying..."if it ain't broke...."

No doubt. I left my jailbreak once a few iOS updates ago because I was too impatient to wait for the new jailbreak. I thought I could deal without my jailbreak for a while right? Wrong big time. As soon as the first lame phone call came in I was ready to pull my hair out when I realized I had forgotten about iblacklist. I agree I do love a lot of the previously mention goodies from cydia. Honestly having the ability to send blocked calls or restricted calls and my personal favorites the spam calls straight to voicemail or give them a busy signal or other options. You should have that ability built in. It's your phone using your minutes you should be able to say who can call you and who can't and when they can call you. Look the way I see it is people who don't like jailbreaking give me the mental image of someone who doesn't like getting their hands dirty. By this I mean they can't stand it if even something small goes wrong in their life. So when they hear about this can happen or that can happen then they give up on it and proceed to criticize it. I would love to do a test where the people who are against jailbreaking are shown cydia apps, but as if they came from the app store. Money says they would fall in love with them. Really though it's like hating someone because they like to put the toilet paper on the holder rolling over instead of rolling under. People are still argueing about that to this day. But be honest jailbreak haters you know you've seen some of the jailbreak tweaks in action and you know deep down that if someone said I will jailbreak your phone for you and if you don't like it I will change it back, you would try it. Don't be so high and mighty about for crying out loud. That's either side of the debate.

petty perks, you must not understand everything jailbreaking can do. There are at least 8-10 features that I use on jb that ios5 still will not be able to help me with. Ill be waiting too, I doubt it will be long.

Lockinfo, it has notification for : email, sms, calendar, speed dial and many more. search lockinfo in cydia.

History repeats itself, that's what I'm going off of. Most of the apps that I use, usually aren't up-to-date. That's why I check the ModMyi iOS Compatibly List before I make the upgrade ... That's how I know.

Certainly a respectable stand. I certainly love my jailbreak tweaks; however, I really want that cloud for my iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Plus, I thinknthe untethered J/B will be out quite soon considering how many times the betas were exposed and the fact that there is already a tethered solution.

Anyone know when the updates normally hit iTunes? Is it at midnight or some point during the day? Great site btw!

I'll probably update just to try out iOS 5. I just recently jailbroke my phone and the only thing that I really love about it is the ability to quick reply to text messages and sbsettings (why didn't I JB for this years ago?!?).
I can live without both though and I'm sure a JB will be out soon enough that if I want to go back I'll be able to do so.

I really dont see the problem here. If she does not want to update its as simple as that!!! She likes the customizations and freedoms that And..............(cough)oid gives her so whats the big deal? I mean its her phone right?
EDIT: Some how I know i'm gonna get a ultra combo for the above statement but who cares! Do as you please with your device Georgia!!!

I'd like to know the same thing. EASILY 99.9% of people who are "hacked" become victims because they are careless with their information. In no way, shape, or form does jailbreaking through normal means make ou any more or less vulnerable to being hacked. If your friend was dumb enough to get hacked while jailbroken, all that means is that he was dumb and lucky before jailbreaking.

def waiting for the jail break ios 5 is not all that serious as its hyped to be and majority of the added stuff i been had since like march

If I didn't use my Apple TV for my main media server using XBMC, I'd be updating my iPad and Apple TV tomorrow for the AirPlay mirroring alone.
However, until they release an untethered jailbreak, I'll just have to be patient. As cool as mirroring my iPad to my Apple TV is, losing my entire way of streaming media is too big to give up.
But the second that the jailbreak drops, I'll be on it like white on rice.
As for Georgia's post, I'm really disappointed with the hate people are spewing onto her and TIPB in general. So you disagree with her post, hell so what if you dislike this post in general... you're entitled to your opinion, but try to express it in an intelligent and mature manner.
Calling people names, treating people like they are lesser class because they have a different opinion.. really? Is this high school?
Grow up. Be an adult. Express your opinion. Disagree. But learn to freaking respect other people at the same time. It's the least you can do.

only good reason 4 jailbreaking is 4 the hotspot features such as MyWi other reasons stated is not not good enough

Cant live without BiteSMS or Mywi, as far as notifications are concerned I have all my notifications on my unlock screen and love that. So maybe when the the jailbreak for IOS 5 unteathered comes out I will. But until then Im with Georgia on this.

I've been the biggest advocator of team jailbreak, but for once, I will be updating ASAP... Its a sad day, but I've grown up since jail breaking ios1.2, and alas it's about time to go stock and stop playing the cat and mouse game... Steve would want me to be pure

jailbroken phone...free long distance via skype with 3g unrestrictor, free wifi tethering from phone to laptop and on and on and on...

I'll be waiting as well. There really isn't a single thing in iOS5 that I don't already have or have an interest in having immediately.

  • I've had notifications for 2 years and they're a lot better than Apple's implementation.
  • iCloud isn't much better than the dropbox I'm already using, and its inferior to Amazon cloud for media.
  • I've already got multitasking gestures, I can also already facetime/download large apps over 3g.
  • Twitter integration and newsstand are features I will never use.
  • the new camera, photos, reminders, and safari apps are still vastly inferior to 3rd party offerings.

I'm more than happy to wait for the jailbreak, my hope is that they'll . I'm already seeing some cool Notification Center mods that could make it better than Lockinfo.

Georgia, I'm almost inclined to agree. But my experience with jailbreaking my 3GS seems to suggest that the jailbreak makes the device a bit unstable. RAM goes QUICKLY, and hard resets take 3 minutes or more.
I think I'm going to give iOS 5 a try at least for a while. And maybe when the untethered JB comes out for it, I may try my hand at it again.

Deff #teamjailbreak BUTTT iOS 5 is 2 >>>>>>>> to resist couple months on team pure wont hurt at least that's were it all started !

No, I'm not... But I've not seen so much unbridled aggression in one place before.
Usually it's just a few people, not every other person.
Apparently people have nothing better going on in their lives. Or they are men who constantly get emasculated at work... Think Dale from Horrible Bosses... That's the only explanation.

I was going to wait, However my phone recently crashed and died updating FB App so I had to fully restore and it force updated to 4.3.5 so I might as well update to iOS5 and wait for the new JB.

Noticed today that a lot of my tweaks are being updated for iOS5 compatibility. Looking forward to updating to the new OS as soon as my "must haves" are ready to go!

Any chance you could post a video displaying all the "best" features you can get with a jailbroken iPhone 4/3gs/3g/etc. compared to a non-broken. I'm unfamiliar with the capabilities of a jailbroken iPhone and would love to know the possibilities. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show how to jailbreak, but none have shown what features you can change about the iPhone that make it worth jailbreaking it in the first place. Thanks!

Right there with you, Georgia. There are some tempting bits to iOS 5 (there always are) but I can't give up Lockinfo, Bite, SBSettings, Activator, etc...

I fully agree with you Georgia! I'm planning on waiting until I know that there is an unthered jailbreak that I can go with! I have too many tweaks and Cydia apps that make my iPhone 4 do all the things that I want it to do! I see no reason why I should change for now...

My iPhone 4 was jailbroken the day ts was unboxed. iOS 5 sees me joining team pure for the first time ever and I must admit, loving every moment.

i live in Georgia and all the negative comments about being named after a state sting a little. There are worse states to be named after.

  • ON related note i didn't wait and have been going back and forth between 4.2.8 and ios5. right now my colorkeyboard is keeping me from updating again.

iOS5 has great futures but convenience its not with it. I did make a mistake to upgrade, i couldnt go 2 days without jailbreaking againg, notification center is just like 'badge notification' once you slide to see wherever its there, you are taken to the app, and you are out of noti-center, you have to go back to home screen then open noti-center againg, then slide the email notification now you are on email app, and so on. You cannot open notifications on Lockscreen, or an open app. Lockinfo is good enough for me to jailbreak, but then we have My3g, biteSMS, pdaNet (i wouldnt recomend MyWi anymore) sbSettings of course, the list goes on and on. Jailbreaking means convenience, fun, action, freedom. For me!!