How To: Upgrade your iTunes Library to iTunes+

Apple has made upgrading your iTunes library to iTunes plus easier than ever! So to share the good news, we have created this post to show you the steps involved. Ready? More after the break!

Click the "Upgrade My Library Link" from the QUICK LINKS section of iTunes

This link brings you to a screen that displays the Audio and Video tracks you have that are eligable for iTunes+ upgrades. Once you decide you want to upgrade, click the BUY link



Next you will get a confirmation dialog box asking if you want to purchase the upgrade (assuming you have not disabled this feature)

Apple then tells you that the files in your iTunes library will be replaced. The cool thing is Apple gives you two options: delete them, or move them to a folder on the desktop. I strongly recommend option #2!

Once they conversion is done, your files are replaced and iTunes tells you that you have nothing left eligible to be upgraded.

Afterwards, as songs become available for upgrade, they will automatically show in the QUICK LINKS section

I found the entire process of upgrading my library very easy. I am looking forward to the rest of my purchases to be eligible in the near future. Unlike some stories I have heard, it did not take long at up to upgrade, probably 5 minutes. iTunes simply exports the DRM content to your desktop and downloads DRM free content to replace it; simple!

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Chad Garrett

Software trainer, blogger and mobile technology enthusiast living in the suburban Midwest.

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Reader comments

How To: Upgrade your iTunes Library to iTunes+


I'm guessing that the time involved, like the cost, varies depending on the amount of media in the library in question.
I still think that calling something that stores user information, in the form of the iTunes user's email address, in the "DRM Free" file somewhat misleading, but that's debatable. Digital Rights Management, by definition, seems to me as if it would be any technology that assists the digital media asset producer in tracking it's use and right to be used in a given fashion. Hence, hiding an authorized user's email in a digital media file via steganography, while possibly DRM-Lite, is still DRM. Seems kind of like a blatant lie to me, but then again, maybe I'm just off my rocker.

@mr hill
I agree, and disappointed that Apple does not outright tell the user their information is encoded into the file. My bet is that was one of the conditions to get the tracks DRM free :-(

I am amaized to find no reference in this article that upgrading your songs to itunes plus COSTS QUOTE APPLE: " Just pay the 30¢ per song upgrade price. (Music video upgrades are 60¢ and entire albums can be upgraded for 30 percent of the album price.)"
TIPB I am quite honestly suprised and ashamed at your missing out on this rather important detail. 30% of the album cost, its hardly free now is it!
I think you have let yourself go on this one iphone blog. Are you secretly working for apple these days?

Chad mentions "BUY" in all caps, and "purchase", which pretty much indicates Apple charging money?
(Also, the amount varies by geography -- it's a bit more for those of us in Canada, for example).

Now that itunes is going DRM Free, is there a way to transfer music to another computer without buying a 3rd party program? For instance, if you have loaded CD's into itunes, shouldnt those be transferable along with the DRM Free music, being that you have already paid for the cd?

That is right Josh! You can now play your iTunes+ music and videos on another computer. Hey, you can even play them on a Zune :-)

@ Josh:
What do you mean exactly by : "...a way to transfer music to another computer without buying a 3rd party program"? I'm not sure I understand your question right; to my knowledge you don't need any 3rd party programs for that and, yes.. all your current music can be transferred to another computer.
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, or simply just misunderstood the question ;o)

The iphone says BUY and even gives a receipt for an application that is FREE. Surely you have heard horror stories of people buying things on itunes (that red diamond program anyone). Let’s say I have 50 $9.99 albums on itunes and I click BUY as nonchalantly as mentioned in this blog, that's going to cost an additional $150!!! Now not everyone understands the implications of computers, and might think by reading this it really is that simple.. then get faced with a whopping $150 bill. All i'm saying its its not as easy and glamorous as this blogger has made out considering the cost... there should be a slightly harsher warning if you ask me. My god what am I saying... this blog does not even mention COST!!!!!!!!!!!!! horrendous.
I think the nation is in enough debt, let’s make sure they understand the implications before they get +$150 on their already unaffordable credit card eh?

There are a few songs on my upgrade list, from 2004, that I no longer have. They are on an old computer that won't start up anymore. If I upgrade them, will they download to my new computer?
I think I tried re-downloading them quite awhile back, but couldn't.

I was quite excited when I saw the title to the thread but there is a fair bit of negative comment around, which leaves me rather undecided.

I have not personally encountered this, but I am likely to in the future. I believe it will redownload the song, it is an all-or-nothing affair. If you decide to take the plunge, let us know!
@iPhone Boy
No worries, Just one person pointed out that I did not mention the cost: $.30 per song $.60 per video. It works, but keep in mind two things: 1) You have to pay for it and 2) it does tag the file with your name and info. If you don't share illegally, point #2 shouldn't be a problem :-)

Where I live, sharing media among your close friends and family is called Private Copying and is completely legal. In return, the record companies get a small amount for every piece of recordable media that is sold.
So, where am I going with this?
Well, as there is supposed to be no more than six degrees of separation between any two persons in the world, any song with my watermark on it would potentially reach the entire world in just six levels of legal copying.
Kind of makes the whole idea of watermarking the files to stop copying pretty useless...

@endrit: As I stated, the other computer is not accessible anymore (you f*cking imbecile).
@Chad Garrett: Thanks, I think i'm going to try it later. It would seem if the songs are listed with a price, they "should" download... and it's only $2.40 total anyway, so no biggie.

@Chad Garrett: They downloaded (guess they just needed more money from me). I've missed those tunes. Time for a backup, now...

Wow did it really just take you 5 min??
I have pretty fast internet, and get this, took 7 HOURS! For all songs to download, and in the end, I'm really pissed because 14 songs had no artist info, album art, and about 6 songs never downloaded because iTunes got stuck on "Processing File" and crashed. I'm so mad right now...

Thanks for commenting back. I am glad that worked out, now everyone is the wiser :-) thanks again for the update!
It really did! I only had about 10 tracks there were eligible. So that is all it took for those 10 tracks. Every other day or so, a few more pop up for me to download.

I've deleted some tracks, cos I bought the CD and don't want to convert them to iTunesPlus tracks.
But I can only convert all tracks or nothing? How do I deselect deleted music?
I'm not amused about the fact that I do have to pay again for music I've already purchased. Well I guess I have to buy my movies again and again to: First VHS, then DVD, then BlueRay…what's next?

You can't select or deselect, it's an all for nothing thing. The part about this that bothers me is I download the song of the week, etc, it gets lumped into that mess too. 90% of those songs... kinda suck :-)

Why pay? Just burn your tracks to an audio CD and then convert them to MP3 with an import. NO DRM, NO steganography, no problem.

I'm still trying to find my cd/dvd drives and burn software after installing itunes 8.1 last Friday week of hell searching blogs and downloading drivers trying to fix the problem, continues. I wished I never updated my itunes.. It will cost me a total £155...0.20p a track for itunes+, no thanks think i'll avoid. I'm losing my faith in apple..their support is non-existent..only blogs, I will charged a fee if I make contact, for a fault in their software that erased my drivers..Be warned do not update to itunes 8.1

The way I see it Apple is stealing from it's consumers now as eeryone has already paid the full price of the songs. It's not that the price went up or anything like that, we're just paying for their bandwidth, which mind you purchasing a ton of free apps would have the same result on their bandwidth.