UPDATED: Apple Waves Bye Bye to the uSirius StarPlayr App... for iPhone for Now?

UPDATED: Developer NiceMac provided an update in the comments:

The app was not rejected, however it could not be approved at this time.

It does no good to send hate mail to or bash Apple or any other involved parties. In fact, it could damage relationships required to get this product to market.

Instead, we encourage positive emails and messages of support to all those involved.

ORIGINAL: Lately I have been the bearer of bad news. First it was Apple rejecting the official South Park application and now they're breaking our hearts once more and waving bye bye to Howard Stern and Sirius XM by rejecting the uSirius StarPlayr application that we previously told you was due to be in the App Store in a few short weeks. Yes this is a very sad day, as I am a huge Howard Stern fan like many of you.


blockquote>"As of yesterday, the uSirius StarPlayr Application for iPhone still had a status of "In Review" with Apple. Late last night, we became aware that the application could not be approved at this time. As fans, we are committed to continuing to work with all parties involved as necessary in any capacity required to see this product to market. It is our goal, as it has always been, to release this application at as low of a price point as possible, if not free of charge."

With no real reason given why this application was rejected, we must sadly move on. You really have to wonder what exactly made Apple reject this application. Surely it was not Sirius XM as Howard himself loved the idea and was ready to pick up an iPhone just for this application.

Apple, why did you reject this one? This was an application that I been patiently waiting for... oh so much. This news will surely disappoint Howard and many of the other Sirius XM iPhone owners out there.

Hopefully, we will see this application available on Cydia or the App Store sooner rather than later.

[Thanks to Darren for the tip!]


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UPDATED: Apple Waves Bye Bye to the uSirius StarPlayr App... for iPhone for Now?

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What???? This is such a let down. How this is different then say a slacker or shoutcast I have no clue. I can only imagine the why codecs maybe. ????

Such B.S.
Such a let down.
So depressing.
I only hope it makes it to Cydia.
This also does not bode well for Slingbox does it.

We have updated the press release to be more clear.
The app was not rejected, however it could not be approved at this time.
It does no good to send hate mail to or bash Apple or any other involved parties. In fact, it could damage relationships required to get this product to market.
Instead, we encourage positive emails and messages of support to all those involved.

Can you elaborate at all as to why the app. was not able to be approved in it's current state and if you're able to and plan to make the changes needed to get the app. approved?
Is there any time table for a resubmission?
Keep up the good work!

You know Apple just doesn't make any sense. I mean, Howard was giving them free plugs and promotion on his show a few weeks ago over this. I'm sure if it was released he would be talking it up, and if he did get an iPhone would talk that up if he liked it (and finally ditches his treo).
There are plenty of streaming radio apps in the app store, what's wrong with this one. Does this mean slingbox has pretty much no chance?

I'm thinking this could be an issue with music conglomerates forcing Apple to pay more, since SiriusXM is a pay for radio system.

Sting7k - you comment about Howard plugging apple seems like a slippery slope. Is Apple suppsed to approve an app just because someone says it's good?
I wonder why apple rejected this. Maybe an sdk issue. Maybe "big music" is scared.
I hope it gets through apple or shows ip on cydia.

Yes, I think there are clearly some issues still to be resolved over rights/fees etc. As is usual, none of this stuff can be disclosed publicly until it is resolved.
Calling "foul" on Apple was a bit premature in this case, I think.

I suspect that whatever is holding up the app (might be technical, might be financial, might be legal, might be a combo) can be overcome.
Forgive me if I do not share dismay at failure to adopt a South Park app.

Perhaps TiPB should update its headline in the light of the updated info from NiceMac.
Just a thought.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that streaming Sirius through the internet is no longer going to be part of the regular monthly $12.95 charge. Sirius is going to be charging extra for it's use via internet.

@Matt, I doubt that for the simple reason this app would just use your subscription that you pay for. So if you didn't pay for the streaming ability - this would not be of any use to you.

Well, it hasn't been outright rejected...just a little hold-up right now (hopefully). So there's still a ray of hope us Stern fans.

@Mystic, TiPb is not calling foul on Apple but rather just stating that Apple did not approve it. To me by them "not approving" the app is just the start of it being rejected. The reasons why are unknown to us. The only people who can shed any light on that subject is Apple or NiceMac.

Fk Apple. I am getting so fed up with their attitude.
This wil be the last straw for me.
Palm Pre here I come.

Why would anyone want to pay to listen to Howard Stern anyway? Idiots like him are all over the web.

Let me just say 2 things :
1.) Apple is a great company with many brilliant people who involve very impressive and interesting hardware, I love my Iphone and it is the best Phone / PDA I ever had...
2.) Apple's strategy regarding software and restrictions is just a freakin joke. I really never thought I would jailbreak my phone, I did, why because I was so mad because of the fucking restrictions of apple to the iphone and itunes...
So I really thank all those people who work against this restrictive policies and break the iphone datasystem / hack itunes or do anything else which makes it harder to apple to follow up its current strategy.
At the moment I am not able to install any programms on my iphone at home because I installed the first ones from my working pc.
I am not able to upload a ring tone to my iphone in work, because i uploaded the first one to my iphone at home
The same story with programms and podcasts, its just a fuckin joke and I never got any answer to my many complaints from the apple support.
I am really pissed off because I bought the hardware for a huge price and now I am not able to use it the way I want...
But I am patient, maybe in the next months anybody will be good enough to crack Itunes to make all this possible, then I will support those guys :-)

@Cardfan, there is much more to Sirius XM than just Howard Stern - but Howard Stern is a big draw for the company and rightfully so. Simply because you do not seem to like him doesn't mean there aren't millions of people who enjoy him. Let's keep this discussion on the topic of Apple "not approving" this application.

Jeremy: not approving it at this time is not the same as rejecting it, as NiceMac has stated. And the assertion that this is "just the start of it being rejected" is pure speculation on your part. Indeed, NiceMac was clearly not happy with TiPB's interpretation of the facts and felt compelled to clarify things; perhaps your headline should reflect that clarification.

@Mystic, they changed their statement after this was written. Apple has not allowed this app on the App Store - that is cut and dry. And it has been updated already before you even commented.

There are clearly legal issues. It does Apple no good whatsoever to keep potentially popular apps out of the App Store, in this case one that might have actually moved iPhones. It doesn't matter that Howard Stern publicly loved the idea -- he is an employee of Sirius (albeit by far the most prominent one), not its spokesman.

And let it be known that TiPb does not encourage anyone to send hate mail to or bash Apple in any way shape or form. We are just as disappointed as any of you that this has not been allowed to be sold on the App Store.

Jeremy: No, NiceMac clarified their statement - in fact their original statement clearly states that Apple said the app could not be approved "at this time". NiceMac then goes on to talk about releasing the app at "as low of a price point as possible, if not free of charge", so my guess (and it is a guess) is that this might be some kind of licensing issue.
Your headline ("Apple waves bye-bye...") clearly implies that Apple has dismissed this app out of hand and NiceMac clearly felt the need to clarify the position.
(Adding "Updated" to the headline is not the same as changing it in my book.)

@Mystic, the title was changed a bit. And the statement that the app could be released for free or at a different price point does not mean it would end up on the app store. It could end up on Cydia. If something is not approved, that means it has been rejected. It is a form of rejection whether it is temporary or not.

@Jeremy. Headline is better now. See how easy it was to make me happy?
The fate of this app is, for whatever reason, still up in the air. I hope that NiceMac, Apple and Sirius manage to sort something out.

The iPhone is a nice piece of tech, I think it's the best phone I've owned, but the fact that I can't use it the way I want is pure crap.
Time to go back to Windows Mobile.

APPLE will be APPLE these stories don't phase me anymore.
This app will probably end up in cydia like the others. You don't have to give up your iphone... just grow some balls and jailbreak! ;) it's easy and the only thing you'll regret is not doing it sooner =)

I don't understand why there's so much confusion over Apple's actions. The makers of uSirius are trying to profit off of content that doesn't belong to them. You know Sirius can't be happy about an indie developer selling a successful iPhone app for 10 bucks when they're trying to sell Stilettos at 200 a pop. They'll want a piece of this pie and they probably have every legal means to stop this app from going live. Why would Apple want to get themselves in the middle if this mess?

This is all Jobs dictatorship, I have a sirius player on my windows mobile 5&6 phones it is Starplayer and it was 9.99 and works fine/Great.
No lic fees for windows and the internet service comes with the account for free until March then it is 2.99 more.
For this reason and the fact the iPhone is at ATT only is why i will not buy one and just use my touch. I hope they offer other providers like t-mobile access to the G3

To The iPhone Blog. Thank you for the coverage and for your support. We do appreciate it very much.
NiceMac is making every effort to bring this to market as soon as possible.

I bought a tmobile dash so I could have Starplayr and now its gone too! Does anyone know anything about this?

Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone was an announced with the blessing of Apple, Sling, and AT&T. It will be in the app store by the end of March. I share the disappointment of the uSirius app not making it - yet or whatever - but obviously this is a revenue proposition and if Sirius-XM and Apple can't get their shares of the pie sorted successfully it won't happen. I would think Sirius-XM would be more amiable to the financial terms given their current position and the fact Apple can patiently wait until they say "uncle" anyway.

Screw you Apple!!!
I just canceled my XM and sold my Inno in anticipation of this app.
Maybe if Apple spent less time worrying about what apps to allow on the iPhone they could concentrate on adding such high end features as cut/copy/paste, and syncing Outlook tasks.

OK, so this means Apple WANTS you to Jailbreak your iPhone. Clearly the consumer wants this and if Apple won't provide it we'll just take it.

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