The Vaavud wind meter arrives on Kickstarter, take accurate wind speed measurements with your iPhone

The Vaavud wind meter arrives on Kickstarter, take accurate wind speed measurements with your iPhoneThe Vaavud wind meter has arrived on Kickstarter and it looks to provide those that need to know the exact wind speed around them. You may think that it’s not that important to know such information but if you are a kite flyer, wind surfer, paraglider or model aircraft enthusiast then this information can be critical.

The Vaavud wind meter uses your iPhone to measure precise wind speeds anywhere that you are by simply using a small rotor type accessory. The accessory clips onto your iPhone; although it doesn't need any physical connection at all. It uses magnets that the iPhone can sense using its magnetic field sensor and using a clever algorithm can translate that into an exact wind speed calculation.

Yes, you read it correctly :-) The secret is two small magnets in the rotor. The magnetic field sensor in the phone can detect when they rotate, and by using algorithms normally used for sound processing, the rotations can be converted to wind speed. Complicated engineering, made user friendly and simple. In fact, nobody has utilized the smartphone magnetometer in this way before.

The device has been very thoroughly tested and it has been calibrated in a wind tunnel at The Technical University of Denmark. It will be manufactured with keen attention to detail, so it will great looking, durable, and easy to use.

If this sort of wind meter floats your boat, you can become an earlier adopter by pledging at least £30 ($45), there were cheaper starting points but this has proved extremely popular and they are all gone. The Kickstarter project needs to hit £20,000 ($30k) to become a reality; it already has pledges of over £17,500 ($26k) with 24 days still to run so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

You can see the video of the Vaavud wind meter in action over on its Kickstarter page. When you have seen it, head back here and let us know what you think!

Source: Kickstarter

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Reader comments

The Vaavud wind meter arrives on Kickstarter, take accurate wind speed measurements with your iPhone


"A small rotor type accessory". Wow, and here I was using a fancy term like anemometer all these years! ;-)

Reread the article... examples were given for "average person" use... "kite flyer, wind surfer, paraglider or model aircraft enthusiast"... I'll add gardening to the list - applying pesticides can't be done if too windy and knowing wind speed is essential...

I still don't get why you would need a scientific instrument to know when to apply pesticide or fly a kite. Seems like you could... I don't know... hold out your hand and see if it's too windy or not windy enough.

I can see how profit may not always be the point of Kickstarter campaigns. That seems like the perfect place for an item like this. It's an item that would be extremely useful for a small number of people. If there are enough to fund it, great, it gets made for them.

So much hype for an useless thing ... hey bunny you have an app for that(called meteo) dont need to buy shitty things ....

Errhh this world goes wrong

I really only see this being useful to engineers who create and maintain wind farms across the world. Although, maybe it could be useful for flying kites, or anything else that may be affected by wind speed. I wouldn't be surprised to see news reporters with these.