Need to vent about iPhone 4 pre-ordering? Join us tonight for iPhone live!

Sure, we survived iPhone 4 pre-ordergeddon, and we have the war stories, battle scars, and general anticipointment to prove it.

Now it's time to get it off our collective chests. To rant, to rave, to come together as only the TiPb nation can -- on iPhone live!

Join us tonight at 8pm ET, 5pm PT (1am BST) for a very special edition of iPhone live.

We want to hear what you have to say.


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Feel free to drop anything special you want us to talk about in the comments below. Chat with you soon!

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Need to vent about iPhone 4 pre-ordering? Join us tonight for iPhone live!


Select your iPhone, then choose your AT&T rate plan.
From $992
Ships: Delivers on June 24th
Get free shipping or in-store pickup
From $1992
Ships: By July 14th
From $2992
Ships: By July 14th
White iPhone currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup
Pre-order black iPhone now.
Get free shipping or in-store pickup

Can you Explain the different types of AT&T orders. Mine went through the att premier site. Is there a significant difference between the different AT&T ordering platforms and the shipping date?

Vent? IT WAS ALL THESE MORONS WAITING AT 4 am for the servers to come online, then hit it all at once that f d it all up!!! Cumon people. I was one of the ppp waiting at 4am est, but how can u blame apple and att for us hitting their servers like they had the cure for aids. I dont care who was selling what, but u have x amount of users sitting with their fingers on the trigger, ANYONES NETWORK WILL COME CRASHING DOWN. att did drop it with the account security but apple was just tryn to make money. Lets all hit the white house web sit and watch it crumble. At least i got my phone. Deliverd to house. As for the whole white phone thing, i was dying to get a white. But oh well. Its apples phone, they can sell em however they want. Lol. If i were them id do the same thing, its hilarious watching ppl squirm and knowing they are still gonna buy it. They could push the launch back, and u know ur still gettn one. This whole thing amuses me. :)

Just noticed at the bottom of my emailed confirmation of reservation of a new iPhone 4, "Pre-authorization does not guarantee iPhone availability at an Apple Retail Store. iPhone is sold on a first-come, first-served basis." Now that could get really interesting, especially if someone hopes to stop by the Store after work on June 24th and finds the supply is gone!

@Michael - I just spoke with a manager of an Apple store, if you preordered and set to pick it up in the store, all the reservations will be filled.

I arrived at the Apple Store near me a little before it opened and within 30 minutes I had a black, 16gig Iphone reserved. I wanted a white Iphone, but I've waited so long that I'll be happy with a black one.
When I got home I had already received my email confirmation. Sorry for those who had trouble, but my experience was great!

My email confirmation says, "Please note that your reservation will be held until close of business on June 24".

@Ron - Everyone's reservation is only good for one day, which is the full day of launch. After that the stores will sell first come first serve. They did the same thing with the iPad but at 7pm the reservations were canceled and sold first come first serve.

I am just curious as to whether or not I need to break out my camping gear Wednesday evening in front of the Apple store even with my reservation and pre-authorization and how early I am thinking I should show up...

@Eric - I know I am getting in front of Apple's store where I live at 3am. Who knows what kinda line will be there, will also be watching the news just in case they show it on the 10pm news.

Ben...never thought of checking out the news the night before...thats a great idea! Thank you! This is going to be unpleasant all the way around I bet...

@Eric - Any Apple store that is located inside a mall the earliest you can start lining up is 5am... If your store is located in an outdoor shopping center you might get luckier to be able to start a line when ever, but you might want to check with that shopping center to see what their policies are. I know where I live the shopping center probably has some rule about being in the center after hours of business seeing how its in a rich part of town. just so happens to be at a mall and a fairly upscale one so I might just try to roll out around 5 unless I see a line by the 10pm news then I will just go in at 8 and tough it out since I see from the entries here that I will get one no matter what. I will just make sure I lots of movies and music to keep occupied...LOL

No kidding, my phone is loaded with stuff to take care of my boredom. I am ready for this to be all over of course, but the thing that people have yet to start talking about is the 21st. It will take all day for people to download and just as long to activate it again. I remember when 2.0 came out, it took me all day to activate my phone with everyone else trying to do the same. Monday will be crazy none the less.

Just had a guy who manages 3rd party AT&T stores say that apple told him that all who preordered might not get them. Sounds like BS to me...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on why my iPhone 3GS, which I bought on launch day, was not eligible for any of the discounted pricing. I was only eligible for the $599 / $699 pricing.

@Jeff - Are you on a single account or a family plan. Remember that the contract is for two years and AT&T only changed those that could upgrade within this year to now. If you signed a two year contract than next year is when you can upgrade. If your the main number on a family plan and upgraded last year than you should be able to this year. The main number can upgrade every year.

I tried about 20 times throughout the day to pre-order for store pickup, and never got through. I had class at night, and when I got home at about 10pm they were all sold out for June 24. My question is if I go to the fifth avenue NYC apple store EARLY, like 3am to wait in line, will they have stock available for first-come first served? It seems like that's what they said, but I can't tell if I'll have to wait until the end of the day instead for first come first served. Usually the 5th ave apple store has the most extra stock of any apple store, but who knows with iPhone 4. Any thoughts?

Finally got my order in last night. I tries all day with frustrations building toward AT&T's ordering servers. Insane! I did not make the June 24th date though. :( It will ship July 8th. I decided to not stand in line as it would require a day off..

@Tim - From what I just heard from a manager of an Apple store in a major city, all reservations will be filled and some extra... He did say that reservations are the first they fill and afterwards they will work on first come first serve.
AT&T stores and Best Buy stores will fill all preorders as long as they have stock. I am sure that Apple is only sending out so much to other stores and keeping most for their stores and online orders.

Ben, does that mean that essentially they'll only allow the pre-order line in the store, and until that's done, the other line of non-reserved folks won't get in?

Ok, more information about how the stores will run on Thursday morning. Two lines, one for reservations and one for walk-ins. Both lines get serviced as all stores will have reserve set aside for walk-ins. They will continues to sell all day until all the reserve is sold out and then service the reservations until the close of business.

@Ben - I am on a family plan. Although, usually you can "re-up" after one year to a new two year contract. This essentially tacks another year on to the backend of the contract. For this they give you the mid tier of discount pricing... $399 / $499 instead of the full discounted pricing $199 / $299.

Well also remember that AT&T did have a few things they went off of to changes peoples upgrade dates. Is your number the main number on the family plan?

@Ben, I believe I'm the secondary line. However, should that matter... I'm one year into a two year contract. My wife is ready for the full upgrade.

Yes Jeff it does matter, you have a two year contract, and you wife only had a one year contract seeing how it seems shes the main number on the account. Did she as well get the 3GS on release date last year, if so than she can upgrade once every year. If your upgrade date had of been some time towards the end of 2010 than they would have changed.

I was unable to preorder so I'm going to try walmart at like 12am then AT&T in the morning an then my last option is radio shack I live in a not so big city so I'm hoping I'll be able to get one :)

@Justin - Wal-Mart will not be selling anything in the wireless department until 7am. That is the time that Apple stores are opening and it's the time Apple will only let other locations besides their retail locations to sell their products.

I got through on AT&T's site at about 8AM EST on the 15th and after placing the order felt good about receiving my new phone on the 24th. The confirmation looks like what follows. My credit card has not yet been charged and the email is not a very comforting one. I really have no idea when I'll receive it!!
Dear MyNameHere,
Thank you for your purchase from the AT&T Premier Online Store. We're pleased with your choice of AT&T as your wireless service provider.
Pre-orders will be fulfilled beginning June 24, 2010. Orders will ship on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you by email when your order ships. Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email.
Note: Do not attempt to active your device until you have received it.
You can view the status of your order ( 
Reference Web Order Number: MyOrderNumberHere
Once you have received your wireless device, you can activate it online by following these steps:
Click the registration link...
Click this link or copy and paste it into your browser: http:... 
Follow the prompts on the screen and enter the following numbers:
Order Number: MyOrderNumber
Activation Number: MyActivationNumber
Note: Be sure to retain this information—it is required for online activation.
If you bought backordered items, we'll ship in-stock merchandise first and then complete your order with a separate shipment. Multiple backordered items will ship when all items are in stock.
Thank you,
The AT&T Premier Team
Personal Information Follows all of the above

I got the same confirmation for my Premier pre order too. I checked my status and it shows "processing" and my card has not been charged. Fingers crossed for the 24th.

@Tsky74 No status when looking at the order on AT&T's site either. Just "processing" and what bothers me more is it shows "backordered". Whatever that means... Yep fingers crossed.

@Mark. Just checked mine again and shows "processing". Next step show in grey "shipped". There was no "back order" option on mine.

I'm supremely disappointed in Apple's handling of the launch of iPhone 4, specifically regarding their handling of the white iPhone 4. I bought a white 32GB 3GS last year on launch day. I preordered it thru AT&T. Was an extremely painless process. This year, totally different story. I have no idea when the white one will be available, but that's the one I want. And I'm willing to wait. Still very pssed off. Jobs didn't mention half the phones pictured wouldn't be available at launch. Super disrepectful to customers. Like I said, I'm waiting. But not happy about it. Ridiculous to have the white one pictured alongside the black EVERYWHERE and not mention ANYWHERE about it's availability. Seriously not happy with apple over this. Already emailed Steve Jobs and btched at him about it. He needs to know people are p*ssed.

@Ben - you have done a fabulous job helping out on here I see. Just wanted to give you some Kudos!

@Tish - My pleasure. I know that when I was a first time iPhone user that I wanted to know it all at once, but there were a few people out there that took time to help get me in the right direction. I feel it's my time to try to help those as much as possible. This is the only iPhone site I can come to where people are going at it with each other. I am sure one day I will have more questions and I can come here to get the right answers.
I am also keeping my ears inside the management ranks at Apple stores so I can also come back here and give that information to people to help out.
By the way Tish, thank you for saying so....

By the way, for those that are still reading this post... AT&T is now sending out cancellation emails to people canceling their preorders.