Verizon iPhone 4 announced, available February 10

Verizon iPhone 4 announced, available February 10

As was widely expected, the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced today and will be available early February. It's got FaceTime and Retina Display, just like the GSM iPhone 4, but a different antenna for EVDO Rev-A.

“We are pleased to introduce millions of wireless users to the industry leading iPhone 4 on the nation’s most reliable network,” said Lowell McAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon. “This is an important step for the industry as two great companies join forces to give wireless customers one of the most important technological additions to the mobile landscape this century.”

“Verizon Wireless customers have told us they can't wait to get their hands on iPhone 4, and we think they are going to love it,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer. “We have enormous respect for the company Verizon has built and the loyalty they have earned from their customers.”

Pricing is $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, same as AT&T.

The event, held in New York and hosted by Verizon, featured Apple COO Tim Cook and focused on Verizon's network quality and partnership with Apple. Verizon says they're scaling for unprecedented demand, and they've been speaking with Apple and testing the iPhone on CDMA for a year.

And now the Verizon iPhone 4 is ready for prime time.

So, come February, who's getting one?

Scroll down for more coverage and details from today's Verizon iPhone announcement!

[Apple PR]

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Verizon iPhone 4 announced, available February 10


I was excited until I read there is no voice and data at the sametime. That sucks! I'm always on my phone on speaker and checking email, text or surfing the web. That's a big part of having a smartphone. I think AT&T has the iPhone locked down and even more so if they come back with unlimited data(grandfathered, yey) + tethering. That would be great because I want tethering but don't want to lose my unlimited data(I know i can JB to have free tethering, but not a loser)(I feel if u want something, do it the right way)(reason why I kind of stopped following Verizons only one up would be the 5 wifi hotspot setting but thats not worth it to me. Verizon first iPhone = FAIL

NO LTE HAHAHA!! Classic Apple. Will be outdated by the time of release. Apple customers get the shaft once again. Im sure you can spend another couple hundred around the holidays for an LTE one. Suckers!

Wait, you ACTUALLY expected it to be LTE? Like, seriously? There was no possible way Apple released an LTE phone. They will wait for 2012 when it's actually reliable, just like they did with 3G.

lmao thats hilarious.
i would rather not have lte right now and wait for it to be tested and proved reliable before they make it lte, and apparently apple is the same way. in fact i know its the same way. copy and paste for example, they didnt release that until everyone else, but is by far the best and easiest i have used. so we get the shaft? not really

where did you see it verizon branded? on the live feed they said the demos didnt have a verizon logo on them

You are an idiot "We just got a look at the Verizon version of the iPhone 4. Guess what? It's just like an iPhone 4! There's no custom pre-loaded Verizon software (like VCAST or some such bloatware), just that mobile hotspot tweak in the settings menu."

Via Gizmodo via Technologizer
Verizon’s iPhone will have the hotspot app in there by default, as well as VZ Navigator and V CAST Media Manager. Verizon app spam! [Technologizer]

Go look at engadgets pictures its just a tweak in the settings just like tethering, you are sooo ignorant and making a fool of yourself.

Boots please DIAF
From Verizon FAQ
"Will any Verizon Wireless apps be available on iPhone?
iPhone will have the 3G Mobile Hotspot app pre-installed, and it will also have other popular apps available in the market such as VZ Navigator, and V CAST Media Manager. "
Your a tool man, please DIAF

LOL @Chip telling me to die in a fire.. good one I see your mother raised you right. When you are wrong just tell the one who is right to die.

This moron didn't even read his own post.
Not pre-installed. Thank you, have a good day.

BTW CHIP Here is Gizmodo correcdting their error that made you look like an ignorant fool "Will the Verizon iPhone have Verizon's built-in apps?
"Surprisingly, yes. (which is crossed out now because they were wrong like you) No. You will be able to download the hotspot application—as well as the VZ Navigator, and V CAST Media Manager—for free."

Good now my gf who is on verizon can get one. I'm stay g put on att I have no problems at all with service, making calls notta.
VBwake19 Why would they put lte on the phone? So people in a few places have it. Just like sprints 4g that's available in a few places. And the people that don't have it in there area still have to pay for it. I'm sure everyone expected them to not put lte on it. Maybe it June if verizon gets the iPhone 5. But I believe att will be the one that gets it.

The iPhone 5 is coming out in June? What will be the diff between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5? Maybe I should wait?

I'm getting the feeling that Verizon might not get the iPhone 5 this summer. Maybe around this time next year.

I am ready day one. ByeBye At&T HI being able to make a call....
But Did I miss it…Are they still offering the $30 unlimited data plan?

Don't do it dude. Not worth it one bit! Do your research first and wait. 1. Wait to see how many people get it on Verizon and hate it. 2. Wait and see how much better your service gets once a bunch of people jump on Verizons band wagon and frees up AT&T. My iPhone works at 200% when I'm out of the City. Sad thing is I live in the City so i have to deal with it but once the iPhone users flee to Verizon in the city, phone will be working like it does outside the city. So WAIT, you'll want to thank me after.

Now I won't have to wait in the cold IA winter, I can pre-order!!!! For those hating on the providers I am unsure why all the hate. I have no choice in rural IA to get a Verizon iPhone as it is the only game in town. I have waited for 4 years and it is almost here. Hopefully the plans will not be expensive. I have had an Android OS device for over a year and it worked great. Again all the hate between Android and Apple OS, to each their own people.

AT&T works just fine for men :) now all the hatred that hate on AT&Ts network can get their wish and in one month they will be complaining of slower 3G speeds that important download getting cut off streaming getting cut off when they get a call

The Verizon website indicates $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB. No sign of a $100 rebate. Am I missing something?

Why would there be a rebate. That's always been the price. You expect to get a $100 iPhone 16gb just bc it's on verizon

Great announcement for Verizon but what a collosal fail in the upgrade department. Why not allow users to upgrade early to get them on the Old iphone when the new one will be out in July. I’m not eligible for upgrade until June so why would I waste my time with the Iphone 4.

My husband refused to leave his Iphone behind therefore we were literally held hostage by ATT. The coverage that we have had, shall we say, has been extremely overrated by ATT and am happy to see that Verizon finally made the jump!! I will be switching over as soon as their Iphone is made available.

Greetings Friends,
I currently have Verizon and the HTC Incredible, and let me tell you my phone is nothing short of its name. However, I see the iPhone4 is coming to Verizon. Is the iPhone4 better than my Android powered phone?
Thank you for all the help

I had an android phone before my 3GS and my iPhone but I was on crappy tmobile with the g1 so my exspiernce with android is limited but i can say your phone is only as great as the network it runs on all bets aside VZW and AT&T are the 2 best networks in America glad apple didn't pull a Galaxy tab one and put it on us cellular or some crap like that

@dorito chip. Well, well, well. It took this announcement for you to come out of the woodwork. It has been so peaceful and less "douchie" since you have been gone.
Now I am guessing you are going to subject everyone with your sharp wit and genius takes......Spare everyone and yourself the time.
Once a douche bag, always a douche bag!

I fail to see how your comment answers my question? I am a Verizon user and would never switch to AT&T. Now that it is confirmed Verizon is getting the iPhone4, I would like to know why you and others like about their iPhone4. I happen to have the HTC Incredible. So if you could please converse with me constructively and participate in this forum that would be great.
PS- What really happened between you and that girl?

Not very professional or nice, I want to thank you for another failed attempt to answer my question. Similar to the year you had…one big failure.

If you haven't heard, I have some legal issues I need to address.
Big question is, with this Verizon iPhone will I be able to text pictures of my junk without everyone finding out about it?

Hmm Bret idk about that one
You could always try and find out
But just come to big D and Jerry will buy the best players to go around and you will have a big comback just like brittney did
And then women will be begging for pictures of your junk :D

I went from an iphone to droid. I am on my 3rd android powered device and cannot wait to get back into the iphone. Androids are the most glitchy phones i have ever used. If you reply with "my phone isnt glitchy" then you have never had a non glitchy phone.
Iphone does what it does the way you want it to be done. Its the user experience. something i dont get from droid

Thanks for the info LeBeef, I will look at my friend iPhone4 today and see if that is the phone for me...Not sure what Bret's issue is not very nice though.

Yes, it is much, Much, MUCH better. I have used both, and you'll discover it's really the iPhone 4 that's incredible. Finally, you won't need to run your App Killer app every 5 seconds to kill unwanted apps running to kill battery life & now you have iTunes movie & TV downloads & the gorgeous HD retina display. You'll see, trust me, you'll see......

Mr. Hampton thank you…that is true, I do have to run AppKiller all the time. So the iPhone4 has the multitasking but what if you want to close the program for good. There is away to do that so it doesn’t run in the background like the Android phones?

Once you close the program on iphone it stays close. The problem w/ android is that you use task killer and two seconds later its already restarted 14 apps, most of which are verizon bloatware apps that you dont even want. iphone is the exact opposite unless verizon plans on adding their bloatware. either way, once you turn off the app it stays off.

This is true, I have skype, slacker radio, amazon mp3 apps on my phone that I didn't download. Verizon added these when I upgraded the software 2.2. Also the taskkiller doesn't keep these programs closed which is annoying. Maybe it is time to swtich to the iPhone4?

I'll be getting one eventually...Though I can barely afford to pay my student loans, much less drop two hundred dollars and then pay an extra fifteen to thirty a month for I'm not sure when "eventually" will get here. But it WILL get here.

Aaron, yes...hopefully Verizon brings the iPhone4 with unlimited data. They are still fig that part of it out.

The data plan should say unlimited but the plans there self are HIGH. I want to get the 32g but know I can't afford 299 and the bill that follows.

The ONLY thing that pisses me off is we now have to see that Verizon J.A.C.K.A.S.S. with the glasses holding an iPhone 4. "Can you hear me now?"
Yes I can, jerkwad. Now go away.

LOL at you APPLE idiots. Android is King and always will be. If you want some real devices just wait for the LTE kings. THUNDERBOLT and BIONIC.

You must be really dispointed with your DROID if you're hanging around here. Too bad some of the reviews on DROID reviews on VZW don't back up your claim. I'm sure we're all happy for you.

DROIDISKING why are you on this site? What a troll? I have an HTC Incredible, which is nothing short of its name...however I would like to inquire about the iPhone4 and what makes it so great? Could you please assist?

How's the battery life on the DInc.? You got you're 3G shut off, a battery extender, a huge bulging replacement battery hanging off the back? Then maybe you can get through the day? Don't worry, when you finally get updated to Honeycomb, 6 months after Google officially releases it, battery life may be better. Go back to AC troll.

SJ it is funny you call me a troll when I am trying to inquire about the iPhone4. It is coming to Verizon and could be a purchase for me soon. Why don’t you comment back to “DROIDISKING”? Since you asked…my battery life isn’t all that bad. Yes I do have the extender which gets me 1.5 days without a recharge and that is being sync’ed up to my work email 24-7. You know what is funny though, my coworker has the iPhone4 and his phone is sync’ed up to the same email and he can go 14 hours before his phone dies. See at least I can choose if I want the huge bulky extender battery. My coworker can’t choose, Job tells you NO you can’t change the battery. Obviously if your phone was connected to your Outlook, mail & calendar 24-7 you would know the batt life on the iPhone4 is subpar. Thanks.
Now maybe you can answer my question. I am a Verizon user and might switch to the iPhone4, what do you like best about your phone? Thanks.

It is sad when someone who has never owned an apple claims that it is inferior. Its like saying america is #1 and never having left the country to find out. I had an iphone and now in 4 months time am on my 3rd android phone. They fail. Until you actually experience using a phone that actually works, stop proving us right about you by opening your mouth and talking.

Does an iPod Touch count? I love the Touch so I think I would like the iPhone4, just thought I would see what iPhone4 users think about their phones.

Not hating, but remember that the verizon iPhone will not have simultaneous data and voice. Also, this will alleviate congestion on AT&T network

Not a deal breaker for anyone who owns a CDMA phone now. They don't have that ability now, and those people who truly need it already have always available data solutions that meet their needs other than a smartphone.

This was a lot more interesting when I was stuck with my crappy BlackBerry. But I'm very happy with my Droid X. I'll take another look when Apple rolls out the iPhone 5.

Interesting, but they jumped the gun a bit too soon, I think. Why offer iPhone 4 when iPhone 5 is probably 6 months away? We know that by operating iP4 on a CDMA network you can't use voice and data simultaneously, so why even bother with iP4? Or is it VZW's greedy thinking that we'll get the suckers who don't care about anything but iPhone on Verizon? I'm a BlackBerry user who's been with Verizon for the past 5 years, and my contract is up in May. I may just jump over to AT&T when iPhone 5 comes out this summer.

Maybe the iPhone 4 CDMA is bigger than we think maybe its a stepping stool to a CDMA iPad just a thought

Only Steve jobs knows that one well untill another apple employee gets drunk and does coke at a bar and leaves his IP5 on the floor lol

Rob remember when Jobs had that guy in Jail for taking pics of this iPhone4? That guy is a little whacky...I guess that is why he is rich and I am not.

Yeah I do it's because the guy stole it that was stolen property and jobs had the right to press charges

iPhone on Verizon's LTE network (where both voice and data can be used simultaneously) is a fabulous thing. But as another poster earlier wrote, that's not gonna happen until sufficient testing has been done. So, perhaps the earliest iPhone iteration on VZW's LTE network would not happen until iP6. Just my opinion, but until that happens, there is no point in operating an iPhone on Verizon's network.

Thank God thats over!!! Now whats the next rumor that will consume us for the next 2-3 months.

I'm guessing verizon antenna gate or lack there of. I'm just going to guess that there will be conflicting reports, followed by public outrage.......and in the end no one will care.

One word - MEH.
This announcement was so uneventful (and so much the world's worst-kept secret) that they might as well have just issued a press release and be done with it.
I would have been annoyed beyond no end if I had actually spent money to attend the Verizon press event.

Congratulations apple, after years of business ignorance you finally leaped to another network. However great for some, but even though LTE consumes tons of battery life and wouldve been the x factor on a carrier dominated by the Android. Frankly its a great move, but I think it may be too late. Driod owns that carrier, and with late LTE devices coming this year you better get it on Apple!

I have been using the android devices since 2009(Droid & Droid Eris)...I finally got a chance to own an iphone 4 back in summer 2010 and I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed but it was a decent phone...I now am a die hard Windows Phone 7 fan and love my phone :) However, I think I may be coming back over to both Verizon and Android from Tmobile because in all actuality, as a phone the iphone is nothing spectacular but I do love the one thing it is good at....APPLICATIONS :) so i probably will get the 32GB in Feb

ha yeah....I am a windows phone 7 fan not a windows mobile fan(big difference)..and plenty of us exist!
But i am excited about this iphone 4...Although, Hopefully the droid phones(Bionic & Inspire) will have more details before i jump back over to Verizon and the iphone 4! If only they had white though...

What's with all the name calling? Can't you people disagree without calling people morons and azzholes? What are you 3?
I would doubt that Verizon is in the position to dictate what software will be on the iPhone, Apple holds all the cards in this case. Although Apple does need to do something to push back against the Android juggernaut. Verizon GUI has always been terrible but keeps appearing on phone after phone. I was hoping that pricing would at least have the appearance of actual competition, maybe $175 and $275 instead of exact same pricing as AT&T. Maybe Tmobile wlll get an iPhone next? Keeping my fingers crossed.

No Dorito, I think Tmobile is just ok, but the more carriers that have iPhone the better for all us iPhone users (hopefully lower prices). I pay $160 a month for 2 iPhones and 1 standard cell phone on AT&T. We could use a price break.

@Ted Williams.
Question. Are you the homeless dude with the neat voice or the former baseball player that has his head frozen in AZ?

Ok, I switched to ATT in 2008 after being on Verizon wireless for 4 years.
What I really want to know does this mean if I am using data and the internet will an incoming call go to voice mail?

If you press the "Ignore" button on the incoming call screen, it will go into VM. Otherwise, you're on the call, but you can't browse. On a 3G CDMA network, it's either one or the other.

No the call will come through. You just can't use data when you are actively on a call. Per my droid and blackberry experiences

i have the moto backflip the first android ATT phone. i still think it is way better than the iphone. i had the iphone 3G before. it is my preference but the android is way better than the iphone IMHO

Maybe the moto backflip has worked for you but it's only sold like what maybe 10? Even moto said it was a failure compaired to the iPhone were it's sold millions and millions and how can you compare these to I had a 3GS iPhone then I got the IP4 and it was the biggest change ever such a difernce then I used my friends 3G for a few days and couldn't believe how slow it was,I will admit the iPhone has it's flaws and that android has exciting things going on but the backflip can never compare to an iPhone

The backflip hasnt worked for the average user, which is what the backflip is aimed towards, but i know how to get passed it. i have rooted and overclocked my phone and added everything i needed to add. the device is terrible out of the box, agreed, but after modding it for 15 minutes it is amazing

The only thing Verizon could have done they screwed up based on the faq on VZW's website.

  1. Will Verizon Wireless be offering an early upgrade promotion?

No, Verizon Wireless is not offering any early upgrade promotion at this time.
This in my opinion is a huge fail on there part. If I can't upgrade now then why would I go with the iphone 4. I'll just wait for the summer for the next iteration. If they let me upgrade now then i'll get this phone and use my gf's upgrade for the new one. Now i'll just wait.

Finally... VRZ iPhone. Hopefully AT&T's network will get better with all the people switching...

It's definately good all around. I don't understand all the hatred out there. Competition is always a good thing.

Wish there was a GSM/CDMA radio so I could get my talk on when traveling to Europe. AT&T it is for me :(

That will be an IP5 or 6 thing with lte networks I've done FaceTime with VZW&at&t mifis and it's just awful

Tim Cook: "We didn't like the early LTE chipsets". Riiight. What else are Apple and VZW not telling us?

verizon can't handle the iPhone. you can't even use the full phone while your on the phone. lmao. stupid verizon

So if we make the switch, and apple comes out with a new redesign of the iphone, iphone 5, and there is no early upgrade, Verizon's going to be way behind the curve. This would be especially true if the iphone 5 has some really attractive new features, which it is rumored it has. No early upgrade, that's problematic.

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Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a wireless radio technology which only works in a specific region. For instance, if you have a US CDMA phone, taking it to a foreign country will result in it not working until you bring it back to the US.