Verizon app to allow FiOS subscribers to watch linear TV on iPad

Verizon today announced they're working on an app that would allow FiOS subscribers to watch the same linear TV shows on their iPad as they do on their current set top boxes. What does that mean?

At first, subscribers with an iPad will only be able to watch linear programming within their own home, which allows Verizon to authenticate and make certain that the users have access to whatever content they’ve paid for. Verizon CIO Shaygan Kheradpir said in a press briefing that the iPad app takes advantage of Verizon’s architecture, which he characterized as “cloud TV.” The experience is similar to what’s available today on FiOS set-top boxes, and takes advantage of the same software that Verizon uses for its set-tops. As such, Verizon says it should already have rights to stream the content, as it’s just another screen in the home.

In other words, it would be just like a regular TV, not video on demand or a la carte service. But it would be a TV you could carry around with you from room to room. Verizon is currently making sure their "content partners" are comfortable with the idea though. You know, those crazy backward thinking cable types can get mighty scared when it comes to their moving pictures showing up on an iPad... Sigh.

Also in the works is a video on demand service where content could be rented by the user and watched on any video capable device they own:

Under the new VOD platform, videos can be purchased through their set-top box or through and then be downloaded and watched on up to five different PCs and mobile devices.

We'll believe it when we -- hopefully very soon -- see it. Any of you interested?

[NewTeeVee via @meinck]

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Reader comments

Verizon app to allow FiOS subscribers to watch linear TV on iPad


If Verizon wanted to knock this out of the park, they would find a way to integrate their DVR functionality into this app. Verizon already has a DVR manager for the iOS but it's functionality is devoid of actual content consumption.

I am a FIOS subscriber but I only have a basic "set-top-box" because our HDTV has a Tivo with cable cards. If this somewhat neat app is tied to the cruddy Motorola set-top-boxes, I shall be very put out.

Let me put that another way -- Verizon needs to make it as easy or easier to get stuff through them as it is to buy from Amazon, iTunes, or The Pirate Bay, or they lose.

Isn't the point of the iPad that it's mobile? So why would I want to watch videos on my iPad at home when I have a tv? This app is worthless unless I can watch a movie on the iPad in a car while on vacation.

Another app that works for the iPad and iPhone, or any smart phone for that matter is the DISH app when connected with sling. As an employee I was able to work with it and it is definitely worth a try. Watch your entire DVR library and all the live TV you subscribe to. Check it out.