Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 vs. iPhone Chart, like Cake, is a LIE!


Our good friends over at found and posted up this handy chart from Verizon, meant to serve as a point of comparison between the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 and competitive devices. The problem? Like cake, the CHART IS A LIE!

The sad part is that the dodgy folks at Verizon are comparing the latest BlackBerry Storm 2 against last year's iPhone 3G. The really sad part is even if it's fairer to compare the upcoming Storm to the outgoing iPhone, the chart is STILL A LIE. The iPhone 3G has had OTA 3G/EDGE music downloads since Macworld in January 2009. Likewise, the GPS in the iPhone 3G (and iPhone 3GS) is assisted (aGPS). Swap in an iPhone 3GS and there goes the camera megapixel advantage.

(Never mind the exclusion of important factors like 75,000+ apps, digital compass for augmented reality (Storm 2 has?), app integration with peripherals, unicorn tears?!)

So what's left? If the Storm 2 can't even compete honestly on Verizon's own chart, they're in for some trouble. Of course telcos need to give their reps something to answer legitimate consumer questions about how their new devices compare to existing ones. However, Verizon would likely do better with a chart that won't get the rep laughed out of a sale by any savvy Smartphone Experts reader.

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 vs. iPhone Chart, like Cake, is a LIE!


Verizons tactics are becoming troublesome.. They also lie in that commercial of, a map for that. Their 3G coverage is listed everywhere.. but where I live, in a highly populated area.. only AT&T and Sprint have coverage. Hopefully they realize soon, that they don't need to do this.. they are becoming miller lite to bud light. And thats not a good role to have, especially when, as they stand now.. they are top dogs.

Who cares!! Quit acting like a bunch of babies! I bought the first Storm and it sucked balls and now I own an iPhone and love it. Why do people get so up tight about stupid stuff. Apple is just as bad when it comes to tactics. Just look at there "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials, nothing but LIES! Get over it!

I have both a Blackberry and an iPhone and the iPhone SUCKS as a phone. I don't know what I would do without the iPhone, but I really can't use it as a phone since the dropped calls are so so bad.
On the other end of it, Blackberry should not even boast about having an "App World" it's a poor excuse of an App Store, but Verizon service is what I need to keep me going at work and I can't drop important conf. calls or any calls for that fact.
Once the iPhone comes out for Verizon all will be right in the world LOL.
I do enjoy the petty BS they say about each other though it's a lot of fun.

The problem with this tactic is that the normal consumer who does not do copious amounts of research will be fooled by something like this. But it is not unlike similar tactics in the automotive industries, etc... the only thing Apple/AT&T can do is bring up the inaccuracies and have blogs and web sites write about how Verizon is misleading consumers. :shrug:

all this talk about cake and cool aid is making me hungry.
I had a garbage storm and everyone i know that has one is sorry they do. The second one is no different. They pissed so many people off by making a new storm instead of fixing the old one they abandoned it.
Now everyone (like me) is running to ATT.
They had to do something to keep what storm users they had left!!!
They are all stupid and out to make money.

yeah, everyone does it... but that doesn't mean we can't fun pointing, laughing, and calling them on it. ;) And, yes, that goes equally well for Apple. No one should be immune, reality distortion field or not.

Actually they are fixing the old storm too. Os 5.0 will be released for storm 1 and then the only differences will be hardware ones.

I've always said that Verizon's 3G will never be taxed as much as ATTs--because Verizon only has about 100 apps--more than half are useless and require additional fees to be paid to Verizon. Of course they will never advertise that--and they expect a lot of uninformed/perspective customers will take the bait and sign up. I know because I also have to Verizon cellphones in my household. I'd like to see how Verizon would handle the multitude of Edge/3G hungry apps that are on the ATT network. That could also be the reason why Verizon charges less (on some plans) for their data network. It might change down the road when they release new smartphones. Either way--I think for what Verizon currently offers--their data plan is overprices/overrated.

@Schlitzie: "Once the iPhone comes out for Verizon all will be right in the world LOL."
Would love to get one for my wife since she uses Verizon, but I really don't think it will happen. Even if it does--I don't think you'll see a itunes store and Verizon getting along. Contrary to popular belief--Verizon would have some serious issues handling traffic on its 3G network. 3G might be available in more places--but can it handle the bandwidth requirements that come with the iphone and its 75,000+ apps? I would place a bet on that. Will Apple come out with a phone for CDMA and one for GSM or whatever international standard comes out? Don't be naive and assume Apple's marketing strategy is solely based on the US market only.

@TheRealTruth, @Draino
The closest I can recall to a "Get a Mac" ad lying is the one with obese PC coming in, loaded down with trial software, and Mac saying he did not have to worry about that, because he (Macs) did not come with trial software. At the time, Apple shipped 30 day trials of MS Office on most new Macs. (To be fair, Mac might have said he was not "loaded down" with trial software, which makes it just misleading, not a lie.)
The "Get a Mac" ads instead relied on shaky innuendo, like PC getting a webcam taped to his head, when even as the commercial aired most PC laptops were shipping with integrated cameras.
With these (funny) ads, Apple strongly and publicly implied a PC shortcomings that often did not exist, by making implied comparisons using outdated facts and models -- just as Verizon is doing here by comparing to a 3G with older firmware instead of the 3GS.
Neither Apple then nor Verizon now are lying -- though the "via WiFi" in the chart skirts the boundary pretty damn closely -- but both are placing their products in the best possible light by placing their competitors' products in the worst possible light they can get away with without legal repercussions.
It is not lying, it is advertising. Since they two are hard to distinguish, never trust a single source of either. :)

alot "expert' compare other phone with iphone
but they forgot about appstore.
the iphone have good looking
and the appstore and itunes make iphone stand out.
maybe androi phone (most of them ugly) compete with iphone but not right now

I'm a blackberry fan (starting to lean towards the iPhone now that my GF has one) and I even found this chart to be ridiculous.

This essentially cements the idea that the iPhone is never coming to EVDO-sluggish Verizon, if Apple is sensitive to this PR release.
Storm2 UI is not even close to the first gen iPhone, to think that is OS ver. 5.
RIM makes phones for the phone companies, according to their specs.
Apple makes phone for people to love.

Wow, except for the camera, the LAST GENERATION iPhone is equal or better in every category. Seriously RIM, you have had years to get your iPhone copy in order and it's just not working! They also neglected to mention the number of viable apps!! Most BB apps are a pile of bollocks on the Storm form factor.

You know, I've had my Storm for about 9 months, and I have a serious case of iPhone envy! I still think, however, that Blackberry is the best phone out there, in terms of real world practicality. But with this new generation of smartphone users, I think they're having a hard time keeping up with something as versatile and sexy as the iPhone. And the Storm2...well, if they strike out on this one, they might as well stick with what they do best: The greatest and most secure business phone.

"try 20,000. step ur knowledge up."
Since we're talking Iphone and Blackberry here. The below info was provided by The New York Times, SAUL HANSELL and IAN AUSTEN, October 13, 2009:
"R.I.M. has been slow to develop touch-screen technology, and its BlackBerrys are sluggish at browsing the Internet, industry analysts say. And developers have written only about 2,000 applications to run on BlackBerrys, compared with 85,000 for the iPhone and 10,000 for Android phones."
The question is where would those apps be on Verizon's website? I've been to their media website and don't see anything close to the 20k you say VZW has. Obviously VZW doesn't like to advertise that because it really doesn't have that many--that are even worth looking at. That's one reason why I haven't upgraded my wife's VZW phone--and that's why I love my 3GS.

Well 20,000 in App world, but there is also crackberry's own App Store and various other sources (I know this might come as a shock to the iphone types) as the phone is not locked to one app source.

This comparison is ridiculous!!! Verizon must really be slipping to make such a twisted comparison... oh and news for vzw the iPhone/att has rhapsody services and u can use 3G/Edge or Wifi

the comparison is not only fair, but accurate, sure you can OTA mp3's, but you're forced to do it with itunes, blackberry can save any file from any site onto the phone. sold my iphone last year and went with a blackberry, best thing i ever did, the iphone made me hate using my phone, and made me hate apple.

A few thoughts, first and for most the 3g coverage with verizon SHUTS at&ts down, for those people in " highly populated" areas that say at&t is better , than more than likely they were there first. FCC has regulation on how close towers can be wether competitor or not. Next the comment on the music capabilty, verizon supports protected and non proteced music, u can drag and drop or use rhapsody, also with the blackberry storms you have a itunes converter to play the old protected itunes on your black berry, yup theres an app for that, also with the launch of the imagio, moto droid and eris, the game is about to be changed, and for those who are looking at the 3g capabilties of verizon, do some research, verizons 4g, dont forget they won the auction and bought the old analog tv spectrum and that network has the abilty to go further distance with less power faster, Check out some info on there LTE network which has already been tested. AT&T has been milking there iphone baby for quite some time, and i will agree that verizon has not had the greatest line up in phones, and are deff not the cheapest guys intown but what you have now is a sleeping dog that has been woken up that already had great voice, great mobile broad band great global YEAH I SAID GLOBAL service with now GOOGLE DROID OS! we shall see what will come.... Just some thoughts... thank you for taking the time to read this run on thought..

I like the (I have BB storm and the I phone the BB is sucks )why would you Have both and why would you have BB storm if is it as bad as you thing ....
I have Gas station and my storm is realy a business man PDA I don't realy have time for the 850000000000000000 apps from Apple ( anyways they are both very good phones my daughter has I phone we always fight trying to approve which phone is better LOL .

sorry folks, I use my smart phones strictly for business, I have an i-phone, Storm and Curve. All I can say it for business the Curve kicks both in the ass. The i-phone is a disappointment. If you are just keeping up with tech and have to have the latest then the i-phone might be for you, however if you are as I say using for business and also fun you cannot beat the blackberry curve. Both of the touch screen phones are actually a disappointment but ATT's service makes the i-phone suck more than the Storm. I would rate the Curve a 10, the Storm an 8 and the i-phone a 7 in my book.

I am very Technologically challenged. I am trying to get updated and into this stuff. I came to this site in hopes that I would maybe feel better one way or the other about a Storm2 VS. IPhone. I think I'm more confused than ever. Someone like myself that will use the phone strictly for talking, receiving instant emails, and maybe getting into the music end of it what would everyone recommend?

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is completely amazing. I just got it and I'm in love. People who say that it sucks obviously have no brains. Internet is freaking fast, coverage is amazing, and texting and email are simple as can be. Therefor, the people saying BlackBerries suck, haven't had this one. VERIZON HAS COMPLETELY OUTDONE ITSELF. Everything about The Storm 2 is awesome. Five stars.

These fools who love their i-phones more than life itself prove their lack of any intelligence! I've had BOTH AT&T and Verizon. Anyone who travels like I do will find out real fast that AT&T exists in the dark ages! I dumped them for good! I need a Blackberry, plain and simple. The i-phone is a toy for techno geeks to play their games on. If you need a functional business phone that will come through and get the job done; well, Blackberry and Verizon are for the adults here. You immature children can hiss and spit all you want. When you grow up so will your phone.

@ michael
tottaly agreed.. we could call blackberrys a smartphone, but can we even consider iphone as a smartphone? well honestly speaking the iphone could fit that bunch of 85000 apps, but does it even compete in other factors like BlackBerry Internet Service?
if VZW wants they can make people believe iphone running before OS 3 will not get MMS support

When an iphone can multi-task and has push technology like the storm does, then we'll talk.
As for your 72,000 apps, you can keep the 3000 farting apps, 2000 light saber apps, etc etc.
Its funny how people say that there are barely any apps for the storm, yet, its one of the most customizable phones out there, with all its themes and what not.
Oh, and go ahead and stop by the crackberry and mobihand app stores (while RIMs app world may be a joke, the userbase behind blackberry took care of its own a long time ago.), and maybe you'll see that we are really not hurting in useful and nicely written apps :)

Oh, and one last thing, when the iphone actually starts behaving like a real phone ( not so many dropped calls, better audio and speaker ) then it can be called a smartphone, otherwise all you have is an ipod touch that sometimes dubs as a phone.

Stormy U R the Man cuz you got the point I mean the I phone is only another IPod touch who knows may be worst.

I work for one of the company's mentioned on the Land Line side. As far as the Networks Capabilities (upcoming) we're talking about 10G plus up and coming. But my question is WHO's networks do most of the traffic travel over..As in. WHO owns the networks the data travels over. That's just one point that always makes me laugh.. I own a Blackberry Storm II.. Just wish I had Shazam (for free).. That's about my only longing. My friend Carl walked around his house trying to find signal I had FULL SERVICE.. I travel From VT to FL and all over for that matter. I don't drop calls.. EVER.. In some areas Service may be less than perfect but I've had At&T service (not on the Iphone) I've also had Nextel (before they went Sprint..Sprint is the reason I left) I used to LOVE my nextel I know many had Chitty service with them.. I was NOT one of them. If we're talking game consoles. Sure the Iphone is great.. But building and maintaining Networks, Micro plants etc etc.. HUGEEE OVERHEAD and cost.. We will all see over the next 6 years the conventional Phone (land Lines) go away and be replaced with Dishes on Phone polls and the VZ buildings slowly disappear. Just my opinion. But the Dishes the Hubs the Fiber Optic Networks that all make happen are already there for Verizon..Permits already pulled.. Cables etc already laid. I don't claim to be smart or well spoken.. I don't spell check.. I was actually (unfortunately) searching for games and apps to D/L for my Storm and came across this and giggled @ how catty people get over comparing phone to phone. Cheers...

sheesh its a phone not ur life not ur wife
get over it everyone has their own preference. well thats for the storm vs iphone part
as for the false advertising, as long as greed exists in this world there'll only be more of its like to come

You all talking crap about the Storm 1 and how the storm 2 is no different is VERY wrong. The issue with the Storms' wasn't so much the phone as the Operating System. It was VERY buggy. OS 5.0 fixes most of these issues. I own a storm 2 now and It's one of the greatest phones I've ever owned. The Sure Press screen is EXCELLENT. I'm just going to put out there I hate how you have to send your Iphone to Apple when it has major problems like bad battery or you crack the glass on it... Have fun with that payment. The Iphone is a toy. It has tons of applications... but for a Serious phone and emails and such I will stick with my BB thx.

Well, my boyfriend has the iPhone and I just purchased the Storm. As an entertainment tool, I think the iPhone takes the cake (the apps you can download, iTunes, all the cutesy things you can do on it). But for someone who doesnt like spending too much time on a cell phone (except for its main purpose, which is communication, preferably by voice, and even then I'm not wild about letting a phone eat up my valuable time) then you'll do just fine with the Storm 2.
The iPhone is in no doubt the peak of it's popularity but Blackberry users still make up 45% of the smart phone market (while iPhone followers are 25%). And yes, Verizon's advertising is getting a little out of hand (if they continue with the current type of advertising I will definitely switch to a different company)and they shouldnt do it, even if other companies adopt that form of selling, they shouldnt. And AT&T maps are also innacurate, trust me, I worked for the company for 10 years. Yes, their 3G coverage is actually smaller than what they advertise. Thats where they lose. It all comes down to your lifestyle. I have had Verizon for 5 years, and out of all the places I have been over those 5 years, I have only lost signal once, on BART in San Francisco (I live in Chicago) other than that Ive always been fine.
So before you decide to slam one phone or another, think of your lifestyle and what is it that you need. The iPhone is a pretty cool gadget, but I dont need one and I dont want one, maybe in the future I will, but so far, I am happy with my Storm2.

I have been holding off buying the iPhone until my work provided me with the option to get an iPhone. I have always been against the signal issues I find as an IT person for data coverage issues in my area, but I was tired of waiting for the iPhone to go to Verizon, so I took the plunge! It's an awesome devise except what it is ment to do, be used as a phone. Most people I talk to can't understand what I am saying and signal strength varies, but no signal or 1 bar is a BIG problem! As I mentioned, I am an IT person, and on call 24/7. I will never know if there is an emergency if I have no reception. Apple and Verizon just need to get their stuff together and make it happen!!! I am within my 30 days with my new iPhone so I can return it, but DANG...I LOVE the iPhone, just not as a phone. Looks like my only choice is to head back to Verizon where I should have never left and hopefully the Storm 2 will do it for me.

i think the iphone is way better. more practical. i mean for a BB sure the storm 2 is nice, but it's not an iphone. screen is nicer, touch screen is way more responsive. apps are better, sure business is better on BB, that's something i think they'll always have. i got my last iphone on and it was friggin perfect. blew my last storm 1 away, that's for sure. guess i'll have to give storm 2 a better chance. 2 thumbs up for both still.

My partner has the Iphone and I have the storm2. His phone is awesome all the apps and all. It functions fine in our area also. As far as business he has little issues. The biggest factor for me is insurance. I use my phone for business if it breaks or falls in a lake I need it replaced fast without costing me $500 for a new phone.

I have used Absinthe 0.3 and jailbreak my phone, without errors. I do see Cyndia icon on my phone. But I am still getting message "Activation required" on the phone and I am not able to use the phone.