Verizon CEO: iPhone best launch in history, Apple going to be part of LTE

Verizon CEO: iPhone best launch in history, Apple going to be part of LTE

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Chief Executive Daniel Mead addressed reports of slower than expected Verizon iPhone sales by re-iterating that the launch was the most successful in their history. While he wouldn't give specific figures prior to their next earnings releases, he said they carefully planned online sales and a staggered rollout to spread out purchasing.

Mr. Mead said more than 60% of iPhone sales occurred online. That heavy activity online contributed to short lines on launch day, which were noted by many news outlets. "If we had not done online, you would have seen a much different flow in the pictures," he said. In a few days, the company will double the number of stores that sell the iPhone, going from 4,000 to 8,000.

They also expect Apple to eventually offer an iPhone and iPad that work on their 4G LTE network:

"You'll see more coming from Apple on LTE," he said. "They understand the value proposition of LTE and I feel very confident that they are going to be a part of it."

AT&T iPhone comes out the same time of year, every year, when contracts are ready for renewal and/or AT&T offers early renewal. The was no cycle for the Verizon iPhone -- unless by pure chance your contract was up or you don't care about subsidies many people are probably waiting until their next upgrade -- maybe even waiting for iPhone 5.

Perhaps Verizon staggering the availability, doing pre-orders and opening online orders early lowered lineups, but everything about the launch disfavored lines.

We'll know for sure when the numbers come out, but what's your hunch?


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Verizon CEO: iPhone best launch in history, Apple going to be part of LTE


yeah right! the verizon iphone launch was a fail! the iphone launch was the biggest in VERIZON'S history....but not APPLE'S history.

The fanboy TiPb has done it again with a misleading headline crediting Verizon with curing cancer. How about: "Verizon CEO: iPhone best launch in Verizon history, Apple going to be part of LTE

The two friends I know who have Vz BlackBerrys switched. However, their launch may not have been as good as ATT because the 4 is already 3/4 it's way out and with att it was brand new. I'm sure the 5 will be a bigger success, especially for future Vz iPhones when people figure out the cycle. Current Vz iPhone users would be upset if the 5 came out on verizon in the summer, maybe thats what people are really waiting for.

I'm thinking the rumored iPhone5 will be a quad band "world phone" that will work on Verizon, and AT&T, and others... and the next big thing for Verizon from Apple will be an LTE device, out in about 20 months when those that just got an iPhone on Verizon will be upgrade eligible again :)

Eventually is next year I think I am one to go with the rummers but not this time. And heres why?
Apple wants to unify there iPhone , and the next one is HSPA+ and Global for the VZW. Why would they put LTE in one phone when the other one does not have it enabled because the VZW iPhone has GSM but they did not turn it on because they need an upgrade path and they wanted the phone to come out sooner. Apple has the CDMA/GSM chipe and I dont think that they bought just a few for VZW they bought a hole lot for the coming iPhone too.AT&T is going to have LTE at some point there is no way Apple is going to put out a phone capable of LTE because people are just going to buy the LTE phone from eBay and not Apple and thats the biggest reason why not to because they would lose a lot of sales.

When people talk about the lines for Verizon phones, I think there is an important point that everyone is missing. The people lining up for iPhones tend to be the serious iPhone lovers, and most of these people would have already switched to AT&T to get the iPhone. The people that stayed with Verizon were less radical, and less likely to wait in line for a phone they could have had 8 months earlier on AT&T.

or it can just be that people on Verizon already know that the 4 is almost out of cycle. Nearly everyone who knows what the iPhone is also knows that it comes out in the summer, at least every summer since 2007. It's not about being radical, the phone is 3/4 out of it's cycle.

The only reason why VZW did an online release was so that they wouldn't have to pay commissions to the store reps. Imagine all the commissions that were missed out!!! Of course it was the biggest launch, and they knew exactly what was going to happen.

i'm an apple investor. I have pretty much zero fear that apple will beat their raised guidance.
this quarter they'll have all they had with AT&T which was a lot plus the added revenue from verizon additions. That's great.
Next quarter they'll likely have ipad 2 sales and the continued growth in verizon subscribers as users continue to come off of contracts and upgrade. i think they'll have lion revenue and new mac book pro's (i think).
And after that they'll have iphone 5 come out in the following quarter, so more record sales. And that's likely when they'll get me as a new customer.
Rumors are fine but i don't put much stock in them. Like Jay-z said "men lie, women lie, numbers don't." and the Profit numbers are what i go by. And i expect them not to disappoint. Assuming no major mishaps, mistakes, or Job's death or full fledged retirement, if the stock doesn't hit 400 at least once before October 1 i'd kinda be stunned.

You just don't read very well. I said exactly what i think. I made no comment relating to "wanting" anything. I described a situation that would change the stock price. nothing more. You're just seeing what you want to see. Stop jumping to conclusions.

well the main reason behind why verizon customers went ahead and decided to upgrade to the iphone 4 from verizon and not the one from at&t was the fear of the service provided from them. But who knows i could be wrong. Well i preordered mine and i am very content to say the least. But well see what the iphone 5 brings.

i honestly think that the verizon cycle will be different from the at&t cycle. that should be the case. verizon might not even be ready to release an LTE capable iphone by the summer. push it back til january or february and make the features a little more advanced than at&t's iphone 5. different release dates will have each carrier trying to one-up their phone features. every half a year, theres a newer phone release so they can keep tinkering with capabilities. more sales for apple

I'm waiting for my new every 2 contract upgrade later in the year and then I'll be purchasing the iPhone. I've been WAITING for VZW to get it because AT&T doesn't have service in my area. Plus, I've had VZW for over 13years. So no, I didn't 'line up' to get the iPhone, but I am definitely "in line" for it when the time comes for me!!! And I am OOBER EXCITED!!! (did I really just use that word? haha!)

Doesn't mean it will be iPhone 5. Just means sometime in the future. If he meant 5 he would have said iPhone 5

There has been quite a bit of speculation that Apple will not be supporting the LTE networks until 2012. That means that the iPhone 4 won't see 4G speeds. However, this makes little sense.
If the iPhone 5 is to do well it will have do what Android is doing and more. 4G has become a selling point. You can read more about how the possible 4G out come for the iPhone 5 here:

You wont see an LTE iPhone until the 6th generation. Here is why. LTE chipsets are currently to big for the current Iphone case and would require a case change on the iPhone 5 and thats NOT going to happen. That was made clear by Apple when the iPhone 4 launched on Verizon. So you will see an LTE on the 6th generation because chipsets will be improved and its possible that iPhone may have a case change.

Apple wont release LTE until the radios get smaller/ use less battery. I mean, look at the HTC Thunderbolt! Engadget just reported that it's not launching yet because it gets only 3 hours of life!
I will expect to see an iphone 4s before an iphone 4G/5G. I can see the screen getting larger for the 's' version but no LTE until all the kinks are worked out and LTE has a large nationwide footprint to connect to.
No matter what happens, I bought my Verizon iphone 4 at retail price so i'm ready for whatever.

Verizon CEO: iPhone best launch in history, Apple going to be part of LTE!!! geez thats a BIG F u you the att lifers..AND the phone still sucks :\ step it up APPLE! i hope those rumors of cancer are not true for MrJobs