Verizon not interested in iPhone 4?

Maybe, just maybe, these pesky iPhone 4 on Verizon rumors will finally fade away as Droid Life reports they're fully committed to Android and their current high-end lineup of devices like the new Droid X.

"And the second part of the meeting (and most important to us) was to announce that they will not be interested in the iPhone 4 (as of now) and are putting full effort behind Android and the new lineup of Droid devices."

In case you were wondering, the first part of the meeting was about a advertising adjustment where the “Wireless” tag is removed from "Verizon Wireless" but we just care about the iPhone part.

Personally I've felt since the release of the Motorola Droid last year that it was pretty evident Verizon was standing firm behind the (more controllable?) Android platform and it would be a long while before any iPhone landed on the carrier.

Rene on the other hand feels Verizon is using a bit of reverse phycology in order to get customers to stop waiting for iPhone and start buying Droids. Now if Droid Life is correct, that would mean all of those CDMA iPhones would be headed to Sprint right? You have to love rumors.

You be the judge, has Verizon really given up on the iPhone? Sound off in the comments!

[Droid Life]

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Verizon not interested in iPhone 4?


Too bad. Where I live, I would love to have a Verizon iPhone. AT&T is subpar at best in the Santa Clarita Valley. But then again....Verizon always cripples their phones and I don't think that Apple wouldn't stand for that.

I guess someone's feelings are hurt...
Dont worry, CDMA is the dark ages anyway, AT&T may suck big hairy swingin' ones, but CDMA is usless on a multimedia phone. Verizon is on roam most places I go except work and this is just outside the DC metro reigon. Sprint has the same issue. We just got a new 3G AT&T tower ner the house so I'm pretty good with service from the deathstar ATM.

Rene is right. As a company, you never ever talk about a competitors product in a positive light and never ever talk about your own product in a negative light, even if it is bad. Never. Verizon will want the iPhone the day they (and Apple) announce that they are selling it. Anything earlier than that is stupid.

I've been saying this for awhile. I have a friend who works for AT&T and he basically told me a year ago that AT&T had circulated an internal memo stating Verizon would most likely be an iPhone carrier within the year. Then AT&T moved and Apple signed another exclusivity agreement with AT&T prior to the iPhone 4 release. Not only is Verizon not interested, but Apple wasn't interested first.
My prediction has been, and continues to be, T-Mobile for the next US carrier. I'm thinking Summer next year.

It would be too bad, I know many who are waiting to get a new phone and are specifically waiting on Verizon to get the iPhone. They will be forced to go Android no doubt as the next best.
After AT&T's recent security issues, sales issues etc. Apple should start making the path clear for the other carriers.
I'd stick with AT&T myself but would like to see others have the chance to select between Android and iPhone and not be forced.
The way AT&T let so many people get the new phone you have to know someone is going to get the iPhone soon....

Apple should just start their own cellular network & that way they'd have the entire market totally in their hands.

you have to remember that Verizon was offered the iPhone first but they didn't like the deal that apple wanted and didn't like not controlling what the phone could do. Then Apple went to AT&T and they turned it down too. Cingular I think was in bad shape at the time and was looking to do anything. They made the deal with Apple. Then a few month later AT&T and Cingular became one. Thats the only reason that we have the iPhone on AT&T. At Dtalks before the iPhone came out Job's said a few times,that Apple could't make a phone, cuz Apple couldn't deal with all the orifice CEO's that ran the mobile biz. Cingular I guess had the smallest hole.

I'm not interestd in a Verizon iPhone anymore either. I just got an iPad and I can use it on my Verizon Palm Pre with wifi hotspot. So there steve jobs, apple on Verizon.

A lot of people are really uneducated about the wireless industry and it shows. First of all, CDMA is not dead end tech. It evolves into LTE in a similar fashion to UMTS... which, wait for it, is a CDMA based system as well. Also remember that Qualcomm, the company behind CDMA, was a major contributor to both HSPA and LTE. Finally, if you compare oranges to oranges, and compare CDMA 2000 Ev-Do connections to Wideband CDMA devices running HSPA worldwide, the number of CDMA 2000 connections is far closer to the number of HSPA connections. In fact, WCDMA has lost to Ev-Do in some areas because it is much more difficult to deploy than Ev-Do.
The canard about CDMA being the reason for no Verizon iPhone just isn't true. In the end, it boils down to money. Although, the cynical beast in me says the "no Verizon iPhone rumors" will be strongest right before they get it.

Negotiations must of fell through. Cant imagine a Verizon logo on the front of my iPhone 4. Ugly. Besides, Verizon is doing great by all accounts so I dont see why they should focus on the one phone they dont have.

Keep your wanna be iPhones the droids are a joke when verizon grows a pair and decides to be less controlling it might happen. Switched from verizon to AT&T to get the new iPhone and there customer service is amazing took me 10 minutes to activate at AT&T and transfer all my contacts at verizon it took an hour and a half. The service is just as good as verizon in my area

Yea right... I agree with whoever said that the only reason VZ is not interested in the iPhone is because they can't have it. Why would VZ be interested in all the new customers they would have.

Dispite Verizon not having the iPhone, as a business they are doing well. A LOT of people would do the switch to Verizon if they got the iPhone. My guess is ATT is going to pay whatever it takes to keep their moneymaker an exclusive. Alot of companies don't want it to happen either, because they would lose money if it did.
When it comes down to it, its about the money first.

why is everyone bashing Verizons network? it actually works unlike at&t. and all the people saying verizon locks down phones, have u seen what at&t does to android phones??? people are idiots

I won't "bash" Verizon in any means, but I will say that it sounds like they are on their on path and want to give this "Droid" rusbish a bit more attention. Which is good, because lets face it...AT&T may not be the best choice, but at least we have a choice.
I personally have never had any issues with AT&T because I use to work for in the wireless division, and I know what to do and say to get AT&T to take care of the things that matter most to me.
Good luck with Droid...

Also, on CDMA networks where you don't have SIM cards, don't you have to have the device numbers coded in through customer service or at the store through their system. Wouldn't it be harder to go through all that trouble to call in, ask them to add it and then them turn around and tell you that they can't add it because its not a registered device with Verizon. Someone please tell me how it would be possible to jailbreak it....

It's so funny that the Iphone fanboys and Android fanboys think Verizon is looking at this in any way other than a business decision. They couldn't give a rat's ass about which phone is better or more open. They will sell an iphone when the terms that Apple aggrees to is financially adventageous and then they'll promote the heck out of it and their superiority to ATT's network. Just think, if Verizon had accepted the iphone in the beginning, you would all be singing its praises.

You're absolutely right. Everyone loves to yap about how CDMA "lost" the war. In fact, the opposite is true - CDMA won. Not Qualcomm's implementation of CDMA (CDMA2K), but the CDMA technology as a whole won. Remember folks, umts/hsdpa IS CDMA.

I still think Sprint will be the CDMA carrier getting the Iphone. mostly cause, they could use it most, and they won't force anything on apple, like changing the interface, or the making it all read like verizon likes to do. They won't force their own store on apple and again they need the customers that it would bring. Also they are well on their way to 4G which can handle the added data, one of the dissappointments apple has had with carriers. i don't think it will happen in the next few months but i think it will within the year. Total speculation but it's a guess.

Why would Apple try and build a CDMA version when they cannot build enough to satisfy the existing demand for iPhone 4?
By the time that cover the world wide demand the window for LTE opens..... also the option for its own cloud based network becomes an an interesting possibility.
Apple originally felt a 1% penetration would be a fantastic achievement... now in the present circumstances if they only end up with 25% of the pie in the end, Apple stockholders will be happy campers...

I don't think there's any way to draw any firm conclusions on the basis of a company's public announcements in general. Those are all scripted after internal debate and negotiations. No one is going to contradict the statement that 'Verizon is not interested in the iPhone 4.'
However, as some have pointed out, Verizon is doing fine. Recently the word came out (from CNN) that 77% of iPhone 4 purchases are upgrades. AT&T is not putting a huge dent into Verizon's subscriber numbers by maintaining an exclusivity arrangement with Apple over the iPhone. The same goes for the iPad. That is in fact the argument for Apple to go with Verizon to begin with -- that it will be the only way in the U.S. of getting a substantially larger customer base.
Furthermore, even though this is an iPhone blog, there is real buzz about Android. Nokia is kind of knocked out for the time being. Windows Mobile 7 has yet to be released. And we'll see what Blackberry does. But there's nothing disingenuous about Verizon pushing their Droid line and touting their support of Android. AT&T is getting flak for not fully supporting Android right now, so Verizon's Droid line does point to a distinction between the two companies.

The most important kind of multitasking is STILL lacking on all Verizon Droids - the ability to talk on the phone and use web/data traffic.
No Map updates, site lookups, emails, nothing! while taking to anyone!

That 77% are for the first day / line waiting buyers. That will filter down after the craz is over. And even at that if it is 1.5 million in the first 3 days for iPhone 4 that would mean that Verizon lost somewhere from 200k to 400k accounts to the iPhone depending on the US share of the sales.
And that is before any of the Droid users actually see an iPhone 4 and Droid users experience the poor battery performance etc.

@Ken Berger
I think you're overselling the simultaneous voice/data thing a bit. First, anyone on any modern smarthphone can do this if they have a WiFi connection - which most of us do much of the time. The number of times I've really needed simultaneous voice/data (and didn't have access to a wifi hotspot) in the past few years I could probably count on 1 hand.

@Ken Berger
Thanks for being the first person to point out this fact. Unlike Minsc, I use voice and data simulatneously while out and about on a daily basis. I would not survive (in a business sense) if I was not on AT&T.

Honestly, I got my iPhone 4 yesterday, I get far better reception than I ever did with my iPhone (1st Gen) or iPhone 3GS. This phone alleviated all the issues I was having with AT&T, so coupled with good reception and the ability to talk and surf at the same time - the NEED for a Verizon iPhone just went away for me. Many reviewers and iPhone users I've talked to have had the same experience.
If the big problem with an AT&T iPhone is not being able to make a call - that big problem just went away.

Android has become a fitting opponent to the iPhone, and Verizon with the best android phone in term of sales, their in a great growth position. Driod is as well known as a iPhone, but it is a household name. This is a long term investment if you ask me

I was with verizon, had the storm 2, a mediocre phone at best. Verizon customer service is tops but their 3G network is noticeably slower that ATT, I've been very happy since joining. Though I would love to see iPhone on other carriers for competition sake, I would prefer T-Mobile

Ken Berger,
Ev-Do Rev. B would add simultaneous voice and data. Those chipsets are not available until Q4 though. Verizon will have LTE running by then... They are already testing in STL.

@Ken Berger
The first time buyers could have came from anywhere, not necessarily Verizon. Even if they did, 200k to 400k on a 92mil+ customer base?........cough ATT still has a higher churn rate than Verizon.
As Minsc pointed out, you can still data/call on verizon smartphones via wifi.
Again, its all about the bigger pictures for the wireless companies, the bigger picture being money.
I would love my iPhone to be on Verizon, reception is crap to say the least, but thats the price I pay to have the device I want.

Veizon doesn't want the iPhone, eh? Yeah, the same way they want to reduce the cost your phone bill. Anyone can tell they're bulls**ting about this. Don't they realize that there's a MASSIVE number of people who would subscribe to their data plans if they had the iPhone? That's an extra $30 bucks a month at the time I write this. Seriously, the amount of money they could make off of the iPhone would be astronomical. They want the iPhone, and they'll get the iPhone- there's no doubt in my mind that if there's going to be an iPhone on Verizon by WWDC 2011 at the very latest- I'm betting on as soon as sometime this year. If there's no Verizon iPhone by than, either AT&T's towers will melt like ant's under a magnifying glass and AT&T's only source of income will be from Early Termination Fees.

Verizon has been wating for an iPhone for 2 years now, what are they suppose to do? Wait forever? No, they ralease there own spart phones, the driod x next month may blow the iPhone away. Yes I have an iPhone 4 and im not happy with all the problems we've had so far. My reception sucks with this new "revolutionary" antanna, I hate the 5pixel cam, and my HD LCD screen has a yellow tint on the lower left side! :(

Verizon might not be but tmobile is. They say that it's going to tmobile uk first and then it should hot state side.

Omfg!! Android sucks big.......twigs. It's so unamerican that google tries to compete with apple. Apple was the first. I cannot believe there's ppl buying android devices. Why? It freaking sux. The talented mr. Jobs creates something the world loves and then there's biters like google. Android exists cuz of mr. Jobs. I'm embarrassed that my friend ordered a droid incredibal. I asked him have u checked out iPhone 4? He was lost. Embarrassing. Android is biting jobs d:ck. Stop the bull;:it

@Minsc if you are in your car and on the phone getting a location to go to and trying while looking at google maps or looking up more info - it is the kind of thing if you can't do it (as in you have a Verizon phone of any sort) you don't realize how useful it is.
My kids (spoiled) have had iPhones since they came out and they think the idea of having the internet at your disposal all the time (even when talking on the phone) is the norm.
I figure my iPhone is on Wifi less than 10% of the time I am using it. When I am at my home or office (both have Wifi) I don't use my phone as my primary internet device I use my computers. And public Wifi is not very good these days and not very friendly to phones in general.
We have not even talked about the fact that you can not travel with a Verizon Droid as it does not support the phone systems in most countries!
I am comfortable with the fact that Android is a minor player if the iPhone comes to Verizon and Verizon will switch to advanced CMDA to support voice and data to get the iPhone in the next 3 to 6 months.
They numbers by the way @OhYea are for 3 days! The longer Verizon does not have the iPhone the more customers Verizon will lose to ATT.

If you think that 1.7 million new customers in hours time of it's release wouldn't excite Verizon then you are crazy!! They would love to have this iPhone 4 available to them, that's why there are hundreds of goggle search pages of Verizon and the iPhone; however reality has to set in - they can't have it - period!! It's like the fat boy who wants to be a baseball superstar, it just doesn't work out! For whatever reason AT&T and Apple are in bed together on this project (from the very start) and both are making big profits keeping this train moving along - things are not going to change here, so Verizon and Other Cells you are out of luck on this one!!! As Verizon tries to get people interested in other Droids, Noids, Etc.. just to try to pressure sales away from IPhone and AT&T and it's NOT WORKING OUT very good!!! All Verizon can do now is wait on the side lines and wait to get put into the big game of Apple and yes it sucks!!

What's funny, is I got to this story via a link from a story entitled "Verizon to Offer iPhone in January 2011" that's covering your bases, kind of like the gag in movies during a trial, when two newspapers are printed-one says Guilty, the other, Innocent.

I have a droid x, my friend just switched from a x to the new Iphone 4g. He loves his Iphone, but hates the network its on. Me, personally, would love the Iphone and am on the verge of getting one for myself. The droid does have so major issues on it, one being its HD video isn't really HD. I've hooked my droid to my HD tv and watch a video that I recorded on the phone.. If that's HD then I'm Bruce Lee incarnated, the video looked good. But it wasn't HD...