Verizon iPhone 5 carrier update looks to solve glitch which used cellular data even when connected to Wi-Fi

Verizon iPhone 5 carrier update looks to solve glitch which used cellular data even when connected to Wi-FiApple has released a small update for Verizon iPhone 5 users after it was discovered that the iPhone 5 may be using cellular data even if the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The update started rolling out last night and was in response to a number of complaints from Verizon iPhone 5 users who noticed that their data allowances were shrinking even when using a Wi-Fi data connection.

This carrier settings update resolves an issue in which, under certain circumstances, iPhone 5 may use Verizon cellular data while the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Follow these instructions to install the update.

Once the update has installed, you need to restart your iPhone 5 for the changes to take effect. To confirm that the update completed successfully, got to Settings> Genaral> About and make sure under Carrier that Verizon13.1 is shown.

If you are on Verizon, it may be worth checking that you haven’t been consuming all of your cellular data allowance whist connected to Wi-Fi. If you have, it may be worth while giving Verizon a call to discuss what can be done to get back some of that data allowance. If you have been affected by the data glitch, let us know in the comments.

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Verizon iPhone 5 carrier update looks to solve glitch which used cellular data even when connected to Wi-Fi


hi, i've seen similar behavior with my daughter's iPhone 3GS on ATT running 5.x of iOS.

is it possible that this problem extends across carriers and iOS versions? can you ask apple on our behalf? if so, that's a big story as i've probably overpaid for quite a bit of data in the past year.

Had this exact issue. Starting getting notices that I had used 75% of my data plan yesterday afternoon. Couldn't be. Installed the Verizon update this am. We'll see.

Wow this totally makes sense. My dad got his iPhone on 9/14 and then went to Canada for a bit. We turned off data roaming but I still received an email from Verizon stating he was roaming about 5 days later, which I know he didn't change his settings. This would totally explain it. I'll definitely have to call verizon when my bill comes out to get that roaming part refunded since it was their fault.

i have noticed on my Sprint iPhone 5 that I have been burning up my data usage as well. Of course I have unlimited data, but it still concerns me considering how these companies can up and change their policies whenever they want.

I still think this is also an iOS6 bug. I am on AT&T, and when streaming music, the 4S disconnects from WiFi. I have reset everything. The only way to stop data use, is to turn cellular data off in settings. It still drops WiFi, but It tries to reconnect. Four out of ten times it will. If not I have to go into settings, and reconnect. If 4G is turned on, it does not try to reconnect to WiFi, but just uses the cellular data. This is a major problem with iOS6. Apple is aware, but are quiet about it. Just check out the support forms, and tech sites. Too many to list here.