Verizon iPhone event meta-live blog

Today Verizon brings us what we're all pretty much assuming is the Verizon iPhone announcement. Join us for our traditional meta-live blog, chocked full of coverage, color, and commentary. We'll get started just before 11am ET, 8am PT.

(We don't know if they'll be streaming it yet; if and when we do we'll post a link right here.)

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Verizon iPhone event meta-live blog


I don't care I will get the iPhone 4 and buy 5 at retail if I have to. I waited this long for a verizon iPhone.

Should a person wait for the newer version of the iPhone to come out? Do you care if it is 3G or 4G? do you care about call quality or Data? do you care about the fact that you are stuck with the phone for two years? Patience is a virtue and leads to better things.

What a bummer that the iPhone 5 was not released. Despite that, I am pleased with the upgrades made to this new model. Steve Jobs still has a t least one more awesome upgrade to share with us even though he is gone.... C'mon iPhone 5!