Verizon iPhone hits final testing stages?


Is Apple currently in the "AP" field testing stage -- the final stage before the product is to be released -- for the much-anticipated and often rumored Verizon CDMA iPhone. One of BGR's sources seems to think so:

For starters, we have been told that iPhone model 3,2 — what everyone is assuming to be the Verizon (or at least CDMA-compatible) phone — just hit the “AP” testing stage. This is the very last stage before retail release; final hardware, almost final software. Here is the odd thing, though… the iPhone 3,2 unit, we have been exclusively told, contains a SIM card slot.

And that's where it gets interesting, because pure CDMA devices do not have SIM card slots.

Could it be a "world phone" with both CDMA and GSM? Could it be using that new Qualcomm hybrid CDMA/GSM chipset that we previously assumed wouldn't be coming until June next year? Or could it just be a new hardware revision of the existing GSM (read AT&T) iPhone? (Maybe with an antenna fix?)

Speaking of next June, BGR's source also said the next-generation iPhone 5 was now in EVT, the engineering verification stage before the DVT phase. It seems like most of us (14.1 million at least) just got our iPhone 4, are things really moving this fast now?


by Andrew Wray


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There are 24 comments. Add yours.

Born2Vape says:

Does anyone agree that this will steal a big chunk of market share or just cause AT&T to bleed a lot of customers?

ghostface147 says:

I won't be changing providers. AT&T works great for me in Houston.

Mark says:

iPhone 5 talk already! Love it!
iPhone now open to all UK carriers and has certainly increased in popularity over here!
And going on the negative press that AT&T gets all the time ad how many people slate the network constantly, if they opened it to other carriers in the US it would make it even more huge!!!

Revelation says:

I just switched to AT&T, more than likely won't switch back. However Verizon isn't getting the iPhone next year. 2012 at the minimum.

CJ says:

Somebody call Peta, this horse has been beat to death!

adriandb says:

ATT works fantastic for me up and down the east coast. I'm in DC and never have issues so I won't be switching, but I'll be happy to see a new iPhone if it fixes the issues with the iPhone 4.

OmariJames says:

It better be the Antenna Fix. It will look sorta bad if apple goes with V after all that trash talk, it's all about money ! If Apple does release a CDMA phone , I hope it's not for verizon.

parabel says:

What, CDMA phones have no SIM cards? How do those work / get their phone number?
And how is it with phones from other manufacturers in the US, do they usually release two versions, one with GSM and one with CDMA?

adam says:

Quit calling it a "Verizon iPhone" It's a CDMA iPhone. There is no firm evidence it will be on the Verizon network. So until it's announced, stop calling it that.
It could be on the Sprint network. it could be for the Chinese CDMA market. It could be for India, or any of the dozens of Russian CDMA providers.

Fernando says:

You mean I can finally get an iPhone soon?!? Nice!!

LCW says:

it's not that soon to talk about iP5... we're already 5 months into the iP4's cycle... in another 4 month, Apple will probably be showing it off at their spring event...

Jarrod says:

Hoping it's available to all CDMA networks. I love my Sprint service. Never had a problem, only lacking iPhone.

BrianTufo says:

I won't leave AT&T either. I have had previous issues with Verizon and their horrendous customer service and won't ever go back to them. Free up the AT&T bandwidth!

Darkstar says:

I can't wait for the Phone to hit on Verizon for the sheer fact that my Apple stock price will hopefully continue to climb!!

Minge Muffin says:

I think it might just be a T-Mobile version of the iPhone, since it is GSM. I think since it isn't a completely new model, it might just have the 200/1700/2100 bands instead of 850/1900/2100.

Minge Muffin says:

*Meant 900 instead of 200 - it is a typo.

eric says:

Sprint doesn't need an iphone, they have the EVO.

flip_8 says:

Seriously, why does everyone assume this is for Verizon? Exclusivity agreements are up overseas, not here in the US. I am with Adam, I believe this is more for an overseas phone not a crappy service, crappy customer service, crappy pricing Verizon iPhone. When I walk into a VZ store and see an iphone on their shelves or Steve Jobs comes out and says VZ is getting an iphone I refuse to believe these endless nonsense rumors.

Drdoom420 says:

It's going to the CDMA carrier you guys reported on a few weeks ago hints world phone. Can you not put two and two together.there is nothing saying whether AT&T had renewed their contract

Drdoom420 says:

I think it was an india carrier or somethin

Olive says:

That'd be amazing because this would allow for the same device work on three major us networks: att, t-mobile and verizon with little to no modifications (unlocking etc.). I'm hoping this comes true!