Verizon iPhone pre-orders start at 3am EST February 3 + Trade in your AT&T iPhone

According to an email MacRumors received from Verizon, existing customers will get their long awaited chance to pre-order the iPhone 4 on February 3rd at 3am EST. This is a full week before people who are waiting to switch to Verizon will be able to get their hands on an iPhone 4. Verizon also listed some simple steps for current customers to take to ensure they will be able to place their pre-order on time. Make sure you get your orders in as soon as you can because once their stock has depleted you will have to wait until February 10th just like everyone else.

  • Make sure you have your My Verizon self-serve account set-up online. Orders can only be placed through your my Verizon account. You can register/setup your account

  • On February 3rd at 3am EST, Verizon Wireless will allow our current customers to order upgrades or new lines to their accounts through your My Verizon online account (make sure you have registered before the 3rd).

Verizon is further enticing AT&T customers by offering a trade-in program for current iPhone owners. It is unclear if the trade-in policy will be made available to all customers or only corporate customers but it couldn't hurt to give your Verizon representative a call to find out. The trade in prices for AT&T iPhones are:

  • iPhone 2G - 16GB: $60
  • iPhone 3G - 16GB: $105
  • iPhone 3Gs 32GB: $160
  • iPhone 4- 16GB: $280
  • iPhone 4 - 32GB: $360

So pre-existing Verizon customers get ready for what could be a chaotic night as lots of people will almost certainly be sitting by their computers at 3am on February 3rd. AT&T customers who are planning on making the switch, will you be trading in your iPhone or will you sell it on your own for probably more money than Verizon is offering? We want to know what your plans are come February 3rd!

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Reader comments

Verizon iPhone pre-orders start at 3am EST February 3 + Trade in your AT&T iPhone


I am sticking with AT&T, I love the multi-task that Verizon will not have( being in a call and checking e-mail, surfing web etc ) Thats just one of many reasons!

That's great, but everyone forgets to mention that you can still do all of that if you have a wifi connection even if you're on Verizon.

Why are you MULTITASKING when you should be DRIVING? Many states have outlawed texting and calling while driving, do you really think they will make an exception for "browsing eBay, and answering emails"? I am not worried one bit about the AT&T advantage with multitasking. I have wifi at work, at home, and at all my friends and family's houses if I really need phone and data at the same time.

You're right about wifi, but over 3G, it might make a big difference, for some.
I have only ever had coma phones, so I have often longed for simultaneous voice and 3G data on one device.

Re: the fact you cannot be on a call and check e-mail at the same time... I feel that a lot of "regular" iPhone users (i.e. those who do not use their iPhone for heavy business use) will not miss this as much as some are suspecting. There's a possibility a fix will come soon that will indeed allow voice/data at the same time anyway.

I'd agree with that assessment. And for those that might find the data/voice feature essential, I think Skype has a $3 a month subscription to allow unlimited calling with US/Canada numbers.

I may switch to Verizon when my contract runs out with AT&T if Verizon is on the same iPhone cycle. Otherwise, if AT&T is going to be getting the next iPhone model months ahead of Verizon, I'll just stick with AT&T.

unless you live in an area that has poor AT&T coverage, what would be the allure of switching to verizon?

I prefer AT&T's multitasking network, the GSM technology, and the fact that, at least for me, their customer service is way more civil than Verizon. Verizon customer service reminds me of a car salesman... all sweet and happy for you while trying to make the sale and then wish you would drop dead after they have it.

The trade in price for the 3GS seems pretty decent. Mine is usable but clearly old, so to have a no-questions-asked $160 fund the price of the new phone? Great.
(In my personal situation, my ETF will be $90 and I had already been budgeting $200 for a February iPhone 4 purchase, but I thought it'd be AT&T with an upgrade, until AT&T changed my upgrade date to April. So I can take the $160 and the $200, and only spend $30 more than I had planned on to pay for the ETF and the 32 GB phone.)

I'm sorry but the "voice+data" multitasking is pure garbage. When you "surf the web while talking" are you speaking as you surf? Doubtful because it is hard to speak one thing and write something different without making mistakes somewhere.
Changes are you aren't saying anything while "searching for movie tickets". You just have the person on a connected hold while wasting your minutes.
There is nothing wrong with saying "I WILL CALL YOU RIGHT BACK". Just think, not having that "voice+data" feature that seems to be such a deal breaker for some people will actually SAVE YOU MONEY ON CELL MINUTES.
I swear nobody looks at the bigger picture here lol.
Not to mention with AT&T's spotty coverage, that call might even be dropped during your search for movie tickets...
Like I said, pointless feature to brag about.

Pure garbage? Not even. What's so difficult about typing, surfing, "checking movies", etc. while talking on the phone? This may come as a shocker, but there are some people out there who can actually chew gum and walk at the same time. Speakerphone and Bluetooth devices are there for a reason and some customers actually have unlimited plans, which makes your "wasting minutes and saving money" argument invalid.
"I'LL CALL YOU RIGHT BACK" isn't a selling point or ease of use feature.
I like the fact that I can be on a call while checking an email or email from multiple accounts without having to hang up and call them back. I like being on a call with someone and being able to watch a video (emailed or YouTube) they just sent me. I like the fact that my GPS or Pandora doesn't sh* t the bed just because a call comes in.
Say what you want, but these features matter to some people.

You can only do this if your call doesn't drop though. Remember, you gotta KEEP the call connected in order to do this. AT&T still hasn't mastered the cellphone call.
Not to mention pandora pauses during a call and GPS apps usually cache ur route incase of lost connection.
Your counter argument fails.

I do "KEEP" my calls. I'm fairly pleased with 2 dropped calls during the 6 years I've been with AT&T/Cingular/Bellsouth. I live in a city with a very strong signal and never have any problems with my service.
Good luck trying to use GPS apps such as Garmin's which are server based rather than downloaded maps.
Argument. Valid.

Personally, I like the fact I can hold a sable call in a low signal (and high signal :P) area.
But if data/voice over 3G is that crucial to your lifestyle, a $3/month unlimited US/Canada calling subscription to Skype should fix that problem.

Who's wasting minutes again? Oh yea the great commercial "adios minutes" bahahaaaaaaaa. Sorry vz user ^^^ u lose. Man I love my rollover minutes sucker!!!!

Whose stupid enough to trade in there iPhone 4 at that price because if u are I'll buy it from u and flip it on eBay for 3 times as much.

I'm definitely selling my AT&T iPhone 4 on eBay, as I see they are getting significantly more than what Verizon is offering. With that, I'll pay for my early termination AND the Verizon phone. Can't wait to actually be able to use 3G data, since AT&T doesn't have 3G in our area.
I may wait a few weeks to sell my iPhone though, as I'm assuming there will be a flood of them on eBay for a couple of weeks. Let everyone else sell theirs off, and when the price comes back up, I'll be there with mine.

yes. VZ isnt stupid. They offer you $160 for a 32GB 3GS. If you check ebay, Non-working water damged 3GS can sell for $250. A working 32gc 3gs can sell for $350-$400
An iphone 4 can sell for $500-$600.
If anyone wants to take on the VZ offers, I will match them. HA

Be careful here. The eBay/Craigslist market is going to be flooded with AT&T iPhone 4's once the Verizon iPhone is out. My guess is that the prices are going to plummet, as some estimates are saying 7 million AT&T users will jump ship...
In any case, the fact Verizon is offering you $280 for a 16GB iPhone 4 is pretty good. They are paying your ETF for you.

That is how much they will give you towards credit for their iPhone/service for a 16GB iPhone 4 that is used for AT&T's network.

My kid has been saving up for an iTouch. He can have my old iPhone 3G. Or maybe I should sell it to him...

Talk and surf isn't nearly as attractive when you consider that my calls consistently drop multiple times a day. I am in the greater Los Angeles area, and my friends are literally begging me to switch to Verizon becausr of the annoying call drops.

I think I read or heard somewhere that the process for business customers is going to be slightly different, but that may have been for the February 10th hard launch. Your best bet would be to call their business support just to check. You'll be able to get your answer now so that you're not scrambling to get it figured out on the 3rd.

well people make it seem like at&t is like really great because of your data call thing or whatever but really who really does used that its kinda lame and i bet you lose a call when you do cause of your bad service ahha ahahahahah i wouldn't use it anyways I'm sure people that are doing business related work would use that not your average American and besides someone will have a jailbreak source that would let you do that on Verizon so im going to get my phone on the 3rd haha big blue just got sack by big red haha

Anyone know if the trade-in options are "limited time only" or will they be around for a while? I'd like to compare performance on the networks before I seriously think about switching.

Ditto! I had the same exact thought. I want to see the feedback on the Verizon side before I make any extreme decisions (including losing my 19% FAN discount with AT&T).

@joe mcg 7 million people will jump ship? Wow lol i don't think even verizon would want that. My gf will be getting one since she's on verizon. And drops calls and has not very good service with her bb tour. Not sure if its the network or the phone. Anyway good luck to the people that are jumping ship. Hope you have just as good of service as I have had with AT&T for the past 7 years. First few months are going to be brutal. I look forward to the verizon horror news stories to come. TIPB RULES!!!!!!!

I will be up at 3AM logging into my account and my fiance's account to put in preorders on Feb. 3rd. The news that the pre order Phones come in BEFORE the 10th is awesome!

all you losers AWAITING a phone are ridiculous get a life.. COOL KIDS.. just so you can update your status and tweet that you got your phone "FIRST" ha blow dick n swallow BIIIITCH

Dude. Are you really that upset that you can't switch or can't afford to get Verizon iPhone. I'm a gadget fan. That's what i do. I fix the buy them and resell them. Don't hate on people that love their gadgets.