Verizon ending unlimited data, switching to tiered pricing on July 7

Verizon Wireless has confirmed they'll be ditching unlimited data and switching to tiered data plans beginning on July, with prices starting at $10 per month and going up from there.

New smartphone customers will choose from one of four options:

  • 75 MB for $10
  • 2 GB for $30
  • 5 GB for $50
  • 10GB for $80

Overage charges will be $10 per GB.

Existing Verizon customers will be "grandfathered in" and able to keep their unlimited data plans even when upgrading their device. Users who take advantage of their free LTE mobile hotspot feature on devices like the ThunderBolt or Droid Charge will also be seeing changes, as Verizon will begin charging for the service, starting at $20 for 2GB per month for new customers or $30 for unlimited usage for existing customers.

Although most data plans are less expensive on AT&T, the addition of 5GB and 10GB per month options offer more flexibility for users who consume large amounts of data on the go. AT&T also charges $15 for an additional 200MB ($75 per GB) in data overages under their lowest plan, compared to Verizon at $10 per GB. In addition, AT&T doesn't currently offer an unlimited tethering option for grandfathered subscribers.

[FierceWireless via BGR]

Andrew Wray

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There are 34 comments. Add yours.

Guilty says:

I WAS planning on getting a iPhone 5... now, I might just keep my plain-old cell phone and carry an iPod touch with me and look for free wifi hotspots.
These dataplan tiered rates are disgusting. I have no desire to pay $30 a month for a 2GB data cap.

Guest says:

$10 for 75MB? You guys must be rich as hell. For $10 I get 5GB of 3G-speed data where I live (Europe).

rgar3388 says:

Why wouldn't you just get the 75 mb plan, then if you go over you get another GB for $10 and have 1.75 for $20 and if you go over again you have 2.75 GB for $30 which is more than the 2 GB plan which is $30? This is silly.

DLprac says:

That is 1.075 and 2.075, but yes you are correct. You get a bit more by going with the 75mb option.

rgar3388 says:

Sorry, ya that's what I meant.

OrionAntares#CB says:

Overage on the 75mb plan is $10 for another 75mb. The article neglected to mention that plan's overage was different from the GB plans.

Wsopplayer says:

No contract unlimited phones. Simple

Wayne Williams says:

75 MEGS for 10 bucks??? Holy FSCK! That's about 5 copies of Firefox for 10 bucks! Imagine if the landline cable providers did this...

dinofant says:

You mean "when landline cable providers do this"

rgar3388 says:

Well the article said if you go over you pay $10 for another GB of data. Although it didn't specifically mention it for the 75 mb plan, one can only assume that it pertains to all the plans.

OrionAntares#CB says:

That's why he said the article did NOT mention it. That's also why you and others may be assuming it was the same across all the plans when it's actually not.

rgar3388 says:

Well thanks for the clarification.

Fumkacz says:

For the first time in history Canadian data plans are cheaper... GO CANADA!!!!

Reid says:

The 75 mb is for feature phones only. Not an option for smart phones. 30 dollars is the minimum monthly amount for smartphone data plans. I hate vzw

rgar3388 says:

Okay well the article didn't say that. But thanks to others and the verizon wireless site has clarified it and for that plan it's $10 for another 75 mb only.

Lui says:

Yeah, I was waiting for the 5, but decided to jump ship before tiered data takes place. Pretty happy that I get reception at work now and the 4's an upgrade from the 3GS. If the i5 is a significant upgrade(larger screen) then I'll sell mine on eBay and/or pull some other upgrade ninjary.

rob says:

If we have a BB unlimited data plan now at Verizon and switch to an Iphone after July 7th do we keep the unlimited data or does it go to tiered b/c we switched from Rim to Iphone?

OrionAntares#CB says:

You will not be. Verizon does not consider blackberry plans to be the same as other smartphone data plans. You need to have smartphone data plan on the line to be able to keep unlimited smartphone data. If you keep a blackberry plan then the only way you can stay grandfathered is to upgrade to another blackberry.

Scott Lewis says:

This is an excellent way to ensure that several million iPhone users on AT&T who were early enough adopters to get unlimited data ... stay AT&T customers! I mean, if you have unlimited data now for $30, and can do voice + data, what incentive is there to switch to Verizon when iPhone 5 comes out?

Redshirt says:

So, I take it this means that the Verizon network can't handle the traffic of the iPhone after all then?

Jahah says:

If you dorks believe they cant handle the iPhone traffic.. Give me a break. This is all for money. Why woudlnt they start charging? AT&T does. Why not Verizon?

Jason says:

haha thats awesome. their prices are worse than at&ts! lol. way to be competitive verizon

Damnit Nicole Pank says:

This is possibly enough to make me switch carriers. Which is a shame, because I've been happy with Verizon for years and I really like my Droid.

Nerdfaktor says:

Why would you need to switch due to tiered data changes? You either need unlimited or you don't! if you don't then it will benefit you, and if you do then be glad that you were given the heads up.

Angiedee00 says:

If you are already a customer it says youre grandfathered in so the tiered rates wouldn't apply to you.

OrionAntares#CB says:

My cable company charges based on tiered data caps...

organix says:

So if you go from a 3G iphone to an LTE one, you can keep unlimited data?

johnolesen says:

dude...95% of the population use less than 2 gig. I consider myself a power user, and i barely scratched 1 gig last months...or the month before that...or the month before that...or the month before that....
for me though, I connect to my wifi when at home (cuz i use my phone to control my Apple TV) and when I'm at work (i work at Verizon....) i use the 4G MiFi....sooo yeah.

organix says:

AT&T will probably go up when they put in LTE.

tada1096 says:

any word yet on shared data for family plans?