UPDATED: Verizon/Motorola Droid Revealed, Kicks iPhone in the Specs


Update: Boy Genius has an advanced preview up for the Droid rocking Android 2.0.

OrigiThis time it wasn't the blogshinobi who leaked more details on Verizon's upcoming Motorola Droid "iPhone Killer", but good old Moto itself, according to Android Central:

Motorola just went live with the official Droid webpage and it went into beautifully excruciating detail about this most anticipated device. The early publishing of the website is no longer available but Motorola's mistake is our gain, now we don't have to wait til October 28th to get the nitty gritty specs.

And those specs are a fairly impressive:

  • Android 2.0 'Eclair'
  • 3.7-inch WVGA (480x854), 16:9 touchscreen
  • 550 MHz processor
  • 6 oz (169g)
  • 2.4 x 4.6 x.5 inches (60x115.80x13.70mm)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack (yes, HTC has now made this a feature for Android)
  • Broswer will support Flash 10 in 2010
  • Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, microUSB (comes with 16gb microSDHC card)
  • 1400 mAh battery (rated at nearly 6 and a half hours of usage time)
  • 5 megapixel camera with image stabilization, 4x zoom, dual-led Flash, and auto-focus
  • the color is listed as: 'Licorice w/ brown sugar accents'

So Android is now taking a page from Windows Mobile and really pushing the hardware. Is this finally enough to force Apple into raising its own spec game? (TiPb did ask for an iPhone HD last year already). And if so, will next June be soon enough to keep the new generation of competitors at bay?

Or were Tim Cook and Fake Steve (twice) right, that usability and unified platform are the killer iPhone advantages, and on those terms, Apple is still way ahead of the competition?

If the latter, should Windows Mobile (which uses the same split software model and hardware partners), and BlackBerry (which used to have Verizon's spotlight) be worried?

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UPDATED: Verizon/Motorola Droid Revealed, Kicks iPhone in the Specs


I love my iphone and the platform needs competition. But unless someone buying a smartphone NEEDS a specific feature the entire experience is what wins.

Pretty impressive indeed... But is it an mp3 player as well?? And what about taking and trimming videos? Flash player is a definite PLUS though. Apple NEEDs that

Is it me or is the specs not really that much better than an iPhone 3GS, it has a 550Mhz processor, which is slower than a 3GS, screen is bigger which is nice. All the other features, besides flash and the camera, seem the same to me.

iPhones have way more apps than other platforms; this is probably the top selling point next to it's base features. Competitors probably won't ever get the edge on the app Market now that apple has dominated it with an iron fist. XD

A Flash player is only good, if it plays flash videos flawlessly.
Time will tell, if they have a Flash player, just so they can make the HTC Hero mistake, and say "Look! We have Flash! iDoesn't.", or wether it really is working smoothly.

Too bad for the style geeks, this phone is ugly.
I hope something kills the iPhone soon, I'm getting the itch for a new phone.
I wish more people were tech whores rather than fan boys. I don't care who makes what, as long as it rocks my world

It doesn't have the stylish appeal that the iPhone has. It just looks big and clunky and that gross gold button doesn't help at all. All I can tell is different is it has a bigger camera with a flash... That's about it. (Oh and a hardware keyboard, which I'm perfectly content with a virtual keyboard.)

I'm happy with apple and the iPhone and don't ever plan on changing. This has been the best phone I've ever used. Brin on the competition, it will only make the iPhone better in years to come. Look at how iPods took over the mp3 player market. No other mp3 player can compete. Same will go with iPhone.

Isn't the iPhone making inroads in Japan which have had phones with better hardware specs than these for awhile? It's the experience plus the coolness factor plus that's what my friends have. My guess, the Droid will be lucky to even make a very small dent in iPhone market share.

First, its the same powerful processor the 3GS and the Pre have. Second, there's no telling the difference 50 mhz makes.
Also, at what point does 80,000 apps become a burden on a platform? Developers get lost in the sauce and how do you find the 5000 REALLY well-put together apps?

It is the unification of hardware and software that makes the iPhone the best. Same with macs. No doubt people will argue that some might actually go into convulsions over it. But for me it's what works best. There's a lot of people that are into That sort of thing, tinkering with this or that. To me a phone a computer is a tool for productivity. You don't customize a hammer. You just use it. You buy a table saw you plug it in and start sawing.

What is the size of the internal ROM on this thing? All Android phones are sounding great recently except for the fact that you can't install apps of your sd card (unless your rooted) and most devices have a measly 256MB or 512MB of on board storage. TomTom or Navigon couldn't even include native maps on these devices because the app size would be too big. Guitar Hero World Tour on Android is dependent on an internet connection to play the game. They really really need to fix this if they Android market to take off.
The new GSM Pre got it right; 8GB on onboard storage and expandable up to 40 total GB of storage with an SD Card slot.

I agree; it's the overall functionality and experience of the device, not a feature list comparison.
And spec comparison can be tricky, anyway. I'd rather have a 3MP camera than a 5MP camera at these sensor sizes; it just means more noise and likely, worse photos, not better. And the zoom lens also means slower lens speed (inevitable), so more blurry photos except in the limited situations where a tiny low power flash can help.
I just got an iPhone a month ago, and this doesn't even begin to make me wish I'd waited.

Specs mean nothing if the phone is annoying to use. Believe me, with androids open development, poorly written code will make it's way onto the device, making it slow and impractical. If you don't believe me ask blakberry

It's not really the Mhz alone that determine the snappiness of the phone.
It's how much the OS taxes it coupled with the RAM that gets it going.
And seeing as BGR has already handled it, they've given it a thumbs up on speed (even in it's non shipping state).

Yet on the other hand, look how far OS X has gotten. And they used to be the market leader in the hay day (Not OS X actually, but the predecessor of course)
Never say never. Anything can happen in the world of consumers.
Just a few years ago Playstation 2 was the best selling console. IN just a short time, Wii and DS has overtaken that spot with a force I can only call religious, lol.

In my opinion it's just ugly looking. Not as clean of lines like the iPhone. And like most people are saying....specs are THAT different than the 3gs. I'll stick with the iPhone. Iprefer the touchscreen keyboard anyway.

Its true. Since apple makes both hardware and software for the iphone, its hard to beat it. Im still not satisfied with my iphone though. I am constantly on the lookout for a new phone with better features(although it might take a year or two or never). For now, it is the best. I personally still prefer a physical keyboard because I make more mistakes on the iphone than with my older qwerty smartphones. Thats even with the 'smart' auto-correct. The keyboard on this moto droid sucks as far as I can tell. No spacing in between.
Oh and to those people who say apple has an advantage because of the thousands of apps: personally, I got tired of trying to find decent apps worth paying for. I use around 5-6 apps a day and most of them are native apps. I guess what Im trying to say is, for SOME people, the size of the app store has no significance when determining a smartphone purchase.

Most apps (at least from using my G1) allow you to put the app itself on the phone, but extra files on the SD card. So I don't see how it would really be a problem.
Yet, even with that...I do still agree that these hardware manufacturers do need to start cranking up the onboard storage. Biggest one to date so far is the Galaxy, and I think that's capped at 8GB.

People do know there are virtual keyboards on Android handsets...right? I never even open my G1 to type anymore. And this is on a 3.2 screen. With a 3.7 screen...I'd be in heaven.

Yes, I do believe that all phones with slide out keyboards should have a virtual one as well. That would be the best of both worlds. Id be happy with one.

In response to the main question, it is true that the unified hardware/software is a definite plus. How much of that attributes to the success...I don't know. (I personally just think it's brand selling it, not really the technical specifications because most consumers really don't care).
I've always realized that if both points of a device are made from the same company, that limits problems you see in separate manufacturing...but also limits choice and freedom to a degree. For example...WinMo is actually not a bad OS (contrary to your beliefs) but it takes some serious hardware to make it run beautifully...something that most hardware makers havent done yet.
Same goes with Android...that's going to be the biggest hurdle. Getting the right maker to put out the right device to make the OS shine. Whereas Apple, RIM, and now Palm will have that hardware right there. They have no hurdle to get over.

Aaahhhh there it is like always that " FANBOY " wuuuua wuuua WELL THE IPHONE HAS MORE APPS it never fail Well as you may know the iPhone started with almost NO APPS

Personally I don't think there is much evidence that unified hardware and software manufacture leads to a better product in the computer world.
Int the desktop computer space ALL Unified providers are dead, gone, and buried except one. In the mainframe and mid range computer space they are all on the road to adopting Linux. Even IBM!
Unified stifles innovation, as you have to wait for one vendor for major releases and new features.
There will soon be 50 android devices on the market. You won't have any trouble finding one to your liking.

You have a point. I was just looking at it as...since they are unified. They can see what is needed and all that right away. So it cuts down on the many problems one would run into not understanding the other.
I personally don't care about it either way though. I'm a dieheard tech geek. I'm going to look thoroughly at the device and see if it can support the OS it has on it. I wouldn't get a WinMo device until I saw the proper processor backed by a good amount of RAM.
Same for Android. G1 was my test device...and now that I see what it can do, I know what to look for.
As long as a manufacturer can understand what is need for the OS and vice versa, then there really shouldn't be any problem.
That's why I originally said I don't think the unification really gives the iPhone the boost it has. It's more so because of the Apple name, the "i" tag, and the design being a fashion want.
I can bet a very small percentage of iPhone users actually stop and think about anything technical beyond "it syncs with my iTunes perfectly."

I like to see other companies challenging Apple, because it forces them to not get complacent with iPhone innovation.
The specs are impressive but to me it really comes down to the smoothness and intuitiveness of the UI, and the seamless integration of various apps and sync between the device and computer. It's hard to tell if they've nailed those things from a spec list. I won't assume they haven't, but the user experience of the iPhone has always outweighed the missing features for me (since the 3G, at least. I used WinMo rather than buy a 2G).

"iPhones have way more apps than other platforms; this is probably the top selling point next to it’s base features."
I find it somewhat amazing that Apple fans now stress quantity over quality. In the old days, the lack of software for Macs was dismissed with the retort that Mac had GOOD software in every category.
Now the quantity of (mostly crappy) software is touted as the killer aspect of the iPhone.
The thing that kills my enjoyment of my iPhone is that Apple will not let me replace their mediocre shovelware (Springboard, for example) with better alternatives. Despite having so many apps that the wheat gets lost in the chaff, the most likely candidates for replacement (like iPod) are baked-in, with no alternatives.


Personally I don’t think there is much evidence that unified hardware and software manufacture leads to a better product in the computer world.

Agreed. In fact, I remember when the Mac clone companies (UMAX, Power Computing, etc) had better machines (in some ways) than Apple's.

I like this phone a lot. Number 1 advantage over the iPhone is the fact that it has a physical keyboard. Huge plus for the Droid. The iPhone keyboard take away from the size of the screen, if I wanted a small screen I would but a Razor.
"Theres a fanboy for that" should be Apples slogan. The iPhone is a great product that certainly sent a message to other phone carriers and manufacturers to step the game up. Has anyone realizes the the thousands of Apps out there, more than half are pointless! In order to get any good apps or use any good apps you need to Jailbreak your device. Droid has another huge advantage over iPhone, it is NOT locked down like the iPhone is.
Personally I think the needs a UI refresh. A separate block for each app is a little annoying, who wants to scroll through 15 pages of apps to find what there looking for.

"In order to get any good apps or use any good apps you need to Jailbreak your device"
Hardly. While I agree that much that is in the app store is junk, there absolutely are many very good apps there as well. Stanza, Pocket Informant, GoodReader, EverNote, Tweetie, Byline, etc....
The challenge is in finding them; Apple needs to do something here. Hopefully the competion will change the discussion from the number of apps to their quality, and the ease of finding "the app for that".
Agreed about Springboard, though.

"Im still not satisfied with my iphone though. I am constantly on the lookout for a new phone with better features(although it might take a year or two or never). For now, it is the best."
Yep. Me too. My iPhone is the best phone I've ever owned, but the mediocre baked-in shovelware and lack of choice make me very interested in finding an open-source alternative.
The new Android phones are very interesting. Apple has a lot of work to do between now and the launch of the iPhone 4.

Am I the only one that noticed it has half the storage of the iPhone? Good thing the memory is removable.
Sure, you can put more memory in it. My point is more of a price point comparison.

no evidence that unified hardware and software makes a better product? I didn't realize that I needed to provide evidence to support my personal preferance. Sorry


I find it somewhat amazing that Apple fans now stress quantity over quality.

I've noticed this shift in the discussion as well.
That, as well as the fixation on one button, (the purpose of which is not yet fully known), subtleties of shape, the presence of a keyboard, etc.
Yet if you look back at other stories, these SAME people jump all over anyone who emulates Apple in any aspect of their business or products.
ALL criticism of this device, or any competing phone seems to boil down to "Its not an iPhone".
Yet if someone came out with something that looked like an iPhone they would get dumped on for that as well.
There should be a 21 year old age minimum for posting on this blog. There are entirely too many jealous children running around.

so I should no longer veiw your posts and comment? And how does it not have to do with preferance? Is there some double blind study proving that a computer made by a certain company which contains software made by another company is better that a unified platform that I am unaware of?

First, he was commenting on my post about unified and all that. Second, he clearly said "personally" which states it's his OWN opinion. So are you now saying that he has no right to state his own opinion. Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.
The funny thing is, I think most of these wayward posters are over the age of 21...and that makes it even more sad. Just in the MS Store topic, I was ganged up on (with others) for voicing our opinion on it. Then someone actually commented under my s/n to make a "funny" so they would say, LOL.

I also agree about the "if it's not an iPhone..." comment.
It ultimately seems that these people will do nothing but harp on anything that is not Apple branded. Which is okay. Nothing wrong with that. But they need to realize that it is their opinion. And they do not speak for every phone owner in the world. Heck, they don't even speak for every iPhone owner in the world. I know quite a few that don't like their iPhone but have it just because it's the "it" thing. Something like the Sidekick phenomenon.

he can say what he wants and have whatever opinion he wants. I'm just asking why there needs to be evidence for a personal preferance. I mean do I need to show you evidence that I like the color blue in order for you to believe me? I personally feel that the unified way is advantageous to the non. I don't need "evidence" to form that opinion.

I think it's a little surprising that no one has so far mentioned the high screen resolution (other than Rene).
Anyway, the reassuring thing about the specs is that despite the slim design for a slider phone and the hi-res screen, the company reported battery life is actually better than most smartphones. However, I don't see any mention of a compass, which I think is pretty useful.
Finally, I think one thing people seem to be ignoring is the pure love of gadgets that drives people from one device to another. I know that I can use my iPhone apps on an iPod Touch, so I can try a different device and a different OS for a year or two without losing my investment in apps. And the fact that games are a major selling point of the iPhone doesn't inspire loyalty to the iPhone, just to the OS. It's cheaper to keep up with changing hardware specs on the Touch than on a phone. (Perhaps we'll see the same situation develop for Android apps.)

As with most iphone users, I am perfectly happy with it, and in comparison to this phone the iphone still wins. Other than screen size/resolution and camera, what does it really have? The Iphone has very capable hardware and a great screen. The only things I would say the next Iphone needs to have are maybe larger screen, for sure higher resolution, widgets, maybe file manager, dual core processor? Everything else is just about perfect I think. videocalling is still relatively unused, but a forward facing camera might be nice. 5MP camera would also at least catch the iphone up to the present day standard.

All Verizon wants is to stop losing customers to those who want iPhones. They are definitely not gonna be pulling people from other carriers for this device.

This will be the device that puts Android on the map and in the forefront. I think BB will take the biggest hit. its not really a consumer phone.

It looks like something ive seen before. Android continues to be a alternative to other mobile platforms but it's still a OS that was a product of the game Apple changed. This phone doesn't change the game at all. It's just another phone.
This phone is just a product of a what people complained about the iPhone and is like any other post-2007iPhone device. Physical keyboard etc.
Bleh. They'll sell 2 more phones than the blackberry storm.

Many of the phones out right now have good specs. But when it comes to ease of use, not constantly needing to send in for a replacement, being able to do mostly what people need in one device. iPhone hands down.

@ Therealtruth "It is the unification of hardware and software that makes the iPhone the best. Same with macs. No doubt people will argue that some might actually go into convulsions over it. But for me it’s what works best. There’s a lot of people that are into That sort of thing, tinkering with this or that. To me a phone a computer is a tool for productivity. You don’t customize a hammer. You just use it. You buy a table saw you plug it in and start sawing."
haha great metaphore..i like it..makes sense..
on another note..you cant argue the fact that a physical keyboard is better..not to iphone owners..you get an iphone knowing it doesnt have a physical keyboard...wanting a virtual one..and as smart as the iphone keyboard is...why would you want one? on a iphone at least.

Android as an OS is worth a try for sure espicically that its getting better and better. But tbh until a good hardware comes out for it that communicates with the OS in a fluent manner, I will have to wait few years - maybe - for that.
A great OS "can" be ruined by bad hardware. and by "bad" I dont mean quality or specs only, but the level of integration with the OS as well. Its something w see in the iPhone right now and wish to see in real alternatives like Android.

For example, I think its flat out stupid to have 2 keyboards, physical by hardware and virtual by the OS. Why double the functionality? the virtual keyboard has proved to be as effective if not better than a physical one.

Android is a product of the game changer iPhone? Really?
Come on, it's been cited Android was far into development before iPhone hit the scene. gPhone was rumored the same time iPhone was.
Only OS that is honestly a byproduct of iPhone is WebOS. And the reason is obvious.

And in the end...being a true alternative to other platforms is okay. Because...RIM still is the #1 smartphone. Nokia still has the leading global marketshare. So eh...that's good isn't it.

For a platform that started with Steve saying "It's the software", Apple is getting really slow at turning things around. After iPhone 1.0 and the n after 2.0, Apple was dropping updates here and there that improved things--added little extra niceties.
Now iPhone users are almost trapped in a yearly OS release schedule, and Apple got pretty complacent/arrogant in their leadership position where they should have gotten more aggressive. Now it is Google dropping updates that make the phones nicer. I fear we won't see anything from Apple until March when the show off iPhone 4.0 SDK.
I love my iPhone, but man it gets boring. The only excitement I'm seeing right now is the constant need to defend the stuff I use against haters.

Because…RIM still is the #1 smartphone. Nokia still has the leading global marketshare

Not for long. Both the platforms you mentioned are old and tired. Their days are numbers, they just don't know it yet.

It's just oh so coincidental that Google released their Mobile OS offerings after Apple did. They should of had theirs out first, then they would of been the ones who changed the game. The iPhone success pushed out android and everyone else's platforms faster.

Just as everyone keeps saying Windows Mobile is tired and old. Just as everyone said Windows itself is old. Just as everyone said Nintendo would never come back...
You see where Im going with this. LOL.

Nobody really cares who comes out with what first (Apple has even said this themselves)
It's not who comes out first, but who comes with the best.
And unless 4G iPhone gives more than an incremental upgrade...it's going to get stale.
Will sales dip? Who knows. Nobody can predict anything. But these companies are coming with better hardware, more interesting UI's, and better features. Apple needs to get back in gear and get to what made the first iPhone the success that lead to where we are at now.
If anyone in here can say that there is nothing wrong with the iPhone...they're delusional, crazy, and need to wake up.
Apple used to be number one...and they slipped. History has a way of repeating itself at the most amazing times. Remember tht.

Catching up to what? Nobody has actually put that into detail?
Catching up to 1Ghz processors?
Catching up to 480x854 resolutions?
Catching up to Flash enabled browsers?
Catching up to true cloud sync (without a subscription)
Catching up to freedom of choice...
But oh yes, they have 85,000 apps...but hold on, the highlighting apps on iPhone are mostly on Android, WebOS, WinMo, and BBOS.
So I'm still lost as to what they're "catching up" to.
Anyone care to explain?

I really wish these companies would stop trying to make an iPhone killer. Everybody has different needs. Just make a really good phone and people will buy it. You'll persuade some people considering getting an iPhone not to and you'll even get a few iPhone owners to jump ship. Although the droid isnt the best looking phone it does seem like it will function really nicely. Enough for me to consider it over the Storm2. I would prefer to get an iPhone but I live in NYC and AT&T's network here is the pits, its been well documented and even admitted to by AT&T. So for me that's the deal breaker.

I think that the uniformity of the interface is the primary reason why people find it so 'usable.' When it comes to other UI aspects, I would be fine using a trackball or a directional pad instead of pinching-to-zoom all the time. But the fact that all the apps look and act pretty much identically makes doing things on it very fast and easy. (However, the laggy performance I'm beginning to experience on the iPhone 3G with recent software updates has made it less usable.)
Personally, the most useful things that I do on my iPhone involve using Google services; other top useful activities are mobile banking and media streaming. Android does Google integration (obviously) including Google Voice (combined with a free calling circle = free phone calls in the U.S.). And if Android is on 50 devices, apps from pre-existing institutions and services (like banks, music streaming services) won't be a problem.
I think we all benefit when there's competition for features and performance, and surely Apple is leading the way. Google doesn't really care about that; getting Android on 50 devices is probably just fine by them.
If I had to advise Apple on how to keep things going, I would recommend that they integrate the iPhone and Touch even more into their home computer and entertainment products: iTunes network, Apple TV, the tablet (for couch surfing), whatever. Apple has risen to prominence on the basis of entertainment (the iPod and iTunes store, music, videos, games) and media/content creation (music & video production, etc.). If they keep their whole product line family friendly and progressively integrated, they'll be like the Disney of personal electronics: completely unassailable.

550 MHz processor??????
Wow... Why???? Moto & verizon couldve made a bloody murder on this but after the reviews based on that spec alone I can tell you this phone is not going to be bringing any new customers to verizon... They should've put in a snapdragon 1ghz and had the best android phone on the market.. But no, they are idiots.

The normal consumer doesn't even know what Mhz are.
And it's the same Cortex A8 processor used in the iPhone 3GS. The thing about it though is they have a completely separate GPU in the phone also. So the exta 'oomph' that would be needed is now offloaded. So you can expect the 550Mhz to go just as speedy as the Pre or 3GS.

I think the "catching up" argument is evident in the fact that iPhones are the "it" phone right now. Like others said, it's not the specs that drive sales but the overall experience of the device. For me, it's not the app store that makes the phone a step ahead, but the "user experience".
I've used the iPhone endlessly over the past three years and couldn't imagine having anything else. I've used windows for the past 15 years so the fanboy comments are useless. The BB Storm was a joke and just about every iPhone Killer has led nowhere. I considered the Pre...but after playing with it a while was disgusted.
I just don't think the iPhone is only "competing" because it's the "in" thing. I think consumers are smart enough to make their own decisions and be happy with them. Let the market decide.

And I agree. For the past quarters...the consumers have decided Blackberry Curve is the number one.
I agree iPhone has the mindshare. But far from the marketshare. You can have one and not the other. That's why it's all so odd to me.


But no, they are idiots.

Let see... you post on a blog.
They bring a device from concept, thru design, thru engineering, thru parts acquisition, thru manufacturing into reality.
Um, who's the idiot again?

Not to be negative, but that is the worst looking device ever. Apple has thought us that it's all about function AND form. This is apparently lost on these folks. Watch this attempt to kill the iPhone to die on the vine like the others.

I said it before and I will say it again. This thing looks like something that Tandy and Texas Instruments came together to produce. It's horrible looking. I own a 3G[S]. If this thing was the heat I would admit it. Just like I'm willing to admit when the HD2 comes to the US. That's going to be the closest thing to the iPhone killer we ever have seen. Lots of people complain about WinMo and I wasn't overly happy with my old Sprint Mogul. But this phone coupled with "HTC Sense" will be a hit. And will walk all over this thing. I was a non believer in the WinMo powered device until I saw it with HTC Sense. In this video all of the weather UI is actually on the phone. This isn't a camera trick or some CGI added to make it a cool commercial. This is how the phone comes. Wiper and all :-) comes out in Europe before the end of this month. And in the US probably around the first if the year. HTC CE O already said it's coming here unlike the older HD. This thing is amazing. 4.3 inch capacativr screen 1ghz snapdragon 512 rom 448 ram 480x800 screen. This thing is bringing it.

It's good that there would be some real competition to iPhone with this new phone from Motorola/Google plus Verizon. On the other hand, it's an disappointment that it takes them two plus years to get to this point and the overall of the phone isn't much better than an iPhone.
At least people on Verizon now will have something to hold on to insteading of thinking of jumping ship to AT&T.

I still dont see alot of verizon people who want iphone not jumping ship. This phone in no way will retain them there. Last quarter another 3.2 million iphone lines on AT&T for a phone and network you guys all bitch about, it just keeps growing and growing. In 3 years iphone has captured 13.9% of the market share with one model. RIM and Win Mo and now android and nokia have multiple models to get their market share and 3 of those four have been in the game for a long time. You know what the funniest thing although rim and nokia are in the lead with market share they aren't in the lead with profitability. In the end all these phones wont trump the user experience of the iPhone. Every year there are new pretenders and every summer the huge lines form outside the apple store for version ?. All these pre and hero and droid owners, lets see how many stay with there phones come June and version 4 of iPhone releases and lets see if all three combined can sell 7.2 million in a quarter. We seem to forget apple does this with one model 7.2 MILLION in a quarter. Once again, ease of use, uniformity, and durability. Plus don't think that having Apple there behind your product at apple stores and apple care doesn't help either.

It's a trip anybody that like their iPhone is a fanboy now, whatever the sales show what people like. So shut up non-Apple fanboys. I get so tired of reading fanboy, what because someone likes what they bought or they're not mad at Apple because they can't satisfy everyone. How about we call you sourboys, go cry to your momma.

"specs are one thing; what matters is how it works. so far, nothing beats the iphone."
I agree with you. Bur it depends on how folks want their machine to "work".
A completely closed, top down ecosystem has traditionally yielded niche products with rabid supporters, while open systems which provide increased choice have traditionally yielded mass market acceptance.
We'll see what happens in the world mobile phones. The game is still very young.
There are currently no killer apps for any platform (altho the locational services of the iPhone are VERY appealing to me, and I am unlikely to buy a deice which does not include this capability in the future.)
Time will tell. The iPhone was the best a couple of years ago. A couple of years from now, if somebody else has an exclusive killer app or capability, who knows?

Just buy what you want.
I'm very happy with my iPhone and don't plan on moving from that platform, but I don't hold it against anyone if they use or have another phone.

Most iPhone owners could care less about technical specs. It's the
marriage of hardware and software that iPhone fans love, not which smartphone has the most features.

seriously you want me to sacrifice the app support for over 50,000 apps and ease of use in all of them for a camera flash and slide out key board are you kidding!!?? haha!!

I agree with Virt...the ease of use and software updates and the way it syncs to my pc or mac is just out of this world!

Just to clarify, the scren on the Droid is not only larger, but it has more than twice the pixels per inch. The droid and the iphone actually run the SAME CPU, but the Droid is clocked down from the standard 600mhz (I'm not sure why, but this is the case).

After owning a DROID for a few weeks now, I can confidently say that the DROID is viable competition to the iPhone. While there will never be such a thing as a true iPhone killer (great phone: it set the bar for phone technology; user-friendly; comfortable in the hand and pocket; and just fun to play with), the DROID will injure. Ultimately, this is good, as the DROID actually gives the iPhone the only thing it didn't have -- besides Flash: -- competition. Let's be honest. Apple has gotten lazy with their dev. and bug issues. Their approach has been to deny or ignore known issues because they didn't have to. Now, in order to keep their customer base, they do.
Kudos to Google for keeping Apple honest, because honesty is what made Apple not Windows.