Vesper updates to 007, supports iOS 7, 64-bit, typography controls, more

Vesper updates to 007, licensed for iOS 7

Vesper, the popular thought collection app for iPhone, has updated to version 007 and that means an all-new design for iOS 7, including new typography controls, and all new support for iPhone 5s, including the 64-bit Apple A7 chipset. Vesper was already prescient when it came to Apple design trends, but the update fits them fully into the reboot, and includes several incredibly tasteful new effects and treatments. The full list is available via the Vesper blog.

Highlights include screen shots shown at full size and, what's more, if you have Accessibility set to use large-sized fonts, Vesper will give you additional large-size options. Clever.

Vesper screenshots

If you already own Vesper, and you haven't auto-updated already, get to the App Store and do so now. If you haven't tried Vesper yet, but are into highly opinionated, impeccable iPhone apps, check it out.

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Reader comments

Vesper updates to 007, supports iOS 7, 64-bit, typography controls, more


I can't believe they went with the ugly icons like they believe they are quality decisions by Apple. Other than that, it looks good.

Love Vesper but I can't create a tag for "Family" with a capital "F". Keeps going to lower case. But I can create a tag for "Familia". Weird.

I've used this app tons since it's release. It's almost like Gruber, Wiskus, & Simmons had inside information of what was to come with iOS 7.

Am I getting dumber or do I have to archive a note before I get the option to delete it? Seems weird - I prefer the original method.