VEVO music channel could be on the Apple TV as early as this week

A report first surfaced suggesting VEVO was in development for the Apple TV a couple of weeks ago, but now it seems the deal is possibly done. A new report in the Wall Street Journal suggests that VEVO TV may appear as soon as this week on the Apple TV, along with apps for other platforms such as Samsung Smart TV and PS3.

The application will reportedly offer access to on-demand music videos, as well as a 24-hour a day channel of original content. Also on the cards for VEVO TV is a dedicated live music channel, which may launch later on this year. TV connected devices provides a new advertising revenue model for a service like VEVO, so what we may end up with is a pretty regular feeling music video channel, just like those we get on Cable TV. Would you watch VEVO music videos on your Apple TV?

Source: WSJ

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