Video: iPhone on Crack

No, it's not running our favorite frenemy OS, the pushy little BlackBerry JavaME, it's a new app pending approval in the App Store -- Cracked LCD, specifically -- and TiPb member the_idol was kind enough to share this advance peek at it in our forums:

read the above-linked thread for all the details, and enjoy the video -- and the prank'ish fun it might just give you later.

Anyone gonna try this out?

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Reader comments

Video: iPhone on Crack


You should try this one too
It is called Fracture.
and has several stages, once you have broken the iPhone screen you have to blow up the icons
here is a presentation of the app : YouTube - Fracture : break your iPhone !

I can't believe people would actually buy this...i need to seriously just think of the silliest most random thing i can think of and make an app...$$

Similar apps are widely available as "jailbreak" app, but so far, none have been approved for the store. I came across one account from a developer where it was rejected because it "mimics the functionality of the iPhone".
On the other hand, iFog does exactly that, but with fog, rather than "screen cracks".
Will be interesting to see if this app is approved, or if iFog is pulled.

Odds are it gets denied, I had a similar app, that got denied because it mimicked the iPhone OS. (In using the home screen.)