View beautiful car photography with James Haefner for iPad

View beautiful photography of cars with James Haefner for iPad

James Haefner is an iPad app filled with the photography of the professional car photographer from Detroit with the same name. James partnered up with Rocket Garden Labs to bring this selection of his portfolio to the iPad ranging from classic Corvettes to today's luxury vehicles.

You can browse James Haefner photos at your convenience or just let it run as a slideshow. Each photo is displayed in a professional portfolio format, allowing you to see how James displays his work to art directors and prospective clients.

It's very rare to discover an app with professional art and photography at this level for free, so what's the catch? In this case, it's the partnership with Rocket Garden Labs and them using James Haefner's app as an example of what can be created with Foliobook, an iPad app for designing iPad-specific portfolios. James Haefner's app was created with Foliobook on an iPad 1. It's very impressive to say the least. As a photographer, I will definitely be taking a closer look at Foliobook now.

If you love cars, James Haefner's app is simply a must! If after browsing through the photos you're tempted to take some photos of your own car, make sure you take a look at our guide on how to take spectacular photos of your car with your iPhone!

James Haefner - free - Download Now

Foliobook - $12.99 - Download Now

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View beautiful car photography with James Haefner for iPad