VLC media player for Mac updates with new audio core, 4K video support

VLC media player updates with new audio core, 4K video support

The desktop version of popular open-source media player VLC has received a major update today. Version 2.1, called Rincewind, includes a new audio core, which improves the overall audio processing of VLC, along with support for 4K video. Part of the new audio core is an improved audio rendering pipline, that is more efficient and has better volume control, along with improved device management. Rincewind also increases format support, and adds support for seven new codecs. For anyone with the hardware to display it, VLC is now ready for 4K Ultra-HD video.

You can download VLC 2.1 right now from VideoLAN's website. It's still pretty popular, who among you guys still uses VLC? What do you think to the latest update?

Source: VideoLAN

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VLC media player for Mac updates with new audio core, 4K video support


It has been my go to media APP on both Windows and OSX for years now and now I've started to use it on my iOS devices. Great to see so many improvements to the software in recent years.

It's brilliant. That said I use Quicktime X instead if possible as I prefer the clean and minimalist interface.

VLC player is the one of 5 in my choice on a Microsoft OS. QUICKTIME is just Yuk! In fact it should be slow&painfulltime. I prefer Android but Apple should have a beast of visual and sound software technology.