Carriers starting to advertise iPhone 5 release

Vodafone now has a teaser page up on their site for what we'd imagine is the iPhone 5. They're advertising it as "this year's biggest smartphone release" so we can only assume it's a placeholder for whatever iPhone Apple is rumored to announce on October 4th.

The page also gives subscribers the option to sign up for e-mail updates on the mystery phone. Hopefully we are only a few days away from hearing about an announcement and a few weeks away from an actual announcement. How many of you still think we'll see a new iPhone available before the end of October?

The screenshot below was also sent to us by a TiPb reader who received a text from Rogers about reserving the upcoming iPhone. The text reads:

As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the next iPhone as soon as it's available to reserve! Replay YES to be notified when the next iPhone can be reserved. Visit to learn more.

It appears carriers either know something we don't or they're still assuming at this point. What do you think?

Thanks Tom for the Rogers tip!

BGR via Vodafone

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Carriers starting to advertise iPhone 5 release


It is still a mystery on the exact release date, but the announcement that their is a big event in Cupertino, CA is hinting the release of the iPhone 5 and possibly the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5. This is anticipated to be an aggressive launch and some Apple stores have started to do some "Remodeling" just before this event. It looks like they are gearing up for something that has been anticipated for the longest time.. Whenever they decide to release the device, we at have been working relentlessly to make sure that we have the iPhone 5 Screen Protectors ready launch day!!

That was the worst shill ever. You have ensured I'll never buy a product from your company. But please, keep working relentlessly... Maybe this time on a marketing campaign that doesn't include spamming tech blogs.

Somerset Mall in Troy, MI has begun remodeling its store! Also, the fact that you call it a shill, call it what you want! When the iPhone 5 does come out, we will be working day in and day out to fulfill the orders! I provided information and threw my company in there for the effort! And we have been working "Relentlessly" to make sure that all the preparations are met! So you call it a "Shill", go ahead! At least we are making attempts to be positive vs your negative tones!

Uh huh. Of course you're making attempts to be positive. You're trying to sell your product!
These blogs are not for that. If you want to advertise, pay for it. Or do your own blog. Using a snippet of information isn't enough to then justify you stuffing your ad in. It doesn't belong here, and you don't see all the advertisers on the site posting in the comments, they pay good money in order to have their product placements here. Even of you provided a mountain of information that was mind blowing, it still doesn't give you the right to shill your product in this way.
Like I said in my initial post, it seems like that relentlessness needs to be focused on Internet marketing/advertisements, rather than spamming it in tech blogs.

I personally think it's going to be a new model. Base on how big Apple is making this launch to be and phone carriers. I doubt they would hype it up just for a spec bump. But hey I could be wrong.

I personally think it's going to be a new model. Base on how Appl and phone carriers is hyping the device. I doubt they would make it this big of a deal just for an spec bump. But hey I could be wrong.

you dont think Apple made tons of money from the 3G to 3GS deal? You DO know that your carriers dont get to keep all that profit , right ? ;)

lol, dont get me wrong, you DO know that carriers get all monthly servic profit 100%, the phone is just a way to tie you up

I think specially that carriers which don't need some special hardware in order to support the potential new iPhone probably don't know anymore than we do.
That is to say that Rogers is probably speculating why its hard to tell with Verizon

The 3G to 3GS was one of the biggest upgrades in the entire iPhone line up...the 3GS brought many more improvements than the 3gs-->IP4, or even the 2G-->3G