Vodafone UK puts a date to their 4G LTE launch, going live on August 29

The UK's 4G LTE market will be expanding once again come August 29, with the news today that Vodafone will finally launch their own superfast network. As you may expect, London will be among the first markets to go live, followed by another 12 locations before the end of 2013. Sadly, iPhone 5 customers on Vodafone won't be able to jump over to a 4G tariff though, as the current UK model isn't compatible with their frequencies.

Those lucky 12 will see Vodafone customers in Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. Vodafone 4G ready plans will go live on August 12, ready for the big switch on a couple of weeks later.

Vodafone had previously stated that they would be delaying their 4G launch until the latter parts of the year, in part due to the lack of a compatible iPhone. But, with EE now rolling out double-speed LTE, and O2 announcing their own launch plans, Vodafone may well have accelerated the launch a little. At present, EE remains the only UK carrier that can support LTE on the iPhone 5, but Vodafone customers, much like O2 customers, should at least have the option when the next iPhone launches. Any Vodafone customers out there excited for this? Or have you considered switching to EE or O2 for your 4G?

Source: Vodafone

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Vodafone UK puts a date to their 4G LTE launch, going live on August 29


Any news on THREE launching LTE? I understand they will not have a separate tariff to ordinary 3G.

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Vodafone has given the best signal of all the networks (i've literally switched between them all over the past 5 years - from o2 when it was the only network to carry the iPhone and iPhone 3G, to using Orange for work phones and 3 for my iPhone 4 and iPad data. Vodafone's speeds are pretty consistent and I get 2GB data plus access to a lot of public wifi services for a pretty decent price. I'll stick with Vodafone and upgrade my phone to the next model when my contract expires in a year.

My contract is up in December and I will be switching to a 4G plan with the next gen iPhone then. Looking forward to Vodafone getting LTE, their 3G network was always the best for me! :)