VoiceActivator coming soon for your iPhone and iPod touch [Jailbreak]

Jailbreak developer chpwn is at it again and plans on releasing his new tweak VoiceActivator hopefully this week. VoiceActivator will allow you to take full control of your iPhone or iPod touch's voice control feature. It will allow users to launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions all within the standard voice control feature.

As of now all we can tell you is he plans on releasing it sometime this coming week through Cydia and we are yet to hear anything as far as pricing goes but it should be well worth the money if you are jailbroken and have a lot of apps and many things you do daily that causes you to tap through folders and menus. If you want to follow to the status of this tweak, follow @chpwn on Twitter.

We want to hear from all you jailbreakers on who is interested in this new tweak. Also do you think Apple should have already included this as part of iOS out of the box or do you think they will include it in the next generation of iOS? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Check out a video of this awesome new tweak after the break!

[ @chpwn ]

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Reader comments

VoiceActivator coming soon for your iPhone and iPod touch [Jailbreak]


It's voice control hacked to take custom commands. Thought it would be something more expansive.
No Scotty talking to a computer yet. ;) I admit it's a rather difficult user experience to solve.

I use voice commands to call sometimes. It's somewhat convenient when you don't want or can't touch the phone. But I think the experience is horribly slow. Horribly slow. And you need to be pedantic. No wonder voice interfaces really haven't become a common place input, control mechanism.

I want the option to voice speech to text standard on my SMS. Kind of the way Android does it. It would very useful especially when I need to send out a text while I'm on the road, driving. Why hasn't apple done this already?

Eh. I feel stupid talkn to my phone. When i do use voice commands i end up calling someone i dont want then end up trying to dig my phone outa my pocket before it connects the call. Ill pass.