Vote now for your favorite new iPhone/iPad feature of the year - TiPb Awards 2010 App, Accessory, and iOS awards

The 2010 TiPb Awards are underway and it's time to vote on all your favorites. This time it's for your favorite new iPhone/iPad feature of the year.

This year we have a lot to choose from. iOS 4 brought tons of functionality and iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4 made them shine, but there can only be one 2010 TiPb Readers Choice Award winner! Choose your favorite in the pole above and then let us know why you chose the favorite you did in comments below. (And if you don't see your favorite here, add it as a write-in as well!)

Ready, set, vote!

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Vote now for your favorite new iPhone/iPad feature of the year - TiPb Awards


What about AirPrint? With a few files from a developer build of 10.6.5 and some Terminal work, you can AirPrint to shared printers without having to go out and buy a new HP printer.

Airprint's not out yet, so most people aren't going to be using it, or have an opinion on it yet. That said, this poll might be jumping the gun a bit to say "feature of the year", since the year's not done yet (and airprint and the like is not out).

Most people probably don't even know it's there. But my vote goes to the new accessibility features, specifically, large type in mail, contacts, and notes. Squint-free email is worth the price of admission.

dandbj13, I don't know that is something new for this year though, is it? Everything I've heard is that the iOS/iPhoneOS has always been the tops in terms of Accessibility features.

Personally, I'm very close between Retina, Multitasking, and next up is folders. I went for Retina because I use the phone every day and see the screen every day. I don't necessarily use Multitasking every day.

Johnny, new camera is definitely great. Flash has been hit or miss for me, but nice to have. Both are definitely better than in the 3g that I had before.

Retina. This is so easy. Absolutely the number one reason to upgrade from a 3GS. Though i do think you could've split this hardware.
Multitasking takes software but facetime close behind. I consider facetime as a software one and really its that aspect that is the big draw not the front camera itself. It's just easy to use.

I agree, the retina display is my favorite thing about the iPhone. I love the camera and flash also. Then after that I would have to say folders and multitasking close behind.

Viewing the Retina display for this first time (and zooming around Google Maps) is what pushed me to purchase my first iPhone. Facetime and the quality of the cameras were also huge in the decision process. Multitasking and Folders ... among other various hardware (speed) and software (i.e. Copy & Paste) upgrades since the first iPhone was released ... are what make the phone truly usable for me, allowing me to STAY with the phone, and not be bitter about the high cost of the thing each time the bill comes due.
And Apps. So many amazing Apps! Phone actually gets better everyday as I discover more.
Never use Game Center. Use HP's app to print. Haven't tried Airplay, probably won't ever have much use for it.

I went with retina display. I got 4 people in my household to buy an iPhone 4 because of it. None of them even use multitasking. I think retina sells the phone to people. Especially people who can't see very well.

Atleast an 8.1 mp camera, a/f, hd ofcourse, xenon flash, better quality external speakers, iOS watever supporting Bluetooth transferablity to & fro any device .. That's the least I can think of, anymore efficient changes, guys??

Whoa - tough call. Folders cuz I was running out of room... or multi-tasking cuz, well - it's multi-tasking! I'd say FaceTime is probably third, but then someone mentioned the new camera!
Retina display is awesome, but iPhone's display was already pretty damn nice. Though I must say it was something that made me literally say "wow!" when I saw it.

Just managed to put IOS 4.2 (lataest GM)on my ipad, Its like a brand new model ! Folders has revolutionised the way I use it already , even more use on the ipad versus iphone.But Finally got Airplay(Audio) working with my new apple TV ( I had to do restore on apple tv to get it working properly) Amazing possibilities... I shall use radio more , put more of my music on the ipad and I can't wait to see the video version working soon. Once users get to experience this it will become a showstopper " to demonstrate to friends why the Ipad really is ...magical !Airplay is going to become very big !