Vote now for iOS feature of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]

iOS 5 is one of the biggest software updates Apple has ever released for their mobile operating system, with changes almost too many to enumerate (we've tried!).

Siri is the first step in taking the digital assistant out of sci-fi and into reality. iMessage bypasses the exorbitant carrier text charges and brings iOS users, all over the world, one step closer to BBM-like instant messaging. Notification Center finally brings iOS alerts out of the dark ages. Newsstand put most of our newspapers and magazines all in one place. PC-free along with Wi-Fi sync cuts the cord to iTunes and takes us to the iCloud, where all our data gets stored and pushed and backed up. Reminders brings task management to iOS. The camera app is now fast to access and faster to take shots with.

While there will always be features we wish for next time, from message previews to fast text response to themes to a whole lot more, this year, these are your choices.

Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad walkthrough

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Vote now for iOS feature of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]


Hi Frank,Is part of your cenommt based on the fact that phone companies have walled gardens for lots of their current content?FS Yes bro.I wonder if the iphone will allow users to install their own ringtones from the net/ or their ipods/or their computers?FS I think so.If yes, then this is likely to affect the sales of ringtones, plus perhaps other services that the phone companies currently charge for.Intewesting. FS very

I chose iMessage because it lets me chat with the whole world really quickly and I'm also able to communicate with my Twitter followers without paying International rates and without releasing my private contact info. It's really great! Siri, iCloud and Notification Center are great - but I can live without them. Huge texter here :)

Interesting comment, I guess you could look at that way. Well, I voted for notification center and looks like I just broke a tie in favor of notification center 31-32 so far.

I'd say notification centre is winning then cos Siri isn't a valid iOS option as it's only available on one of the many iOS devices.

I voted Siri only because finally adding a custom dictionary and the ability of the phone to "learn" words you use often.

I think the useful criteria for deciding one's answer here is what has most affected, in a positive way, how one uses their iPhone. As someone still on the 3GS, things like Siri and the improved camera don't really affect me. The PC-cable independence (iCloud, PC-free, wireless sync) has been really welcome, but realistically only impacts on me if I were to lose my phone, or saving me the once a month when i probably bothered to hook up to the laptop. However, I use notification centre several times every day. No contest.

I vote for Apple putting together its very own patent troll shell company to sue everybody else, as reported by techcrunch.

Siri. Thats something most improved feature of ios devices. And why i like it bcz it can do majority of arrangements as an efficient assistan.

It's not an IOS feature as much as it is software and "hardware" related. Siri shouldn't be on the list as all of the other options as software only enhancements.

icloud easily. Though i don't use it for backups and it needs some work.
Notifications? Not so much. It needs a lot more options.

Dear Jake, I love your tips, your eiidtng and I love your look. I guess you could be more hard with Apple ( it's deserves ). That's it. Bye!

I voted for Notification Center. I think it's great now. It will definitely be getting better over time. Like a fine wine. ;)

I love Siri and I also love iTunes Match and the Notification Center. But what I REALLY love is the ability to completely remove the need to sync and update my iPhone via my computer. The ability to manage all the stuff on your iphone without the need for a traditional computer is what took iOS 5 to the next level.

I really do love almost all of these features way more than I should. However, Siri, Notification Center, PC Free, iTunes Match, and Reminders are my favorites. Camera improvements and iMessage also make my life much easier...

How can closed platform dependent messaging apps make your life easier. Does everyone you know or will know own an iPhone? Keeping track of who is on what service would make my life more complicated.