Vote now for hardcore game of the year [TiPb Awards]

Infinity Blade came out with a sequel even more stunning than the original. Real Racing embraced multiplayer and AirPlay at the speed of a supercar.

Modern Combat raised the bar on first-person shooters. Dead Space brought equal parts atmosphere and awesome.

Rage HD showed what Carmak could do on iOS. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies kept the walking dead and amped up the action.

Zombie Gunship took slaying to the skies. Grand Theft Auto III showed Liberty City hadn't changed much in 10 years.

Built just for iPad or iPhone, or ported from your favorite consoles, 2011 had a lot of great hardcore games hitting iOS. Your next achievements comes from picking the one you like best. Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

Top 5 best first-person shooter (FPS) games for iPhone and iPad

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Vote now for hardcore game of the year [TiPb Awards]


As someone that played hours and hours of GTA III in high school, being able to have this game on a phone is mind boggling. I paid 50 bucks of hard earned money too, so 5 bucks is like a cherry on top. More PS2/Xbox ports please!

Infinity blade hardcore lol.Modern combat 3 is full of hardcore hackers.
Want a hardcore skilled game without cheaters then Real Racing 2 is the best!

Ah yes, I see familiar names from the starting grids and finish choice is way too obvious! RR2 has no competion from these "action" games, IMHO.

Zombie gunship? Are you kidding me? I bought it expecting a lot and got a little. With only two levels of play and incredibly repetitive play it is definitely not one of the hardcore games of the year.

I own five of the above games, but none come close to RR2! The graphics are beautiful. The cars are authentic and behave the way one would if you were lucky enough to drive it on the real streets.The on line multiplayer feature allows you to "meet" those that you race with all over the world. And, if you get bored with on line racing, there are personal time trials to improve on, quick races with AI cars at three difficulty levels, and why not go back through the career mode again? I have personally spent around 1000 hours playing this game since purchasing! That is just play time alone! FireMint's associated forum adds an entire broader dimension to this little addictive game and friendships have been forged! Lastly, FireMint is extremely "on top" of this game and receptive to feedback like none other I have ever experienced! If it is not clear yet, I Vote for RR2!!!!!

Dead Space hands down!!! But looking at the comments bellow me about RR2 Makes me want to download it and see how good it really is hmmm...

You should at least spell Carmack correctly. :-)
Real Racing 2 is quite awesome, though the visuals on Infinity Blade 2 and Galaxy on Fire 2 (HD) are better.

Real racing 2 took the multiplayer game to the next level with an ever increasing number of players online, no two races are alike and it is always a challenge to win,,,,,of you can.

RR2 and RR2HD are the primere racing games.
Excellent support from Firemint/EA Games.
Back to the track .... I have a race to run :)

RR2 is just an huge racing game ! The simply best for this kind of device. Thanks again to Firemint !!!

Real Racing 2 HD is as the name suggests "real". There is no match in car racing games. First class to Firemint.