Vote now for the casual gaming app of the year [TiPb Awards]

Many of the most popular casual iOS games in 2011 were, in some ways sadly, the same games that were popular in 2010 -- the same Angry Birds and Cut the Rope and Smurf's Village and various [Farm/Village/City] franchises. But there were a few new gems and tweaked up favorites to be found this year too.

Tiny Wings showed that greats looks, simple gameplay, and killer concept still make for the best iOS games. Tiny Tower showed that new time-management games could still grab attention if done with attention to detail.

SPY Mouse brought some Firemint flare to the platform puzzler. DragonVale took the farming genre back to the days of legend.

Cut the Rope: Experiments showed last year's great new games could be this years great new sequels. Minecraft meanwhile finally showed up on iOS, and while limited, it's still Minecraft on iOS.

That's a half-dozen choices across almost as many genres, but you can only pick one. Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

Vote now for the casual gaming app of the year  [TiPb Awards]

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Vote now for the casual gaming app of the year [TiPb Awards]


BaseOne Labs ImpactBand. I've had it all year and dropped my phone a few times. No damage. When my daughter inherited my iPhone 4, I ordered an ImpactBand for her and wouldn't let her touch the phone until it came. She breaks everything and so far, so good with the ImpactBand. Love it.

I actually like the Verizon holster/case as it's thin while protecting what I want (namely the glass backside), its got a very nice belt clip, and perhaps most importantly it has a kickstand built into the case. I actually have an iPhone on AT&T and I went off to buy this one just because I prefer it over the other cases out there.

I do agree that the options here are sort of lacking, most of the "mainstream" cases like the Incase Snap or Slider, SwitchEasy Eclipse or Colours, CapsuleRebel and even the Speck CandyShell and PixelSkin are all contenders that are MIA here.
I voted for the bumper just because I feel it's the best option of the list, It's the easiest case of the list to use, and provides a decent amount of protection. Sure the back and front are open, but with a back and front shield, you've actually got a very nice little solution.

Personally I have a JackBack on my 4 with nothing else. iPad gets a BookBook from 12South. Both get lots of attention.

You should include the monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case, or are you just including cases that have sponsored your website?

Voted for Element Case Vapor Pro.
I like the look of the Draco, but couldn't see it well on their web site. All dark, artistic photos.

My Lifeproof case recently saved my phone from my puppy. It fell out of my pocket and she got to it faster than I did, and carried it away in her mouth. Luckily, the noise that came out of me startled her into dropping it fairly quickly, but it WAS in her mouth, and she WAS chomping on it.
I wrote to the company and told them to add a little doggie icon to their logo, because they are officially puppy-proof, too.

I voted bumper, but just because it was the best option in the list. I use an InCase Snap which works beautifully for me :)

The Exogear battery case is awesome. It complements the looks of the 4s and doubles the battery life. It should be listed.

my deff cleave (draco iv) came yesterday. and the signal issues mentioned by many american friends are really absent (you really have bad receptions out there, also along with the power issue) but you're getting there. meanwhile i am enjoying my amazing case.

I have had both the original Element Vapor and just recently a E13Tron Hybrid case. Both were on the way back to the manufacturer the same day. Not only did wireless phone signal suffer, but so did GPS, BT, and WiFi. I don't care what reviews say, these cases do affect signal in some form or another. It's may not be sever in some cases (no pun intended), but it is definitely affected.
My vote for best case of the year is the Graft Concepts Leverage Case. One of the most elegant looking cases if you are in the market for a bumper-style case. It looks great in both black and white. I prefer the brushed metal over the chrome latch, but both look great. By far the nicest case I have ever owned for the iPhone 4-type form factor (and I have owned lots).

None of the Magpul cases are listed? The Field Case and the Field Executive Case are excellent, high quality cases that clock in around $10, yet they go unrepresented. How unfortunate.

I heard driSuit is completely transparent, waterproof to 25 feet, the screen has a special feature that it is able to function underwater, the headphone jack works as it would without being in the case and the audio is killer all for $39.95 including waterproof earbuds............any info appreciated.

While some of them look bad ass and I'd LOVE to be able to have them, none of them extend by battery life like the Juicepack. If some of them were to add extra battery to their case, it would be different but until they do, it doesn't matter HOW cool looking they are, or how much they protect my case, I will still choose the one that gives me extra battery.

Lifeproof is flawless. In my opinion it completes the engineering of the iPhone. The two together can't be topped.

Lifeproof is flawless. It completes the engineering of the iPhone. It's the only case that offers everything without hindering nothing.

Flawless!? Checkout driSuit Technologies, their case functions (the screen) underwater, goes deeper, no need for headlock adapter, and is $50 cheaper

You forgot to mention it has a really ugly hinge mechanism, looks like something designed in the 80's, is quite bulky and NOT an everyday case.

It is no bulkier than lp and who cares how your case looks if you're hiking in a rain storm, shooting the rapids on the Colorado River, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef or taking a bath. Oh, did I mention it's $50 cheaper than lp even cheaper than Otter Box Defender.

I voted LifeProof as it transforms my iPhone into the go every where, do every thing device I've always wanted, and it easily slips into my pocket with no excessive bulk. Complete peace of mind.

I have lost my iPhone3 when I jumped into a sea water in my jeans, forgetting the phone in my pocket. Now I can go for a swim with my new iPhone4 in pocket - without the cost of drowning my precious iPhone with all the photos and videos in it!!! Many thanks for the Lifeproof treasure.