Vote now for productivity app of the year [TiPb Awards]

Apple finally (yes, finally, deal with it) released the iWork apps for iPhone, namely Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. Agenda Calendar brought elegance to our appointments.

Noteshelf made our iPads useful in planning sessions. Elements made Dropbox note-taking sing.

[Orchestra To-Do] ( packed out tasks with functionality. Due made reminders quick and powerful.

Instapaper put everything we wanted to read in our pockets, but better. Screens took iOS back to our Macs.

A ton of very different apps to be sure, but all of them helped us get stuff done, and it's your job to pick the very best one.

Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

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Vote now for productivity app of the year [TiPb Awards]


I've never used "Due" but have tried several other task managers and have been disappointed until I found "Errands". Errands seems to do everthing I want it to - most importantly, continuing to remind you if you fail to complete a task.