Vote now for the social networking app of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]

Not content with having one of the most popular apps in the history of iOS, Facebook launched a second -- Facebook Messenger to create a quicker, cleaner path to owning your conversations. While Facebook as diversifying, LinkedIn was differentiating, releasing a new version of their app with their own, finally unique take on the social experience.

Path also released a new version with a bold, breathtaking new user experience and slightly more picturesque and timeline based focus. Apple added yet another separate social network to their portfolio, this time Find my Friends which offers very fine grained privacy control wrapped it more stitched leather than a puffy couch. And Google got into the game in a huge way with Google+.

Twitter for iPhone shed it's Tweetie heritage and while power users howled, it just might have become more usable for the mainstream. Luckily power users had plenty of places to turn with Tweetbot offering an entirely different take, with that trademark Tapbots look and increasingly deep functionality, and Twittelator Neue offering eye-popping animation and amped up interactions.

Verbs also did the remarkable by showing how simply and elegantly instant messages could be handled on mobile.

Incredibly different, incredibly rich, it's hard to pick just nine, never mind one -- but that's your job. Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

Vote now for the social networking app of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]

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Reader comments

Vote now for the social networking app of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]


I would guess because Facebook (and Instagram, to respond to Jimneezy) didn't come out this year. This vote seems to be more for apps that debuted in 2011.

When the app debuted shouldn't make a difference IMO as the "award" is for the best Social Networking app. At least that's my take on it.

That doesn't make sense because some of those listed in the poll debuted before 2011. I'm pretty sure Facebook for iPad came out in 2011.

Twittelator Neue has only been out for a second how can u include it for app of the year?

I love the functionality of a program call Twitbird but they are having major usability issues and I haven't seen an update from them in ages.

HEYZAP--- partners to many many that make it a most successful social gaming network .. Thank You Google ... always there for me ;)